Jam for Love: Curtis Williams, “<3" ft. CAMSHEELY & J.I.D.

We have a great track to spotlight for all you music heads. Curtis Williams, aka thatboycurtis, is a rapper from Atlanta pushing his sound hard. He’s been making a lot of music lately, collaborating with producers and rappers left and right. He has a lot of energy, evident in the hard work he has been putting in the studio.

He’s got a unique voice — it’s stoner-esque — and lays down entertaining lyrics depicting his lifestyle, qualms, weed smoking preferences, and all around insight into his mind.

He truly knows hows to pick his producer friends too. Half of his success is probably due to rhyming over amazing beats. They are loud but smooth, trappy but groovy. The beats to his songs are immaculate, and a perfect BPM to just chill out to. This gem, this quick, heavy-bass laden journey, was produced by the draft day hero himself, Ducko McFli. He’s a talented producer based out of Nashville, and this guy is cooking up the best beats in the game right now.

The song below, well it’s a perfect example. It’s a staple of Curtis Williams’ jams. His lyrics and style lead, his friends hop onboard to rap along, and the loud but mellow bass, drums, and keys ooze the flow into your ears. The transitions in this song, the pauses, the monster beat drops, whew (…turn your speakers up!!). It’s no accident this jam ends with an all out instrumental. Check it out, and love love friends!

Curtis Williams’ SoundCloud is filled with bangers and groovy songs. Peep his latest mixtape, released last month; a compilation of tracks that didn’t make the cut for his first tape – Danco James. If you enjoy this beat you can check out more of Ducko McFli’s immaculate work too.

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