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DJ Khaled And Diddy Have Show About Rising Hip Hop Artist In The Works

While shows like American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, and The Voice have all played a part in launching the careers of certain stars, there’s never been such a show that focuses on a hip-hop act. Never been one until now, perhaps. With speculation that Fox will launch a show with emphasis around hip-hop, rappers looking for their shot may have a fresh chance to prove themselves.

With the show’s hosts to be a well known performer, a label executive, a producer, and a brand and business expert judging the talent, that may leave some wondering about who will fill the roles. While much is speculated, at the moment it appears the business expert and producer roles will be assigned to none other than, Diddy (yes, that’s still his name) and DJ Khaled (We the best!).

The Four is set to start off fresh into 2018 and is reported to only run between 4-8 episodes. So whether you’ll have your eyes on the competition or not, if you find yourself vibing to an artist that came out of nowhere, you might have the answer for their origins.

[H/T: Hot New Hip Hop]

Drake Hints At New Music With Performance Of Unreleased Song

For those of you who are thinking, ‘god I wish I had some new Drake music in my life,’ don’t worry; that’s exactly what you’re going to get. At a recent performance in Auckland, New Zealand, the More Life rapper let fly some bars from a tune never heard before and it definitely got a rise out of the crowd.

Currently, little is known about the song and music in question. Drake did say that new material is coming but did not specify whether it would be an album, a mixtape, or just another single to tease. Perhaps it will be another collab effort like with Future. More Life came out earlier this year in March, so it seems the Canadian artist is due to get back in the studio.

Regardless of what is released and when it comes out, one thing is for certain. This is Drake we’re talking about here. His new tunes are going to rule the airwaves in 2018.

[H/T: Radio]

Meek Mill To Petition To Have Biased Judge Removed From His Case

Yesterday we reported on the sentencing following Meek Mill’s probation violation and the odd behavior of the judge involved. If you’re just getting caught up with the news now, the penalty was wildly unfair and the judge’s behavior was described as highly irregular, to say the least. But there may be good news for Meek inbound.

According to Meek’s attorney, the legal team has begun the process for appeal and intends to petition the court for the judge in question to be recused from the case. His lawyer cites personal misconduct, with Nicki Minaj, Meek’s ex, even being present to witness some of the wrongdoings, which went as far to include requesting a re-record of Boyz II Men’s “On Bended Knee” for said judge.

Meek’s probation was supposed to conclude in 2013 and on the brink of 2018, it still looms over him, likely in part due to harassment from this particular judge. With charges seeming to come from thin air and harsh penalties being levied for extremely minor offenses, Meek’s not out of trouble yet but the potential to get rid of the judge that has caused him the majority of his pain seems like a great opportunity.

[H/T: The Fader]

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