SoundCloud Mix of the Day: DJ MAJOR TAYLOR, “Sound of the Beast”

Yo friends. We have an immaculate mix below by DJ Major Taylor aka Ralph Darden. The timing is no accident. This wily veteran knows how to mix and scratch records to the core. He’s a DJ for the people. He’ll turn a house, bar, club, or warehouse into a genuine dance party. His knowledge for good music stretches far, and he incorporates so many old and new sounds together flawlessly.

He’s an artist and a thoughtful dude, and it’s evident in “Sound of the Beast.” He released the mix two months ago, but considering the recent civil unrest in Baltimore, it is more pertinent now than ever. Musicians and artists have been loudly voicing social frustrations for years, and it’s evident in the depth of variety of tracks he incorporates into this mix. We’ll let the mix speak for itself. Get your friends together, enjoy this groovy mix, and let’s jam with the rest of them.

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