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The ACLU Had To Come To A Blogger’s Defense After Taylor Swift Threatened To Sue Her

Back on September 5th, blogger Meghan Herning published a post implying that Taylor Swift empowered white supremacy and to the surprise of none, she didn’t take it very well. So much so that Swift and her legal team threatened to sue Herning for defamation if the post was not removed.

Fortunately for Herning, the ACLU came to her defense, claming that writing and posting the article was her First Amendment right and wrote to Swift, saying they expect her not pursue civil action. While it seems unlikely that Herning will remove her article, it seems equally unlikely that Swift is an advocate of white supremacy.

With both sides facing a stalemate it will be interesting to see how the case proceeds. The ACLU expects a withdrawal from Swift by November 13th.

[H/T: Taste Of Country]

Diddy Will Not Be Changing His Name For The Umpteenth Time

Last weekend Diddy made the decision to change his artist name once more, and for those thinking “not again,” don’t worry, he’s not serious. The artist formerly known as Puff Daddy has abandoned his most recent venture to change his name to LOVE, and has simply decided to retain the moniker, Diddy.

Diddy, who’s real name is Sean Combs, announced via Instagram that it was all a joke and while he never intended for LOVE to be a serious title, it will remain considered as an alter-ego. Combs says whatever you want to call him is fine and that he will respond to Diddy, LOVE, or any past names.

Therefore, should you run into him, whatever you feel is most apporiate for the the circumstances is probably acceptable to both parties.

[H/T: Hot New Hip Hop]

Eric Prydz Has A New Project On The Way

Staying on the subject of multiple artist names, Eric Prydz has quite a few of them has well. Unlike Diddy however, who’s kept one persona despite multiple name changes, Prydzs’ names are a reflection of the act and style of music that accompanies them.

From Pryda to Cirez D, each name has its own signifcance and style and it appears that he will be adding a new name to his own musical journey. Assuming the alias, Tonja Holma, Prydz will deliver a full EP on Monday, November 13 and like his other productions, it’s probably going to be a gem. What it will sound like however, is anyone’s guess.

[H/T: EDM Sauce]

Kanye West Has His Own Streaming Service In The Works

After the world got its first glimpses of a potential Yeezus 2 yesterday, Kanye has more big news for us. Apparently, he has plans for his own streaming service, revolving around music, video, and other multimedia, called Yeezy Sounds.

No release date or indication of subscriptions have been offered yet but this is still pretty huge. Kanye and Jay-Z have had feuds going back to The Life Of Pablo. Apparently, Jay-Z, who owns his own streaming service, Tidal, still owes Kanye $3.5 million for royalties.

It could be possible that Yeezy Sounds is his own manner of exacting revenge. Unfortunately, little is known about the project at the moment so it looks like we will be waiting some time to see the vision and intentions behind Kanye’s idea.

[H/T: Hot New Hip Hop]

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