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Everything You Think You Know About Loud Music and Hearing Loss May Not Be So

Get ready to have your mind, but not your ears, blown. It turns out the link between prolonged loud music and hearing loss may not be a thing. Researchers at UT Dallas studied young adults that attend venues and event with a prevalence of loud music and found no evidence of hearing damage or difficulty. Participants would measure how loud the event in question was, while researchers determined how long they were there for. It was determined that exposure to loud music at events only resulted in temporary hearing damage, which was relieved after about a week. While this is a relief for concert and club goers that want to jam out, this doesn’t mean that subjectively the music can’t be too loud. Wear earplugs at your own discretion and have a good time regardless of how loud the music is.

[H/T: Digital Music News]

Drake’s More Life Not Considered for a Grammy for the Strangest Reason

When Drake releases a new song or album, it tends to be a big deal. Appropriately, when he released More Life, the internet had plenty to say about it. It spawned a number of charting singles in typical Drake fashion. That is why it comes as a bit of a surprise that it is not in contention for a Grammy, whether it be Album of the Year or Best Rap Album. It turns out Drake did not submit More Life to The Recording Academy. Regardless of why, he likely has his reasons, so get ready to see a different artist take home the awards this year.

[H/T: The Fader]

Bob Dylan’s Guitar is Likely Going to Rake in $300,000 at Auction

If you want an indicator that you’ve made it in life, a good way to tell is that people will buy your stuff for a whole lot of money. Such is the case with classic rock legend Bob Dylan. One of his guitars is going on auction next month and is expected to pull in $300,000. The guitar was on tour with him during the 1970s and is being sold by Dylan’s former guitar repairman, who originally purchased it for $500. A nice flip for him although this is not the most one of Dylan’s guitars has gone for. His axe from a festival in 1965 sold for almost $1 million in 2013.

[H/T: Billboard]

Nicki Minaj Has Some Words Regarding Sexism in Hip Hop

Piggybacking off of a tweet supporting her from Russ yesterday, Nicki Minaj expresses her frustrations about sexism in hip hop, stating “In any field, women must work twice as hard to get half the respect her male counterparts get.” She explained that she had had the experience of collaborating with great artists, but at the behest of her label and not because they sought her out to work with her. Minaj also shared a story about how she had to persuade Kanye to keep her verse on Monster for the final cut of the track. The song ended up going platinum, with the verse being the standout track and is recognized as a pivotal career moment for Minaj. The fact that she had to battle just to keep her spot indicates that she’s spot on with her claims though.

[H/T: NME]

The Minds Behind Coachella Have Some Big Plans for 2018

The organizers behind Coachella are taking their talent to new lands. Specifically to the UK, as All Points East is slated to happen at Victoria Park in London in May next year. The festival is set up to take place over 10 days, with 3 days set aside for the music festival portion and the remaining week allocated for other pleasures, such as comedy and food. The XX will be the first headliner of the new festival with many acts to come so keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for London.

[H/T: Your EDM]

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