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Could We Be About To Witness The Return Of N.E.R.D?

The dawn of a new N.E.R.D era could be upon us..They broke the news that they would be performing live shows again earlier this year and after a seven year hiatus from the group, it looks like they could be about to announce their newest album. The phrase “No_one Ever Really Dies,” sharing the same letters at the beginning of each word as the acronym, surfaced at Tyler, The Creator’s festival this past weekend and is now present on the group’s website and social media. Back in 2015, Pharrell revealed the group was working on a new album and it appears they may be ready to finally present it to the world.

[H/T: NME]

Sonos Is Pledging $1.5 Million Towards Artist Advocacy

Last week Sonos CEO, Patrick Spence, debuted an arm of the company’s philanthropy effort. $1.5 million will be devoted to the Listen Better campaign, dedicated to activism and advocacy with music at the core. The objective is to allow for more artists to freely express themselves and share their music. Other objectives involve combatting music censorship, upholding and enforcing digital rights, improving access to information, and bolstering music education. Several artists, such as Aesop Rock and R.E.M have offered services as advisors to the effort and it will be exciting to see the impact the initiative has across the world.

[H/T: Billboard]

Rihanna Turns In Another Big Hit With Fenty Beauty

Rihanna continues to find success, regardless of the endeavor. Her latest effort, Fenty Beauty, just raked it in for her. In its first month on the market, it netted a crazy $72 million. To add to its potential, Fenty has plans to rollout a holiday collection and beat out its competition, such NYX and Kylie Cosmetics. Congratulations to Rihanna for the booming success.

[H/T: Vibe]

XXXTentacion Appears To Announce Early Retirement

The controversy surrounding XXXTentacion continues to mount. He recently signed a deal with Capitol Records worth $6 million. Just a few days after signing the deal, he announced he would be terminating it. Now, he takes to Instagram to announce what appears to be a message of retirement, claiming he’s tired of the hate and mental abuse. A representative for the rapper claimed he is still signed to Capitol so maybe the struggles are part of coming into the limelight. Regardless, he’s still facing a potential domestic abuse charge, which can’t be good for his psyche, so it will be interesting to see what happens to the young Florida artist next.

[H/T: Hot New Hip Hop]

Songkick Receives Words Of Backing From Warner

Recently, Songkick announced plans to shut down after facing market pressure from Ticketmaster, which landed the two in court. Well fans of the service can rest easy. With assistance from Warner Music Group, Songkick announced that it would not close its doors and that it would be continuing to deliver concert services around the world. Employed by over 15 million concertgoers worldwide, Songkick has been bringing fans and artists closer together for quite a while and provides concert dates to a variety of music services. To see it go under would be devastating and it’s excellent news that it will continue to stick around and provide experiences.

[H/T: Hypebot]

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