Jam O’ the Day (Or Night): Vic Mensa, “Feel That”

You’ve undoubtedly heard about the newest Roc Nation signee. If you haven’t, here’s a welcoming intro for Vic Mensa into the R.O.C. family.

Vic has been letting his shit bubble, and now it’s about to BLOW. Soon after getting the nod from Kanye by collaborating with him on “U Mad,” Jay-Z dropped the news that Vic was the latest member of Roc Nation. That’s a co-sign from both seats on the throne. Whew. What a move for the SaveMoney army, because family matters.

Long story short, Mensa is fueled by immense creativity. He’s destined to be a star. He’s versatile and does the whole ‘transcend’ genre bit very well. So naturally, we’re huge fans. We know we’re not the only ones feeling that. Below is a Vic Mensa banger produced by his go-to producer and Chicago native @Smoko_Ono, the same magician responsible for the production behind “U Mad” alongside @StefanPonce.

The track is called “Feel That,” and Vic shows off his ability to flow into different sounds. Smoko Ono doesn’t leave him hanging and creates a unique and immaculate beat, helping to catapult Vic into stardom. The intro to this track is chilling. Can’t wait to hear Vic’s album and see what else they’ve got in store.

Turn it up though. It gets better the second time around. Chi-Town stand up.


If you like what you hear and want to learn more about Vic Mensa, here’s a monster freestyle and and insightful interview with Power 106 in LA. Peep into the mind of an up-and-comer that’s here to stay.

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