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Country Music Association Walks Back Media Guidelines Revolving Around Vegas Tragedy

With the CMA Awards set to happen in a few days, there’s plenty to talk about regarding the event. However, perhaps no news is more pressing than the recent decision to overturn the restrictions on the media, refraining them from asking questions about gun control or other topics that are politically related to the recent events in Las Vegas, which occurred at a country music festival. The CMA has declared that the regulations were put in place “out of respect for the artist directly or indirectly involved,” which is interesting because it should include…. everyone. While the goal was to celebrate and honor country music, journalists that dared to ask about it risked having their credentials revoked, which sounds like censorship. Fortunately, the ban has been lifted and everyone involved, directly or indirectly, is looking forward to a pleasant time.

[H/T: Spin]

Kid Rock Is Keeping His Fake Campaign Cash Under Wraps

Recently, Kid Rock announced that his plans to run for a seat in the Senate were just for show, and whether that bums you out or thrills you, that chapter of his life is most likely over. Still to be settled, however, are the funds he’s made from selling the merchandise designed for the campaign. He made claims in the past that it would go to a non-profit dedicated to encouraging voter registration, although so far, no such organization has been named. It all might be for naught, given that the campaign was not registered with the FEC. For now, the money is up in the air until Rock gets the mess sorted out, which could become even more embarassing if no donation gets made.

[H/T: Spin]

Trap Hitmakers Loudpvck Annouce Split

Some tragic news out of the electronic scene, as well known trap duo, Loudpvck, announced that their saga was coming to an end. With new plans in mind, half of the outfit, Ryan Marks announced his depature from the group, assuring fans that both he and his partner would continue to make music but that both would be going a different direction. With five years of history and quite a few jams to their name, it’s sad to see them go but should leave people excited for whats’s next.

[H/T: EDM Sauce]

Ultra Music Festival Hit With ADA Lawsuit

Concertgoers headed to Miami next year might see a dip in production at UMF due to budget constraints, after the festival has been hit with a lawsuit by a blind activist, claiming the festival is not visually impaired friendly. Plantiff Juan Carlos Gil claims his actions are not aginast Ultra personally but part of a greater effort regarding greater inclusivity for disabled people. Gil’s lawyer believes that their actions will make Ultra a better place for all and strengthen the value of the ADA. With 70 cases of a similar nature filed, Gil also feels that he can carve out some talking space for the matter at hand and bring around some much needed change.

[H/T: Your EDM]

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