Bottoms Up: Gem and Jam Festival

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Gem & Jam Festival Fistful
Avatar Ryan Cartwright

The dead of winter isn’t an ideal time to throw a festival. However, Gem and Jam Festival isn’t one to play by the rules. Coming straight out of Tucson, AZ, they’re ready to heat up this frigid January even further and we’re giving you the chance to win a Gem & Jam Festival Camping Package!  They bring out some of the funkiest, grooviest, and wobbliest acts around and you can be sure that the fire will be raging in the desert.  If you’re looking to escape the cold and throw down hard in the same stroke, then look no further. But before you watch these gems jam out (hehehe), get in the know from the bottom, up!

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Blunt Force

You’d better be packing some protective gear when you rock out with this duo. Coming straight out of Austin, TX, Blunt Force has been killing the festival circuit on the low for a few years now. Making appearances at big names like Euphoria Music Festival and Wakarusa among others, they’re primed to slay Gem & Jam with hits like Dreamer and Send It. Known for combining live instruments and slamming bass, their sets are a variety of genres, tempos, and feels. Once they get the crowd moving, nobody’s feet will stop dancing.

Bass Physics

Coming hot off another festival performance at Decadence CO, Bass Physics is a one-man wrecking crew. Packing skills on both guitar and drums, his skills as sure to impress as is his arsenal of jams. Armed with hits like Stealing Fire, alongside buddy Evanoff, Elation, and Alone With Me, featuring the lovely Carly Lynn on the vocals, Bass Physics will definitely show off his range. He can turn things up or draw people in with the feels. Guess you’ll just have to catch his set to find out what you’re in store for.


SoDown has been getting down for a while now as his name would suggest. Coming off a successful run as the Pretty Lights Live Tour opener, the Colorado solo act wowed crowds with dank basslines and funky saxophone solos. The crowd is going to the erratic wobbles on tracks like Spades and She Wanna, whereas they’ll enjoy the melodic vibes and funky feel from a hit like With You, where the soft vocals of Carly Lynn make a second appearance (must be a bass thing). Don’t sleep on this act because you know you’re SoDown for the get down.


Flamingosis has been around for a minute but he’s just as sure to deliver in a big way just like any of these other acts. He’ll be aiming for more of a soft, ambient, instrumentalism, with a solid dose of funk and smatter of vocal samplings sprinkled throughout his tunes for a pleasant mellow feeling. If you’re feeling a bit tired and not looking to throw down as hard as some of the other tracks, this is the perfect place to relax while you jive. Keep your ears peeled for smooth jams like Magic Hour or Stowed Away. Also, if you’re looking to get a more comprehensive understanding of his works, check out his albums like Bright Moments or the newcomer, A Groovy Thing. Both are soft and soothing and certain to please the ears.

Russ Liquid Test

Russ Liquid is kind of a perfect harmony of everyone else on this list. The man can do it all. Heavy bass? Check. Pleasant melodies? Check. Funky fusion? Check. Live instruments? Check. Lots of energy? Check. Downtempo and ease? Check. He’s got something for everyone and is not to be missed because the variety in his set will be unreal. You’re definitely going to want to check out some of his compilations to get a better idea of the madhouse you’re about to enter. World Gone Crazy is more upbeat and jazzy while Foreign Frequency leans more heavily toward the strung out and spacey tunes. However, both are great and definitely worth your time because his party is definitely going to be something special.