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Bottoms Up Phoenix Lights
Avatar Ryan Cartwright

Rise from the ashes. That’s what a phoenix does. At Phoenix Lights they have a selection of artist well equipped to embody the mantra of the festival. Expect vivid lights, blaring sounds, and all in all, wild sets. It’s not that any of the names on the lineup are poorly known. It’s just that with a lineup of this caliber, the top spots will go to a heralded few. Therefore, we’ll take a moment and help these artists rise as they shine from the bottom, up!  Be sure to check the end of the post for a chance to win 2 VIP TICKETS courtesy of GiveSurreal.

Seven Lions

Truth is, if this were almost any other festival, many of the names here would be shining atop the lineup proudly. However, with the assortment of artists topping the lineup, some people had to take the backseat. Enter Seven Lions. The man really needs no introduction, for he’s graced festival lineups all over the country. He’s got a large discography spanning several years and you can check out his newest single, Calling You Home here. Fans can expect some of the most dazzling lights, as well as dreamy voices and beautiful, harmonious, melodic dubstep. It should be breathtaking.

MK (Marc Kinchen)

Here’s another fine example of a well known name living lower on the lineup. MK aka Mr. Marc Kinchen has been doing the damn thing for a while now. His low key house sound might have kept him underground but he’s put his own rhythmic spin on some big names. Lana Del Rey, Sam Smith, and Sub Focus are just a few because the list is quite long. He’s got a handful of his own dope tracks out, the latest of which is 17, which in turn has spawned several remixes of its own. Seriously, don’t miss this subtle but groovy set because you’d be a fool to do so.

Metro Boomin

It would seem we have a pattern starting to emerge. Case in point, if you don’t know who Metro Boomin is at this point, I assume that your rock has some beautiful furnishings. Nonetheless, for the unacquainted, the Atlanta super-producer is possibly the best known in the hip hop game right now. He’s made hits for… everyone? He’s had 2 collab albums come out recently. One with 21 Savage and Offset of Migos and the other with Big Sean. You know his name. You know his hits. Lastly, you should go see him for some tough, trappy goodness. Also, given the names who top the lineup, there’s a solid chance he makes a Phoenix Lights guest appearance in a set or 2.


Joyryde is probably the newest name in this group but that doesn’t mean you should take them any less seriously. The OWSLA DJ group burst on to the scene a few years ago and have taken both the bass scene and house scene by storm. Their fusion of 4×4 rhythms and throbbing bass lines has earned them tracks with some highly touted rappers, including Freddie Gibbs and Rick Ross. With a discography and likeness heavily revolving around cars, get ready to put the pedal to the metal for this wild set.


Last but not least, if there’s one act you gotta go see at Phoenix Lights, it would be the South African duo of Goldfish. A animal known for a 3 second memory, however these guys should leave a lasting impression on you if you’re there. One of the few acts that’s will be rocking live instruments at Phoenix Lights, this will be a spectacular set. They recently released their new album, Late Night People, which they will turn you into. Get ready for some funky sax and pleasant piano melodies on jams like Games Continued and Deep of the Night. It’s going to be a funky, oozy, unforgettable time.


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