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Someone Really Should Have Let Maroon 5 Know The Alternate Meaning Behind Their Album Title

In a few days, Maroon 5 will drop their new album, Red Pill Blues, which they are starting to have some regrets about naming that. While that should be a simple Matrix reference for most, unfortunately the term has taken on a new ugly meaning of late. Recently, red pill has become a term to describe the members of the men’s rights movement, who stand in opposition to feminism and the threat they believe it poses. While one would find this odd, it is hardly the fault of the band. Their job is to record and produce music, not keep up with internet trends and phrasings, although it does seem odd that someone in their camp or label would not inform them of this.

According to guitar James Valentine, the title really just stems from frustration with the condition of the modern world, and definitely is a nod to the move trilogy, asking which pill the band members took to result in the world being the way it is. Maroon 5 states that they are all feminists and have no connection to the MRA movement, which is probably true, although the album is out Friday and probably won’t do them any favors on the internet.

[H/T: Spin]

Asylum Records Is Back In The US

Good news everyone. Warner Music Group has graced us all with the decision to bring back Asylum Records stateside. The label has seen many incarnations over the years and has played home to artists from The Eagles and Joni Mitchell to Gucci Mane and Cam’ron. Likewise, across the ocean, Asylum UK is home base to names like Ed Sheeran and Rudimental. With plans made with Mike Dean and Big Freedia, the future looks bright once again for the talent heavy label. Asylum has always prided itself on artistic freedom, so it will be interesting to see who joins the roster next and how they progress.

[H/T: Hypebot]

Spotify Quits On Ducktails Music After Allegations of Sexual Assault

Recently, Matt Mondanile came under fire recently for being accused of sexual assualt from over eight different women. In response, a variety of his music has gone missing from platforms, most notably, the Ducktails albums vanishing from Spotify. Apparently distribution company, The Orchard, is responsible for the decision to pull the music from various platforms. It is worth noting that Mondanile’s music from Real Estate is still available on Spotify and Apple Music. To potentially make matters worse for Mondanile, it is reported that several of his victims are under the age of 18, which could rapidly turn his situation from a lost licensing deal to jail time.

[H/T: Uproxx]

Gunmen Open Fire At London Rave This Past Weekend

Gun violence continues to plague concert goers as three masked men went postal at a rave in London the past weekend. Despite the horrifying description, only two people were struck in the incident. Though their wounds are certainly terrible, neither has been deemed critical nor life-threatening. Given the description of the events according to the attendees, damages seem minimal and while the event is horrific and tragic and one in a series that should definitely end, it seems things could have been much worse. Best of luck to both victims still in the hospital and wishing them a speedy recovery.

[H/T: Your EDM]

GWAR Goes Nuts Over Billboard #1 Album Snub

Sometimes we think we are deserving of certain things and sometimes we will go to great lengths to achieve those ends. Sometimes boundaries are overstepped in the process. Such is the case of the band GWAR. After releasing The Blood of Gods as their 14th album, the band decided the album was worthy of more praise than they anticipated it to get. As a result, they decided the only logical conclusion was to raid the Billboard offices and demand it be given the top spot on the charts. Fortunately, all this outrageousness was captured on camera, so anyone can see the proceedings as they happened.

[H/T: Billboard]

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