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Bottoms Up Ultra Music Festival JamFeed 2018
Avatar Ryan Cartwright

The sun is shining and the weather is warm. That sounds like there’s no finer activity than a music festival. With that said, let us direct your attention to the biggest dance meetup this side east of the Mississippi. Ultra Music Festival returns for its grand 20th anniversary, shining bigger and brighter than ever. In addition to the old heads returning for new fans, it comes stacked with fresh talent for festival goers. We’ll take a look at the new lineup and give you the scoop on some of the lesser known names to check out, so you can get familiar with the lineup from the bottom, up!


What So Not

We’ll start out with a fairly familiar name for this Bottoms Up. What So Not is hardly a newcomer to the game nor the festival scene. The revered Flume used to be a part of the duo until creative differences caused a split but Emoh has kept the brand going strong. He’s got an extensive discography with originals like the beautiful Trust with Burns and powerhouse remixes such as the one for Rufus Du Sol on Innerbloom. He’s got a handful of projects too and just released his newest album, Not All The Beautiful Things. Check it out and don’t miss his Ultra set. It’ll be the perfect overlap of gritty and pretty.

Manilla Killa

A little lesser well known but no less spectacular, Manila Killa brings a vibe similar to What So Not but with his own elegant spin on it. Capitalizing on that future bass sound, he goes a little more progressive pop and a little less trappy. His set should be upbeat, uplifting, and fun. He’s got a stack of originals to groove to like Youth and I’m Ok. On top of that, he’s got more remixes of underground indie artists than can be counted. Check out his flips of Big Wild’s Invincible and Flight Facilities’ Arty Boy. Don’t miss his UItra Set and get ready to bounce and groove.


Gabriel And Dresden

Get ready to be thrust into a state of trance with these two. Aptly kicking off Armin’s State of Trance stage, the duo is the first in line for a long beautiful experience. Wouldn’t blame people if they chose to stay there all day but if time only permits a select amount, they should definitely catch this lesser-known gem. Coming armed with some beautiful tracks such as This Love Kills Me and Waiting For Winter, audience members will be transported to a magical place. Oh and they recently released, their debut album, The Only Road, which is sure to tug at the heartstrings. When you see them, make sure to have a permission slip for the feels trip.

Tchami x Malaa: No Redemption

Neither Tchami nor Malaa is a newcomer to the happenings at Ultra. Both were there last year and both threw down killer sets, with the house grooves shaking the stages to the fullest. However, this time they’ll be teaming up for their own special shindig. You might as well get ready to sin with this duo because there will be NO REDEMPTION! Get ready to jive to some dope collabs such as Prophecy and their new jam, Kurupt. As an extra bonus, you won’t find these two on the main stage nor UMF Radio, but the live stage, so you know it’s real.

Nora En Pure

Time to wrap this preview up by showing some love to one of the lovely ladies at Ultra. Nora En Pure has taken the indie dance and deep house scene by storm with her captivating soulful tracks. Beauties like Waves, Diving With Whales, and Lake Arrowhead are guaranteed not only to make the listener dance and shuffle their feet. However, they’re also instant mood boosters for sure. It’s impossible to feel sad in the presence of her music. If you’re looking to get your groove on as well as feel a happiness you’ll hope lasts forever, definitely catch her set. Your feet will be set in motion and you’ll have a smile from ear to ear. Count on it.