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The Festival Fistful: SXSW

Festival season is upon us! The weather is warming up, the sun will shine for longer, and the wacky costumes come out. However, most importantly, the new music is back to fill our ears and hearts with joy. No better event signals the kickoff of festival season better than SXSW and the lineup is looking […]

Eminem-Curated Southpaw Soundtrack Features Rap’s Heavy Hitters

It’s only right that Eminem curated and spit on the soundtrack for Southpaw, which will be released this week under his own Shady Records imprint. Like Jake Gyllenhaal’s character Billy “The Great” Hope in the movie, Eminem too, is a fighter. Which is why I can say that after hearing three singles from it so far, the Southpaw soundtrack sounds raw, […]

The Dilemma With Being an Action Bronson Fan as a Woman

Action Bronson’s set was recently pulled from Canada’s upcoming NXNE festival (North By Northeast), thanks to a petition of over 40,000 signatures showing disdain for Bronson’s often sexist and violent subject matter. As an avid Action Bronson fan and a woman, I agree with this decision. His songs often have much more than a bar or […]

‘Surf’ Review: Chance and Friends in The Land of The Free

In college I had an idea for the next great iPhone app: Bandom, a random band name generator. If you were uncreative or indecisive, this app would pick a title for your band, group, or stage-name based on your answers to a random set of questions (i.e., what is your least favorite number?). I abandoned this […]

Ballin: 20 NBA Players & Their Rap Equivalents

Yeahhhhh doggies! Sing it with me now: It’s the most wonderful tiiiiiiime of the yeaaaaarrrrrrr!!! Oh, what’s that you say? Andy Williams wrote that song about Christmas? Could’ve fooled me. Christmas is not wonderful. Christmas is about flexing on your family and letting everybody know that you’re still the most worthy successor to your grandfather’s […]