Resonant Frequency Proves They Are Ready to Build Their Own ‘Tribe’

This weekend kicked off the music scene for 2017 in the live music capital of the world. The big hype around Austin, TX was STS9 playing 2 sets for both Friday and Saturday for the first time ever at the ACL Live Moody Theater. As someone who has seen ‘Tribe’ play many times, and at various places across the country, this show was one to be remembered.

Every time I go to Moody Theater in Austin, I am blown away by the acoustics and the overall venue itself. The sound is just noticeably better than anywhere else in Austin, and this was especially true for STS9, who previously played at Austin Music Hall on their stops through the city. Their sound might’ve been the best I have ever heard them live. Their lights didn’t seem to skip a beat much even after STS9 Lighting Director Saxton Waller left the band recently.

The first night clearly belonged to STS9’s drummer, Zack Velmer. They had him up front right next to bass player Alana Rocklin and he kept the crowd going the whole time, taking everyone from long wild build ups to funky drops all night long. This guy’s physical endurance throughout the night continued to blow me away, and he only seemed to get better throughout the whole show. He had the entire crowd at his fingertips and he never let them go until the show was over.

On top of some great STS9 shows at the legendary Moody Theater, some local Austin promoters did an amazing job of putting together STS9 Late Nights at Empire Control Room. (These were not in affiliation with the STS9 event) but it was still a brilliant job marketing and showcasing upcoming talent in Austin that really fits the ‘Tribe’ audience. He^rd Entertainment & Euphoria used this weekend perfectly to showcase some upcoming talent that will be playing at this year’s Euphoria’s Fest in April at Carson Creek Ranch.

There were a variety of impressive late night shows, but the one that stood out to me this weekend was Austin’s own Resonant Frequency. (I must admit, I may be a little bias since I personally know some members of this band) but I’ve probably seen over 10 shows of their shows over the last 2 years and have really watched them evolve their sound and grow as a band.

They seemed like they had been waiting for a moment like this – a solid opportunity to get in front of some like-minded fans, and show them their unique mix of funk, electronic mixes, live instrumentation, and southern rap samples. They hit the ground running and with each song the crowd continued to grow bigger and bigger, until the entire indoor at Empire was packed and boogieing down a couple songs into their set.

But most importantly, they did what tribe fans love most…they never let you go for the entire show. They took you on their own musical journey, and they went from one funky jam to the next showing these Austin fans that they are ready to build their own ‘tribe’ of fans. There were a few songs I saw people going crazier at Resonant Frequency than I saw anyone at STS9 do just an hour earlier. That’s a really good sign. There is something infectious about their funk, and they look like they are ready to show everyone what this “Funky-Resonant Frequency” is all about.

If any of you are fans of GRiZ and his crew of artists at All Good Records, you will immediately understand what makes Resonant Frequency so fun to see live. They have their own unique mix to funk though, which to me is that dirty south “We From Texas” swag to it.

These guys are some serious musicians too…which is what makes their live show significantly better than a lot of electronic shows I see today that are more focused around light shows and DJ’s. These guys can JAM, and their live show seems to get better every time I see it. They have been mastering this new age funk sound for 2 years now, and came out firing Friday night with some of their newly releases singles like “Groove At Last” and played some crowd favorites such as “Fresh Air” & “Like You Like It.”

2017 is starting off great for Resonant Frequency. Along with the STS9 Late Night Show, they are already booked to play at Austin’s premier electronic festival Euphoria Fest in April, and are opening for some great acts in the next 2 weeks in Austin.

They play again next Thursday 2/2 at Empire Control Room, opening up for Opiuo. And they open up again for RJD2 (also at Empire) on Friday 2/17. Make sure you find a way to see them play in the next two weeks…everyone needs a little funk in their life anyway.

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The JamFeed Team