Listen to Pearce The Band’s Groovy New Single, ‘Turn of Tables’

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Avatar Ryan Cartwright

Jam Alert!

Welcome to Monday morning, where life is typically dreary. You’re groggy, work dawns upon you, and it’s cloudy out (depending on where you live). Typically, it’s not a day anyone anticipates enjoying. Fortunately, we have a surprise for you that is sure to turn the day around. Say hello to Pearce The Band and their new single, ‘Turn of Tables’, which is sure to be a ray of sunshine on a day that no one looks forward to. Imagine a smooth cross between The Strokes and Young The Giant.

From the moment it starts and the warm guitar notes hit, your mood should improve instantly. Then the drums and vocals enter to provide at 0:12, each providing a different vibe. The drums add energy and the vocals offer a soft-spoken fortitude sure to inspire you. Lastly, at 0:49 comes the chorus, providing the surge of energy you were looking for to tackle Monday. You’re not going let this day get the best of you and Pearce The Band has your back. On a day that gets most people down. ‘Turn of Tables’ is looking to help you do just that to Monday and it’s the perfect anthem to carry you through. Listen below and catch a must needed mood boost.

Additionally, don’t forget to keep an eye out for their upcoming album, Hardest Part to Write.