Author: Santiago Garcia Escallon

Flip The Sample: Biggie & Method Man’s ‘The What’

Welcome to the fourth edition of Flip the Sample. Let’s get right into the Jam. We’ve got another classic track and its inspirations. It’s pretty amazing how interconnected so much music is. After all, musicians and music production are pretty much like the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon and all the bacon festivals and bacon eating competitions out there, […]

Jam with Doris: Earl Sweatshirt f. Tyler, The Creator, “Whoa”

Hey music-heads. We want to put some bright, neon highlighter on a jam from a couple of years ago. “Whoa” by Earl Sweatshirt was a track released in 2013 from his first studio EP, Doris. The album was well received when it dropped, and made Earl a ‘household’ name. He displayed a more tailored maturity on Doris, and splattered his complex lyricism […]

Mixin’ the Future: Smoko Ono, “Future Beats Radio Mix”

Let’s get the DeLorean out, because where we’re going… we don’t need roads… The talented Chi-Town producer Smoko Ono just blessed us with an excellent mix to jam out to. He was recently given a huge nod of approval by Kanye West himself when the Yeezy featuring Vic Mensa single, “U Mad,” dropped last month. It was produced […]

Flip the Sample: “Walk On By” / “Warning”

Still Flippin’ Samples. Flip yeah. Today we have a great series of songs that utilize a slow moving bassline that created three classics. The songs are overall pretty different — they all fall under separate genres — but the similarities, the sounds sampled, are very evident. These tracks are excellent, really fun jams to listen to. Enjoy!   […]

Jam on, Mon: Thelonious Martin, “Purp Interlude” ft. Joey Purp

Happy Jamming, friends. We have a dope cypher for your listening pleasure today. The track is called “Purp Interlude,” off of producer Thelonious Martin’s 2014 studio album, Wünderkid. You can check out the full album stream here for free. Martin is a talented producer from Chicago with a wide spectrum of music knowledge. His beats are unique, very hip-hop […]

Weekend Jam: Jarred AG, “Saturday Night”

It’s the weekend. Well, I guess that depends on how you see your week. Is Wednesday your Sunday? Is Friday your Tuesday? Good for you. Regardless, it’s that time where we foolies loosen up and enjoy the small things, the subtleties of everyday life.  Here is a great track by the vicious Chicago rapper Jarred AG that walks — […]

Salute to the Past: RHCP’s ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik’

Hindsight, foresight, insight. Sometimes living in the past is the most fun, and we’re going to embrace that. In hindsight, Blood Sugar Sex Magik — an album released by The Red Hot Chili Peppers in 1991 — is one of the greatest rock albums ever produced. BSSM was RHCP’s fifth studio album, but this single composition is what absolutely […]

Jam O’ the Day (Or Night): Vic Mensa, “Feel That”

You’ve undoubtedly heard about the newest Roc Nation signee. If you haven’t, here’s a welcoming intro for Vic Mensa into the R.O.C. family. Vic has been letting his shit bubble, and now it’s about to BLOW. Soon after getting the nod from Kanye by collaborating with him on “U Mad,” Jay-Z dropped the news that […]

Flip the Sample #3: AZ, Kid Cudi & More

I’ve mentioned that flipping samples is fun before, right? Alright I’ve definitely brought that up. We got a few more connections drawn out below,  including some 90’s East Coast rap (of course), some young guns blowing up in the hip-hop world, and a bit of those impactful rock classics. But let’s also take a look […]

Don’t Sleep on Good Music: Owen Bones

We are back with our bi-weekly column, “Don’t Sleep on Good Music.” The hope of this column is to shine light on music we enjoy and respect. Today we want to talk about a fucking talented artist and producer: Owen Bones. Since this is the second edition of the column (peep the first about Chance The […]

Flip the Sample: Method Man, Kanye, Nas & More

One of the dopest things about hip-hop is the intricate relationship the genre has with sampling other music in order to compose new songs. Sampling and hip-hop are married. It’s fun because it gives you light into the direct influences of a producer. It gives you clues as to how the composer was thinking when […]

Don’t Sleep on Good Music: The Social Experiment

Jazz, baby. Jazz. It’s probably one of the most generally respected genres in the music world. You don’t often catch music people hating on jazz. If you pop up the idea to go enjoy some live jazz the reaction is overwhelmingly positive. Jazz is quality music, it’s got soul, and the energy it brings connects emotionally […]