Decadence Colorado 2017: Recap

Decadence Colorado 2017 New Years Eve Recap

Decadence? More like DecaDANCE! Ha. But seriously, the 2017 run of Decadence CO was one for the history books. Two nights flush to the weekend, with NYE on a Sunday to ensure everyone got Monday to recover. A weekend filled with beautiful brilliant music from a killer lineup, lush lights, and general merriment. Boasting a lineup containing something for everyone, it couldn’t have been more perfect. If you gave us 100 chances to do it all over again, we’d do it the same way each and every time. That’s how magical it was. A ‘you had to be there’ experience to fully grasp it but we’ll run through some of the best sets and try to paint a picture for you nonetheless.

Best Live Performance: Rufus Du Sol

Every artist at Decadence definitely had a strong following, whether it was Bassheads or Tritonians. There isn’t really a catchy name for the fans of Rufus Du Sol but they were definitely out en masse, bringing an energy that one wouldn’t expect from a group bringing such mellow music. From the pit, it was easy to see the fans in the front row were losing their shit and rightfully so. Rufus was the only act to do any live singing of their own, so it was impossible not to get lost in the infectious grooves.

Whether they were bringing that warm Aussie sunshine to the cold Denver night on jams like Brighter or getting the audience engaged with soulful licks like You Were Right, it was impossible not to dig their vibes. They did the damn thing on guitar, drums, and keyboard as well, injecting some much needed life into EDM.

Catchiest Tunes: Louis The Child

Making that Top 40 music that never makes the Top 40, Louis The Child is barrels of fun. Their music is bassy yet poppy, radio sounding but never on it. They definitely have a following but you wouldn’t call them mainstream, unless you’re giving them their due for co-producing Closer by The Chainsmokers. However, they definitely know their niche and work it masterfully. They got the crowd involved on hits like Weekend, Love Is Alive, and Fire, as well turnt up the place with remixes to hits like Blasé and Compass. You could do anything from sing along to get down and dirty and the feeling was electric. Definitely the catchiest at Decadence for sure.

Best Visuals and Feels: Tritonal

Tritonal has been doing it for a while now and if you’ve been in the scene for a while, you know they’ve built quite a legacy. If you’re newer, they’re just a couple of dudes making sweet progressive house jams. Either way, they brought some tunes sure to please. They threw down new stuff like Shinin Bright, a nice, strung out rendition of Good Thing, and Getaway. They brought back classic songs like Now Or Never, Colors, Anchor, which was mashed up perfectly with Disarm You by Kaskade.

The Texas duo paid respect to the local bassheads with an earth shattering drop that seemed out of place but really got the crowd revved and gave a tribute to their hometown of Houston, where people are still suffering from Hurricane Harvey. Pair it all with some of the richest, ooziest, most effervescent lights at Decadence by a long shot and you’ve got a recipe that was sure to thrill all.

Most Ear Wobbling Bass: Bassnectar

Feels like this goes without saying but here ya go anyway. It’s implied in the name. If you’re looking for bass, you go see Bassnectar. The fist drop sent out a shock wave with a enough force to knock the people in the pit back. The rail riders were out in force and and banging their heads like no other. The dirtiest, stankest bass faces were on full display to witness. Last but certainly not least, his set easily had the biggest attendance. The crowd was impossible to penetrate and you almost had to feel bad for W&W on the other stage. Their set was good but there was no one in the audience. They got some people filing back in for Tritonal but Bassnectar filled the room and shook it like a earthquake. The bass was a force like no other.

Funkiest Vibes: Big Gigantic

Big Gigantic could has easily contended for the best live performance, but they lose points for bringing in outside help. Where they make up the difference and then some is by bringing the god damn funk. Leg jellying and mind melting funk. With the horns on full display, the only way you were moving your body to the vibe is if you fell asleep on the dance floor. Unleashing some classic hits like Get On Up and The Night Is Young as well as some new album gems like Bring The Funk Back and Brighter Future. There were stand alone hits like Funk With Me as well as unreleased tunes such as their collab with NGHTMRE, which is sure to be recognized as a banger when it drops.

Big G also challenges Tritonal for the best visuals, although their’s were more wonky and playful than bright and feely. Nonetheless, they complimented the music perfectly and that was reflected in the energy of the Decadence crowd. The get down was real.

Most Epic: Odesza

Odesza stole the show. Simple as that. It’s not that everyone else didn’t shine bright. It’s just that they went above and beyond expectations. Opening with the intro from their new album, A Moment Apart, they drew everyone in and never let them go. They enlisted horn players as well as an ensemble of drummers and other musicians. They brought out Naomi Watts to sing live for Higher Ground. The year changed in the middle of their set and balloons and confetti rained down upon the audience.

There were singalongs to jams like All We Need and Line Of Sight. There was mesmerizing enthrallment to melodies like Memories That You Call and Late Night. They room was filled in a fashion similar to Bassnectar but instead of wubs, everyone was united in a dream like state. To cap it all off, they closed with an unreal rendition of It’s Only. It was surreal and unmatched and was by far the most epic set at Decadence by a long shot.

All In All

As long as you didn’t go too hard on NYE, it was an unforgettable memory. If you did, we’re happy to fill in the spaces. Go next year if you couldn’t make it this time. You certainly will not regret it. There’s no better way to ring in the new year.