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Artist Spotlight: Sacral Crown

Sacral Crown, a producer/DJ hailing from Ann Arbor, MI, has been busy this summer. He just returned from Electric Forest, where he was hustling the good old fashioned way by playing at campsites and spreading his music from ear-to-ear. On top of that, he released a charitable EP titled In Memorium. All proceeds from the album will be donated to Haven, […]

Artist Spotlight: Jamestown Revival

Jamestown Revival’s Jonathan Clay is no stranger to the music industry. The Magnolia, TX, born-and-raised singer/songwriter has been active as a solo artist since the release of his debut EP, 2006’s Whole New Me. From there Clay was able to sign a development deal with Atlantic Records and released his second project, Back to Good, in 2007. […]

JamFeed Interview: Thievery Corporation’s Rob Garza

As far as electronic music goes, Rob Garza and Eric Hilton of Thievery Corporation have already etched out their place in the history books. Use whatever cliched phrase for prolonged accomplishment and achievement that you want. Canonized. Gold-standard. The “bar.” Thievery is all of these things and more. The Washington, D.C. based DJ collective is […]

Artist Spotlight: Andrew Kauffmann

This story begins in a bedroom closet. It was there that a misunderstood, quiet, middle child from Ann Arbor, Michigan dreamt of being an emcee. It was in a bedroom closet where Andrew Kauffmann began to hone his craft, setting his flow of consciousness to music. It was there that he began to find his […]

Artist Spotlight: Magic Giant

“People come to shows and for the first song they have their arms crossed… By the third song they’re full on krunk. Mothers of two just slam dancing.” If anyone else would have described their show like this, I would have been skeptical. Magic Giant, however, I believed. I got to sit down with Austin […]

Artist Spotlight: Greenhouse Lounge

Earlier this month, I wrote about a rising band from Jacksonville, Florida, called Greenhouse Lounge for JamFeed’s Road to Euphoria Festival column. Dave McSweeney, bass, Zach Weinert, guitar and programming, and Ray Felts, drums, refreshed my interest in electronic music with their emphasis on live instrumentation. Greenhouse Lounge incorporates electronic elements into their music, but […]

Artist Spotlight: Chris LaBella

People have been good at guitar before. People have been good at rapping before. People have also been good at singing and songwriting before, and producing. But how many people can claim to be good at all of these things? Madison, WI’s Chris LaBella can. After a hectic week in Austin networking for SXSW, I […]

Artist Spotlight: Spencer Ludwig

Spencer Ludwig is the trumpeter of the indie pop band Capital Cities. The band was founded in Los Angeles in 2010, and they have been touring around the world incessantly for the past four years, performing for raucous sold out crowds at many of the biggest international music festivals on at least four different continents. But this article isn’t […]

Artist Spotlight: Malia Grace

Malia Grace is a soul singer  and songwriter new to the Austin music scene. Though she’s been singing her entire life and writing music since age 13, she just recently started releasing her music. JamFeed was lucky enough to sit down with her last Wednesday at a Central Market in Austin to talk music and life. Malia […]

Artist Spotlight: Desert Noises

Desert Noises is a band from Provo, Utah, that has been impressively making their way into the music scene through tours and festivals in the past four years. We caught up and played some pool with members Kyle Henderson, Pat Boyer, Tyler Osmond, and Brennan Allen before their Thursday evening show at Austin’s Stubb’s BBQ. […]

Artist Spotlight: ZEALE

View post on ZEALE (pronounced Zeely), formerly known as ZEALE Rapz, is a really dope MC from Austin, TX. As I was preparing for my interview with him, one of the first questions I wrote down was this: “Why drop the ‘Rapz’ part from your moniker?” Then I actually listened to his latest EP, […]