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Rahm Emanuel Bails On Council Meeting With Chance The Rapper

Chance The Rapper has done so much for the city of Chicago. He’s raised millions of dollars for the education of the city’s youth and he wants to do more. He could definitely be getting more assistance from top city politicians though.

Yesterday, the Acidrap artist attempted to talk at a council meeting about additional funding for education and Rahm Emanuel, Chicago’s mayor, left before he could get a word in. While Chance was there to present opposition to the mayor’s proposed $95 million police academy, it likely would have behooved him to at least the artist out.

Even if he does not receive the support of the city council and it’s members, given Chance’s proven track record, it’s hard to imagine him not finding a way to continue creating a positive change in the city. The Chicago politicians would likely be wise to get on board and you can view his statements live in the link if you’d like.


[H/T: Uproxx]

Sentencing In Meek Mill Probation Case Astounds Legal Experts

Meek Mill received 2-4 year sentence this Monday for a violation of the terms of his probation and the decision has figures in both the rap and legal communities angry and confused. Mill’s attorney believes that the judge that delivered the sentencing was unfit for the trial due to personal reasons between her and the rapper, including showing up to his community service and requesting the re-recording of a track with a personal nod to her included.

Described as inappropriate, his attorney also claims the judge suggested Mill leave his management company and sign locally. Other lawyers described the judge’s actions as ‘wildly disproportionate, bizarre, and illegal.’ The judge in question revealed a failed drug test, failure to comply with a court order, and two other arrests as the logic behind her decision, although it is noteworthy that the prosecutor in the last two cases spoke against Mill’s imprisonment.

Notable figures in the rap community such as T.I and Jay-Z came to Mill’s relief, with the former wishing him the best and advising him to keep his head up while the latter described the judge’s ruling as “unjust and heavy handed.”

[H/T: Billboard]

Porter Robinson Drops ‘Ghost Voices’, Second Single as ‘Virtual Self’

The world wasn’t quite sure how Porter Robinson was going to follow up Shelter, the worldwide tour and multimedia release partnership with Madeon that included a collaborative single and anime music video with Crunchyroll.  Our questions have been answered in the form of 2 singles under a moniker called ‘Virtual Self’.  After releasing the first DDR like happy hardcore single from the project titled ‘EON BREAK‘, today saw the release of the newest single, ‘Ghost Voices’.

‘Ghost Voices’ is self described as ‘neo-trance’.  This is a pretty good summation with the track showcasing big anthemic euphoric synths while also using some of the more tech/house-y drums whose resurgence has been made possible by artists like JAUZ and AC Slater and a number of other artists as of late.  The Virtual Self project has taken a much more decided return to Porter Robinson’s roots of turning out the most anticipated DJ sets at whatever festival he appeared at.

[H/T: Jamfeed News]

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