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The Daily Jam for November 7th

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Bono’s Name Appears In Paradise Papers Scandal

Crazy how the littlest actions most people don’t think about can affect them in the wildest ways. Like, when decided to invest in a Lithuanian shopping center via a company in Malta, he probably didn’t assume he’d end up linked to one of the largest tax scandals in modern history. With notoriously taxes in Malta and even lower in the province Bono chose, the company he invested in would be subject to almost nothing financially. While Bono is well known for his philanthropic efforts, his dealings revolving around his taxes remain dubious as he is known for moving his money out of Ireland to other countries. Bono has dismissed any past criticism and apparently remains unshaken by the proceedings but it will be interesting to see how things affect him moving forward.

[H/T: NME]

Yes, We Will Be Getting A Yeezus 2

A long, long time ago (2013 seems like forever now) Kanye West blessed the world with what seemed like a stripped back flop of an album, but would eventually be recognized as another pioneering effort. Hugely influencing projects in the next few years, the album removed a handful of tracks before release and then Kanye moved on to The Life Of Pablo. What happened to those tracks though? We may have an answer now, as a playlist has appeared in Cyhi The Prince’s Spotify. While the names of the tracks appear to just be gibberish, they’re all tagged under the album, Yeezus 2. Whether this is official or not, it should bring joy to many fans’ hearts that there is a Yeezus 2 in the works. Hopefully it arrives sooner than later.

[H/T: Uproxx]

Something Spooky Happens To Spotify When The Stranger Things 2 Soundtrack Is Played

It seems like everyone but this writer (don’t judge) searched and binge watched the second season of Stranger Things this past weekend. Apparently everyone loved it but what they probably didn’t see and will likely enjoy is the Stranger Things 2 soundtrack in Spotify. And what happens when it’s played. When you play a track in Spotify, the player will descend into “The Upside Down.” While that’s the beginning and end of it, it should still be a fun surprise for fans of the show that just happen to be checking out the music on the side.

[H/T: Live For Live Music]

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