The Festival Fistful: Day for Night Festival

Day for Night Festival Welcome to Houston

When you’re looking for a festival that values the experience as much as the music, look no further than Houston’s Day For Night Festival.  Taking place over the course of 3 days, the festival will see legends like Nine Inch Nails and Thom Yorke of Radiohead fame grace the same stages as today’s hottest up & comers like Tyler, The Creator, Solange, and James Blake.  Without further adieu, we give you The Festival Fistful, a healthy handful of jams from our 5 favorite artists from Day for Night Festival.

Thom Yorke

Thom Yorke is an absolute legend within the music industry.  Having been the front-man of groundbreaking band Radiohead in the 90s, his signature sound has been molded by the intersection of technology and music.  He often experiments with a myriad of synthesizers and sequencers, creating entrancing sounds while also laying down the type of guitarwork inspired by The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ guitarist John Frusciante.  Look to the Blue Stage to close out Sunday night and watch a master at work with Thom Yorke at Day for Night Festival.

Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, The Creator is coming to the close of an absolutely monstrous 2017 fueled by the release of his full length album Flower Boy.  Every single track on the project has 10+ million streams and saw features from the usual assortment of Odd Future madness like Frank Ocean as well as A$AP Rocky, Lil Wayne, Jaden Smith and more.  His performances are nothing if not volatile and if you’re looking to turn up past 10, we suggest go seeing the OFWGKTA man himself.


Solange took the scene by storm with her refreshingly smooth version of R&B, culminating in a 2017 Grammy for Best R&B Performance.  She is also one of musics foremost activists, having spoken at Yale and Stanford, and sung at The White House, The Super Bowl and the Smithsonian to kick off 2017.  Her live performances highlight her absolute vocal mastery, both sultry and powerful demanding attention from everyone in earshot.  We suggest you follow suit.

Jamie XX

For anyone looking to lose themselves to dance in a wall of beautiful sound, we suggest you stop by Jamie XX on the Blue Stage late night on Saturday.  The solo project of one of The XX, Jamie XX’s album ‘In Colour’ gained near universal acclaim, spawning hit singles Loud Places with fellow The XX member Romy, alongside his steel drum flavored hip hop collaboration I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times) with Young Thug and Popcaan.  He mezmorizes behind his vinyl turntable spinning his own music leading you through an absolute journey that you can’t miss!

James Blake

For anyone looking to have their feels feel feels, go see James Blake on Saturday night and prepare to be amazed by this vocalist and multi instrumentalist.  His music can hardly be described as anything but haunting while still being absolutely infectious.  He’s collaborated with both Bon Iver and Chance The Rapper and has the full command of any audience he’s put in front of.