Tameca Jones Steals Stubbs With Her Soul

Fresh off a new EP and a new haircut, Tameca Jones, Austin’s ‘Queen of Soul’ stuns the sold out crowd at Stubbs Indoor in Austin, TX with her infectious voice.

I had seen Tameca Jones before, and like most people, my jaw dropped when I heard her belt a few songs. But last night I saw a new Tameca….one that appears to have truly found herself, her sound, and a great band to support her talents on her new EP ‘Naked.’ It was without a doubt the best live performance I have seen from her.

When she wasn’t dropping jaws with her vocal range, she let her band shine through with their smooth Motown vibe while she let the soul come out in her dance moves. She looked more comfortable than I had seen her at previous performances, but most importantly, she looked like she was truly having fun, and the crowd matched her energy all night.

It took her less than a minute to captivate the audience with her limitless voice, and she didn’t let go of them until the last beat. She showcased some new music, and also played a few covers including the best live cover I’ve ever seen of Elton John’s ‘Benny and the Jets.’

She also threw everyone in a loop when she busted out a few hip hop bars and showed that she can not only sing, but can flow over Motown beats as well. I’d love to see her bring this back to her live performances, and maybe drop another verse or two towards the end of her show again. She reminded me of some soul/funk hiphop that UGK inspired 3 hours south of here in Houston throuhout the 90’s. Even Pimp C might’ve been okay with calling Tameca “Sweet Jones” after seeing her last night.

Tameca’s not new to the scene…in fact she’s a local Austin artist that has been grinding the Austin music scene for nearly a decade now. She has opened for and collaborated with Austin’s blues legend Gary Clark Jr. but it’s clear now that Tameca is worthy of owning that whole stage on her own. There is no one else like her in Austin, and she brings out a unique feeling inside you when you see her live. She makes you want to let go of everything and just be yourself because she does such a good job of doing so herself.

She’s also capable of bringing a variety of different groups of people together, and making them all feel comfortable with one another, which shows you how powerful her voice is, and how many people want to see her sing and support her music.

Even though it’s been a long grind already for her music career, I feel that Tameca Jones is just getting started. Hopefully she can learn from her friend Gary Clark, who is now globally known after playing on the underground Austin music scene for nearly a decade. Even though times can be tough during that period, to me it seems to bring out the best of musicians who can keep pushing and break on through to the other side. Just look at Anderson Paak’s 2016 year after 10 years of not being able to escape the LA scene. Tameca is capable of this too, and I think the grind is about to pay off for her – big time.

She has another show on February 10th in Austin at Antones. Make sure you get your tickets ahead of time, or you might end up like the group of people begging to get in the door at Stubbs to see her play her sold out show. And I promise…your soul does not want to miss the new Tameca Jones.

Check out her new EP ‘Naked’ below on Spotify, but more importantly go see what she’s capable of at one of her upcoming shows.