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Brand New Cancel UK Tour Following Jesse Lacey Sexual Assualt Allegations

Yesterday we reported on how Brand New frontman, Jesse Lacey recently came under fire for accusations of sexual assault, originally mused by a Brand New technician, although alleged victims did come forth to share their struggles and voice their pain. Now, in the wake of the fallout, Brand New is cancelling their UK tour.

Accusations from one of the women in question claim that Lacey solicited naked photos when he was an adult and she was still a minor. Lacey has released a statement admitting to these actions, apologizing for his past behavior, and expressed his interest in making thiings right.

The allegations have caused guitarist Kevin Devine to abandon the tour completely. If you were a fan of Brand New before this came to light and had made plans to see them in the UK, your plans may be dashed but the band has issued a refund for all stops affected. Addtionally, if you were not a Brand New fan, this probably just affirmed any feelings you already held.
[H/T: NME]

Two Dead In The Wake Of Cousin Stizz Concert Shooting

Unfortunately, music venues continue to be a target for violence despite peaceful intentions. Tragedy struck in Atlanta after a shooting broke out at The Masquerade for a Cousin Stizz concert, killing two and injuring two others.

Reports indicate that it was an argument in the crowd that led to the shooting. A single gunman approached other members of the crowd before discharging his weapon and fleeing the scene. Cousin Stizz did not have the chance to get on stage before the incident happened.

The rapper spoke out about the violence, saying he always thought of his shows as a “family reunion” and that his thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their family members. With continued episodes of violence on the rise at concerts, there’s no doubt that security at venues will become an increasingly pressing issue at shows moving forward.
[H/T: NME]

The Gaslamp Killer Launches Lawsuit Following Rape Accusations

There’s probably no easy way to receive the news that you’re being accused of rape, but there are likely smarter ways of dealing with it than others. One of the less advisable strategies it would seem, would be to sue your accusers. Nonetheless, that’s the solution, William Bensussen A.K.A The Gaslamp Killer, decided to employ.

Last month, two women accused Bensussen of drugging and raping them after a rooftop show in 2013. While the two alleged victims and one of their boyfriends have shared their story, Bensussen also has given his own side of the events, which include input from alleged witnesses claiming that nothing shady happened.

Whatever the outcome may be, Bensussen’s label Brainfeeder split with him, as did Low End Theory and now the artist is suing the two women, as well as aforementioned boyfriend. Claiming defamation and citing the accusations as “malicious and fabricated,” Bensussen is now seeking $5 million to make up for losing his label backing and show connections.
[H/T: Pitchfork]

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