The Festival Fistful: SXSW

Festival season is upon us! The weather is warming up, the sun will shine for longer, and the wacky costumes come out. However, most importantly, the new music is back to fill our ears and hearts with joy. No better event signals the kickoff of festival season better than SXSW and the lineup is looking extra juicy this year. We could break it down so many different ways, but we still couldn’t do such a lineup justice. So, you’ll have to settle for this little breakdown. Our take on the top five acts, the biggest heavyweights, to throw down at SXSW. This is The Festival Fistful!

Audio Push

What a career these guys have had. Back in 2009, if you told me that the guys behind ‘Teach Me How To Jerk‘ would evolve into extremely talented lyricists, I’d have probably laughed. They’re a one-hit wonder at most. But look how far they’ve come. Coming out of Inland Empire, CA, they linked up with Hit-Boy and Hits Since ’87 and have been banging them out ever since. They’ve got 3 full length albums: 90951, Last Lights Left, and Cloud 909, as well as a variety of mixtapes, like The Good Vibe Tribe. They are always churning out singles like Pump Fake and Mockingbird and their energy on stage is infectious. Definitely one of the gems at SXSW, so don’t miss out.

Action Bronson

Does this man really need an introduction? Not really, so bear with me while I state the obvious. His reputation precedes him here. Bronson has got 3 TV shows on Vice because he’s such a personality. He’s a renowned chef. He’s got his own cookbook. Last but not least, he’s got a deep and profound discography. Mr. Wonderful was the debut effort. Blue Chips 7000 was a solid follow up and finale to the Blue Chips series. We’d be remiss if we left out Saaab Stories. Bronsalino works with the biggest names in the industry. The allure of BamBam is undeniable and you’d best find yourself at his SXSW set for an unforgettable experience.

Boombox Cartel

The progress that Boombox Cartel has made from their early days is incredible. In a saturated EDM scene, standing out and rising to the top can be difficult but it proved no problem for them. Maybe it’s because they can work a set any way and it’s guaranteed to get a crowd ratchet. Their heavy hitting trap sound is sure to light feet on fire. Remixing some of the biggest electronic names, such as Major Lazer, Skrillex, and Cash Cash definitely helps prove their mettle. However, they also bust out their own originals to prove they can do more than put a different spin on a track. Check out Whisper, Jefe, and Supernatural and then check them out at SXSW.


Cazzette’s probably been laying the lowest of anyone on this review but that doesn’t mean you should overlook them. Who could forget certain gems like Sleepless or Weapon. They released a little album, Time, last year and the Desserts EP in 2016 for you to feast on. The hard hitting electro-house, elegant progression, and pretty vocals are sure to put you in a groove that will put your feet in a frenzy. Don’t let their absence from the scene sway your bias. They are going to rock SXSW.

Talib Kweli

Without a doubt, the most distinguished artist on the lineup. Talib Kweli is an absolute legend. Kweli’s a political activist. He’s a member of Blackstar. He has 15 studios albums between a solo effort and collaborations. The former include Quality and The Beautiful Struggle, which are classics and the latter were with Mos Def, Madlib, and Styles P, who are all absolute legends. Talib has worked with everyone and their mother across multiple genres. His sound is absolutely dope and his lyrics are fire. Go see a piece of history at SXSW. If you’re not going to see him, you should be seeing an otolaryngologist. Because you need your ears checked.