Bottoms Up: JMBLYA

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Avatar Ryan Cartwright

Jumbalaya. It’s a mix of all sorts of flavors and textures. Spicied. Varied. And if that doesn’t perfectly describe the theme for JMBLYA Fest, we don’t know what will. Taking over Dallas, Austin, and Houston, this tasty lineup will be bringing some of the best and most nuanced names in hip-hop to Texas. While it’s not as large a lineup as some other festivals, it’s still got some powerhouses that deserve your attention. Therefore, we want to help you get to know them from the bottom, up!

Cardi B

If you don’t know who Cardi B at this point, it’s fair to assume your underground bunker has some lovely furnishings. She was in a goddamn Amazon commercial. She made history by being the first female rapper to have her first three singles land within the Billboard Top 10. She’s got collabs with Bruno Mars and 21 Savage. It might be fair to say that she had a bigger 2017 than anyone else. She’s not the top name on the lineup but she’s probably gonna rock JMBLYA harder than anyone else. Oh, and since Migos is there too and she’s engaged to Offset, there’s a good chance that there will be guest performances at both sets. Keep your ears peeled, because that should be crazy.

Playboi Carti

His rise might not have been as meteoric as Cardi’s but Playboi had himself a hell of a 2017 too. Magnolia was a banger, he brought a new twist to the New York hip-hop scene, he released his debut album of his own name, and got along pretty well with the ASAP Mob. He scored a bunch of guest spots on Cozy Tapes 2 and has been making waves with Pierre Bourne. He’s a young guy with a lot accomplished but still a lot to prove, so expect his set to be pretty wild.


The last name on the list here is no less spectacular but probably the least well known. Cozz is an extremely talented lyricist, probably the most skilled out of all the names on the list. He’s not known for making bangers like the former artists, but his tracks are uniquely insightful while still providing some serious grit. To make matters more impressive, he’s a member of Dreamville, which you might know happens to be J. Cole’s label. J. Cole just happens to be the top name on the lineup, so just like Cardi B, there’s a solid chance that you’ll see each other at each other’s set. They’ve got a bunch of tracks together so keep your ears peeled for something exciting.