Kid Rock is Rolling Into Trouble with Fans, Corrections Department

Kid Rock is rolling his way into trouble after a week of strange and negative publicity.

In the past week, he’s found himself at odds with angry fans insisting that he stop associating with the Confederate Flag after the removal of the flag from the South Carolina state house last Friday. During this same week, Kid Rock and the anonymous production company producing his latest music video were denied access to film in an Ypsilanti, Michigan women’s prison after the prison cited security issues.

Furthermore, Kid Rock even told Confederate Flag protestors in his home city of Detroit to “kiss my ass,” according to an article in Rolling Stone.

Most interestingly, he has aligned with three separate artistic identities over the years: a rapper, a rocker, and a country artist. In line with his more recent association with the latter, and his 2012 album Rebel Soul, he has adopted symbols of Southern pride and rebel America as part of his country/Southern rock character, despite his Motor City roots.

But how does his association with the Confederate Flag satisfy his former, but well-known identity as a rapper?

The Detroit native seemingly has conflicting identities — a rowdy rock and roll rebel, and a tough-talking, blue collar kid from Detroit, often represented by his multiple artist personas.

He starts with defending the Confederate Flag, the quintessential symbol of racism in America, only to add to the contradictory personas by attempting to rock out with a prison scene backdrop in an upcoming music video.

At the very least, it seems Kid Rock has offended the victimized population of his hometown, one he claims to proudly represent. The last time I checked, the people of Detroit (a Union city) who support his blue-collar, rebel attitude are likely not supporters of his recent affiliations with racist symbols.

He alienated and lost a group of his fans, and probably won’t be gaining any new followers of his increasingly unpopular opinions.

I’ve always considered my appreciation for Kid Rock to be a guilty pleasure; an on again, off again satisfaction I find in his ability to genre-hop. But supporting the Confederate Flag, requesting to film videos at women’s prisons and telling the hardworking people of Detroit to kiss his ass crosses the fine line between a rebel and a royal asshole.

And I don’t like assholes.

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