The Unlikely Candidates Discusses Music, Song Writing In The Shower and The Band Today (Interview)


Before an incredible performance at Stubbs in Austin Texas, JamFeed sat down with lead vocalist Kyle Morris and discussed all things music, song writing in the shower, and how the band transformed to what it is today.

From Forth Worth, TX. The original two piece duo (now expanding to a five piece) has been around since 2013, with the release of their first EP ‘Follow My Feet’. The band is back in the spotlight with their newly release EP ‘Bed of Liars’.

Upon arrival at Stubb’s BBQ Friday night, I was instantly taken to the back where I was greeted welcomely by the band. We all exchanged names while lead vocalist Kyle and I informally distributed a secret handshake upon first meeting. We sat down on one of the couches that hugged the wall and began chatting. Our conversation remained casual, as we spent the first 15 minutes just talking about one another. Within first impression, I was able to foretell how genuine of a soul Kyle is and how his personality shines write though his lyrics and music.

It wasn’t until about twenty minutes in when I decided I would finally record our conversations and construct an actual interview.

So, it was you who started the band?

Kyle: Yes, it was me and that one.

(Points to Cole eating at the table. He gives a head nod)

Kyle: We met in Keller and started the band. We basically were just an acoustic duo and had no clue how to play music. We were only seventeen and this was our first band. We had NO clue what we were doing but for some reason, we decided we were going to take it all the way. We basically were like, “Lets get huge, and make this happen!”

Did you even know how to play guitar?

Kyle: (laughs) No, we were SO bad! We didn’t know anything about time signatures. We would create songs that would slow down then speed up and then slow down again. It felt like nothing I was doing really connected. It wasn’t melodic. It was just terrible. But for some reason, there was something good enough that we kept investing 4-5 hours a day for years.

What would you do if you weren’t in music?

Kyle: Ah, I don’t know. I started out trying to go into business. I then switched to psychology and then to english. Eventually, I just dropped out to pursue music. It’s a tough question. I just honestly don’t know what I’d do without music.

(Kyle and I grew a little deeper (and a little off topic) with our conversation. He shared with me, his sister’s career path and how she’s helping the world by contributing to projects that build schools in undeveloped parts of India. We talked about all the beautiful, empathic people in our world that dedicate their whole life to helping humanity. This then drafted the next question.)

Do you feel your music helps the world?

Kyle: Yeah, I think so. I can’t remotely compare it to what some people do. I feel more like I can help people on a day to day basis by texturizing the emotions in their own life. Music is extremely cathartic to almost everybody.

Has anyone ever mentioned how your music helped them?

Kyle: Oh yeah. On my first EP, I wrote stuff that was extremely relatable about what it meant to be a human being. I asked a lot of extraterrestrial questions that individuals responded to. I had some pretty intense fans. A lot of them would have issues in their own life and always responded with a positive remark. I once had this big, biker guy approach me in Philly and say: ‘I just wanted to tell you, I was about to end my life but then I heard ‘Follow My Feet’ and I’m still here’ And he then shook my hand and just disappeared.

I was awestruck. The song I wrote in the shower in 15 minutes changed someones life!

Wait, you wrote it in the shower?

Kyle: (laughing) I did, yeah! I ran naked from the shower, sliding on the wood and tile, trying to get it recorded and written down. Only time that’s ever happened.

And do you think it’s the best song you’ve written?

Kyle: I think so. It was just the best advice I gave myself and I still come back to it all the time.

So, I noticed you currently only have two EPs. Do you not like full length albums?

Kylie: Music is just consumed at an exponentially rate now. Ep’s are almost just like fodder for singles. I’d rather just release little pieces that people can really dig into and love. Then, move onto the next thing.

Your new EP is different Were you reaching for a different style? Is there any style of music you’d like to write?

Kyle: We don’t have a genre really. We pretty much do whatever we want. We’ll write any song that sounds good. I don’t like putting anything off limits. If I like a genre and I write a song that sounds good, I’ll probably use it. A good song is a good song. I don’t want to write one song over and over because that would be the smarter thing to do. That gets boring and people can tell. I’d rather write something I like. We were just trying new things out on the new album and enjoyed what we produced.

(The rest of our time talking became totally informal as we just talked about life once again​​​​)

When 10:30 hit, the band hit the indoor stage at Stubbs. They opened their set with their hit single off their new EP ‘Your Love Could Start A War’. The packed room was spiked with energy, as they danced and sang along. The rest of the evening followed with a jumping mix of songs from both EPs before closing up with ‘Follow My Feet’; the fifteen minutes shower- made song that has found a place in everybody’s heart.

It was a sad departure but fortunately, Austin’s SXSW music convention will have the band following their feet back in town for six more shows before they depart on a cross country tour.