Jam on, Mon: Thelonious Martin, “Purp Interlude” ft. Joey Purp

Happy Jamming, friends. We have a dope cypher for your listening pleasure today. The track is called “Purp Interlude,” off of producer Thelonious Martin’s 2014 studio album, Wünderkid. You can check out the full album stream here for free.

Martin is a talented producer from Chicago with a wide spectrum of music knowledge. His beats are unique, very hip-hop leaning, but definitely incorporate a wide variety of influences that make them different.

The name of the song says it all. This track provides a bit of a break in the mostly instrumental album to feature hard verses from versatile and creative rapper Joey Purp.

The entire album is Madlib-esque, where the producer’s craft is the main focus but featured rappers hop on songs throughout.

While Wünderkid clearly proves the young producer is full of potential and set for a very promising career, the delivery by Joey Purp is also on-point. He’s emotional, flows smoothly, and has a very personal voice.

Joey Purp is versatile, he implements different voices and emotions in his songs. He’ll smooth out and rhyme slow through some verses, and on the other end of the spectrum he can start yelling and getting more metal. I love the style he takes on during “Purp Interlude.” It feels very raw, in the best sense of the word. He’s laying down some heavy thoughts but flows through it seamlessly, with a great hook and memorable lines that make it an altogether quick and easy listen.

…she did not take ’em from me. Told me boy save your money, so I started a company…

The beat is dope, and compliments a cypher like Purp’s perfectly. I immediately start bobbing my head when the first beat drops. The soft guitar riff laid on top of the steady organ and mixed in with those marching drums constitutes an eerie, but really enjoyable beat. The hymn popping up in the background talks together with Purp perfectly, too.

It’s an overall excellent composition. The compliment between the straight forward but unique beat and the emotional cypher makes this an easy, but meaningful listen. There’s clear chemistry between the producer and the rapper, it flows very well and definitely stuck out in the album as a whole.

Joey Purp is one of the two members of Leather Corduroys, set to release an album sometime this year. Thelonious Martin is already being hailed as the next unique, jazzy producer in the game while still very young. More to come form him soon. Keep an eye out for these two!

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