The Festival Fistful: Phoenix Lights

Phoenix Lights 2018 Presale Announcement

With the finale of 2017, a new year has risen. With the arrival of warm weather in 2018, as audiophiles, we are ready for new music and festival season. Phoenix Lights is ready to bring the feeling to us with renewed passion. It’s brought to you by Relentless Beats out of the sunny Arizona desert and the lineup boasts an impressive collection of names. It’s got everything, from hip hop heavyweights to the underground DJs ready to show and prove. There’s grit, bass, beats, and beauty. It’s going to be magical and we don’t want you to miss out. However, first you should check out this fistful of names you’ve got to see in action.

Gucci Mane

Much like a phoenix, it’s time to watch the rebirth of a legend. Not a long time ago, Gucci Mane was not living his best life. Now, he’s bigger than anyone could have ever imagined. Since getting out of jail, he’s released 6 albums, 3 in 2017 alone. Droptopwop, Mr. Davis, and El Gato the Human Glacier we’re not only chock full of bangers but also features. So you know he’s got the full support of his city and friends. He’s put out an autobiography. There’s definitely more to come, but you should definitely share this special moment with him before the next chapter.

Travis Scott

It might be a surprise to see the list start with two rapper. But then again, they are two headliners on an electronic heavy lineup. I’m going to give them their due. Case in point with Travis Scott. The man needs no introduction at this point, which is starting to feel a bit redundant, but I digress. He’s got two full length albums of his own out and recently released Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho with Quavo of Migos. It feels like he’s on pretty much every big name release that comes out now. Seriously, his name is everywhere. More importantly, his name is atop the Phoenix Lights lineup and you should not pass up the opportunity to see him. It’s going to be wild.


I know I’ve mentioned them before, but seriously they deserve it, so I’m going to keep doing it. The electronic group out of Chicago is something special and if you didn’t know before this festival, you will after. Not only is their live setup and performance a beautiful sight to behold, but they never stop cranking out the tunes. Each one more beautiful than the last, they had quite the eventful 2017. Check out Simple, You Might Be, and their remix of the talented Halsey’s Bad At Love. They recently released their new collab, Hope For Tomorrow, with Klingande and Dragonette, and if that doesn’t put you in the right mood, I don’t know what will. Check it out and make sure to catch their set at Phoenix Lights

Chris Lake

Get ready to move your feet. Chris Lake has been rocking festivals for a while now and Phoenix Lights is just going to be a notch under the belt for him. He’s got his own plethora of remixes under him, he released his singles I Want You and Operator (Ring Ring) for OWSLA’s house project last year, and he just released a new single, Turn Off The Lights with Alexis Roberts. He’s sure to have Phoenix Lights bumping and grooving and hopefully you’ll be in the crowd to feel that vibe.


The newcomer to the party, Kasbo is probably the least well known on this list. But that doesn’t mean that you should be sleeping on his set. With a sound that could only be described as tropical trap, he’s got the smooth sound of tropical house meeting 808s. It’s a set that’s going to be filled with bubbly, happy sounds, but could also turn up the energy in its brightest moments. He says the goal is to make you dance and cry at the same time. He’s remixed big names such as Jai Wolf, Zhu, and Big Gigantic but he has his own originals to boast as well. Get out Snow in Gothenburg and Your Tempo and let your feet move as your heart sings. His set is sure to be a great blend of beats feels. Don’t miss out.