Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival brought Houston what the city had been missing

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The original Astroworld first opened its gates to theme park attendees in 1968. The theme park would then be purchased by SixFlags in the late 70s, and become the first SixFlags theme park to be marketed and advertised as Astroworld, not to be confused with SixFlags Over Texas.

Photo Credit: Breanna Loose

The Houston fantasy land of 8 different themes, 45 different rides, and who knows how many games would serve the city as a place to get away, a place for imagination, and as a historical place everybody knows and loves. Despite it’s successes, Astroworld was shut down in 2005, leaving the entire city feeling like a piece of their childhood history was taken from them.

Fast forward to now, and November 18, 2018 marks the official Astroworld Day, the day after Houston-native Travis Scott threw the inaugural Astroworld Festival. Travis Scott brought back what the city had been missing for so long. But not only did he bring back rides, games, and interactive activies, he brought a star studded lineup of performers including Travis Scott himself, Lil Wayne, Young Thug, and Rae Sremmurd. Travis even had an entrance to the festival designed in the shape of his head, and festival attendees would walk through the head’s open mouth to enter into the madness.

Photo Credit: Breanna Loose

There was a mini Astrodome, kind of like the real Astrodome located right next to the festival. Inside the mini-dome was where all the arcade games and interactive activites were. Around festival grounds, there was a selection of rides, including a ferris wheel, a superman drop, and a very high up spinning swing set. There were also carnival games, actual tickets for the games, and actual prizes!

Photo Credit: Breanna Loose

All of this was packed into one day, and for this being the first year, it’s quite interesting to see what Astroworld Festival will turn into in its following years. It would make sense for this to turn into a 2-day or 3-day type of festival with there so much to do on top of seeing your favorite artists perform.

All-in-all, the first Astroworld Festival ever was nothing short of a success, selling out months in advance with a lineup that wasn’t even realized until ONE day before the festival. Not too bad, right? Here’s to the next one!

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