Bottoms Up: Decadence Colorado

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Decadence CO
Avatar Ryan Cartwright

While we often buy tickets to see our favorite musicians, festivals offer the perfect opportunity to broaden our music schemata and fall in love with new artists. Festivals feature both the biggest names in music (and on the lineup) and artists that are on the brink of greatness (and just a little bit further down the poster). Here are our picks for up-and-coming artists that you might have missed if we had not looked at the Decadence Colorado lineup from the bottom, up!

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Louis The Child

Louis (Lewis, not Louie) The Child has been steadily rising through the scene for the last few years and with a big night on NYE weekend, they seem ready to explode in 2018. After countless quality remixes, they released the smash hit Weekend with Icona Pop in 20167 and then Love Is Alive EP earlier in 2017. They’ve been making a name for themselves across the festival circuit, including the highly touted Bonnaroo, which you can view above and Decadence should be no different. As you can see, Louis The Child is going to set the place on “Fire.”

Mark Farina

One of the veterans on the Decadence lineup, Mark Farina has been on the block for quite some time. His debut album, Air Farina, came out back in 2003. His most recent album, Greenhouse Construction, was released back in 2012. A legend in his own right, his most recent single Workplace Groove was released back at the end of September 2017.  One of the more low key names at Decadence, Farina is not to be missed. His groovy house tunes will keep the party going all night long and fans won’t stop dancing for a second.


Hardly a stranger to the success, Odesza is currently bigger than they have ever been. They recently released their sophomore album, A Moment Apart, and they are currently embarking on the accompanying tour while continuing to churn out hit after hit from their label, Foreign Family Collective. A Moment Apart is chock full of well known guests, which should indicate the degree of respect they deserve and their label is home to hits by rising stars such as Big Wild and Jai Wolf. In a lineup as great and varied as Decadence, they still manage to stand out and their set is guaranteed to enthrall and inspire. Definitely not one to be missed.

Porter Robinson

One of the youngest names at Decadence is also one of the greatest. Currently, there may be no bigger name in electronic music that puts on a more incredible live show than Porter Robinson. His debut album, Worlds, was highly acclaimed by many and is believed to have changed the soundscape of electronic music forever. The production and live performance of the corresponding tour was no less spectacular. He followed that up in 2016 by co-producing his first radio hit Shelter with Madeon and they embarked on yet another special live tour. Just a few days ago, he released a self titled EP under his alias, Vitrtual Self, with his first show about to go down. Although his Decadence set is a DJ set, it’s likely going to be just as special and will surely be a treat for long time fans and first time viewers alike. Catch him Sunday.

Rufus Du Sol

Last year, Decadence received Flume as its member of the Aussie takeover. This year, it’s Rufus Du Sol. Composed of a singer/guitarist, keyboardist and drummer, the LA based trio released its debut album, Atlas in 2013 and followed it up in 2016 with Bloom (on Odesza’s label no less). Singles ‘You Were Right,’ ‘Like An Animal,’ and ‘Innerbloom’ went on to spawn funky remix EPs of their own and the success has launched Rufus on the festival circuit around the world. Known for their dreamy synths and funky house vibes, they can do anything from mesmerize to drive the party. Definitely one of the more slept on artists on the lineup but sure to deliver an unforgettable set.