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Stubhub Offices Raided In Wake Of Ticket Investigations

Stubhub and Viagogo both had their London offices raided following reports of breached consumer law regarding ticketing companies. The Competition and Markets Authority linked both organizations to ticket touts, which mass purchase tickets to well known events for redistribution.

The raid followed investigations dating back to last year, which were launched after uncertainty was aroused that fans were receiving the proper information, such as seller and venue location. During the events, officials reported having access information that links Stubhub to some of the largest ticket touts in the world.

To make things worse, this all happened at the same time a Canadian ticket tout purchased hundreds of tickets to high name artists, with the profits being linked to offshore bank accounts. All things considered, Stubhub could be in real trouble for its role in these matters.

[H/T: NME]

Brand New’s Jesse Lacey Facing Sexual Misconduct Allegations

The wave of sexual assault allegations and similar crimes continues to crash down upon Hollywood, putting some well known names in their place. The next to be faced with such horrifying accusations is Brand New frontman, Jesse Lacey, whose repugnant acts are amplified by the fact the allegations stem from a minor.

While the speculation originally surfaced from a Facebook post made by a tech worker for Brand New, it was not long before someone came forward to make accusations towards the singer. The alleged events are fairly disturbing, so we will not put them here, but you can check them out in the link if you are interested.

Neither Brand New nor Jesse Lacey has yet to make a statement regarding the allegations. Emotions are running high on the topic however, so while they may wait, it’s unlikely that people will forget about this even if they remain silent.


[H/T: Uproxx]

A Bob Dylan Guitar Scores Almost $400,000 At Auction

If someone were to ask various celebrities at what point they would consider having made it, they would likely have different answers. However, after a recent milestone, it seems that no one has made it more than Mr. Bob Dylan.

Because of his legendary reputation, skill, and career spanning several decades, Dylan has become a household name and therefore anything connected with him garners a certain value. The most recent possession in question was a Martin-D28 guitar which he played with The Beatles in 1971, which sold for $396,500.

The guitar in question was originally bought for $500, so the seller should be feeling quite fortunate right about now. Even more unbelievably, that isn’t the most a Dylan guitar has sold for. with a Fender Stratocaster he played going for almost $1 million back in 2013.

[H/T: Billboard]

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