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Meek Mill Could Be Headed Back To Jail Over Probation Violation

Meek Mill should have never took on Drake. Ever since he did, he seems to just take L after L and get into trouble. He managed to execute a nice front flip off a trampoline but that’s really it. In this particular instance, he could be going back to prison for a couple years after violating his probation. After getting arrested in St. Louis and New York earlier this year, Mill did manage to get the charges dropped but the mere presence of them violated his parole. He is due to appear in court Monday, 11/6, and things do not look good for him. For a man who needs court approval just to leave the state, he’s playing this one pretty close ot the chest. However, given the outcome of his last two brushes with the law, he may be justifiably confident. Only time will tell.

[H/T: Hot New Hip Hop]

Trump’s Inauguration Singer Regrets Performance

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to many. After, Chrisette Michelle annouced her decision to perform at the inauguration not many were very supportive of her decision.  Now there’s some more bad news coming her way. Just this week she was dropped from her label. She announced on The Breakfast Club that the company she signed her deal with parted ways with her. While the reaction from the hosts was exactly what you expect, she explained her intention was to provide hope to those not happy with the results of the election. Suffice to say it didn’t go the way she intended.

[H/T: Vibe]

B.o.B Claims The Slave Trade Never Happened

B.o.B is known for making some pretty wild claims but this is something completely different. After pushing the notion that the earth is flat for the past couple of years, the Atlanta rapper has cooked up a new outrageous statement for all to gawk at. His latest belief is that the slave trade never happened and the reaction was pretty much exactly what you would expect. Fans flooded the comments of the instagram post he suggested this in to tell him how wrong he is, citing multiple examples. Considering this is a man who managed to raise over $200,000 on GoFundMe, the fact that he would believe and state something of this nature should not be a huge surprise.

[H/T: Uproxx]

Travis Scott Receives Help From Unlikely Source During Legal Troubles

Recently, Travis Scott’s tendency to spaz out at his shows landed him in some trouble after a fan jumped from the balcony and wound up partially paralyzed. Although Scott did everything he could to help the fan during the incident and make it up to him, including giving him one of his own rings, the fan is still taking him to court. However, Scott has gained a surprise ally in the proceedings: the fans’ own mother, who claims she does not hold the rapper responsible for her son’s injuries and appreciates the effort he made getting him to the stage for his safety. She also claims she will not take any legal action and that the rapper shouldn’t have to deal with this trouble after trying to help. We shall see if things pan out that way.

[H/T: Hot New Hip Hop]

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