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Euphoria Fest 2017: Day 4 Top Picks

Today is the final day of Euphoria 2017, and its going to be a special Sunday out at Carson Creek Ranch. On top of another day of amazing music, Euphoria Founder Mitch Morales and his fiancé Tyler will be getting married inside the festival grounds at 2pm today. This is the 6th Euphoria Fest, but the first where they have opened up the possibility of getting married in their euphoric environment.

Check out some of today’s top music picks to follow up Mitch and Tyler’s wedding ceremony!


If you want to see some true New Orleans funk, this is a must see at the Euphoria Stage today at 4:30pm. Their gritty groove is bound to keep you moving all day long, and it will be the perfect way to start off your afternoon.

The Funk Hunters

The Funk Hunters have become one of the top acts out of Canada. The duo consisting of Nick Middleton and Duncan Smith have made a name for themselves with their unique blend of funk, hip hop, soul, and disco.

They also have teamed up with Jurassic 5 legend Chali2na for many songs and even some shows to spice up their live show and bring a whole new element of old school hip-hop to their sound. I’m not sure if we will see Tuna Fish today or not, but the Funk Hunters are sure to put on one hell of a show. Make sure to check them out at 6:30 at the Elements Stage.

Petit Biscuit

Mehdi Benjelloun, better known by his stage name Petit Biscuit, is a French DJ and music producer. This young musical sensation is still not even 20 years, and is going to prove that age doesn’t matter when it comes to live music performances. He edits and mixes all the sounds of his tracks himself, and he excels in creating unmistakable chopped and twisted vocal leads.

He will be bringing his talents to the Dragonfly Amphitheater at 8:30pm.

Wiz Khalifa or Zeds Dead?

Honestly, this one just comes down to a personal preference. Do you prefer hip-hop over electronic music? Both of these shows will be a great finale to the show, and you really can’t go wrong. I’m leaning towards Wiz Khalifa right now, but you never know what will happen at Euphoria Day 4. I’m gonna leave you with my favorite Wiz mixtape ‘Kush & Orange Juice.’ Enjoy.

Enjoy the last day of Euphoria…maybe some kush and orange juice.

Euphoria Fest 2017: Day 3 Top Picks

Get ready for a beautiful day at Euphoria’s Dragonfly Amphitheater. Saturday is looking like another beautiful day in Austin with another Euphoric Saturday Lineup.

Today brings more local Austin talent with some amazingly talented headliners to close out the night. Here are some of our top recommendations for Saturday at Euphoria Fest 2017.

Blunt Force:

This is a big year for the Austin local duo Blunt Force (Brian Gustafuson and Deniz Baykal). Not only do they have a primetime spot at 5:30pm at Euphoria’s coolest stage, but this is their 4th Euphoria Fest to play. They have been putting in a lot of hard work for this set before they hit the road for the rest of the month on tour with Bass Physics.

They will be showcasing some new music, bringing on a few guests, and will likely make this their best Euphoria set yet. Make sure you check out our recent JamFeed interview with Blunt Force to hear more about what’s in store for this young talented duo from Austin. And make sure you are there at early to get a good spot for this epic show.

Henry + The Invisibles

Henry is a local Austin legend. If you are not from Austin, I highly recommend letting this friendly funky man rock your world for an hour at the Art Outside Tent at 7. Supported by his invisible band (he is THE band), Henry will take you on a wild ride of groovy funky beats that will leave you feeling Euphoric.

Oliver Heldens

Oliver Heldens has been taking the electronic music industry by storm lately, and he is sure to bring it tonight at Euphoria Fest on the main stage. The Dutch DJ has a unique sound of future house with his own this, and he always rocks a smile on his face. I saw him last summer at Lollapalooza in Chicago, and I’ve been excited to see him again ever since. Whether its your 1st or your 5th time to see Oliver, it will be worth taking an hour at the Euphoria Main Stage tonight at 11pm.

The Floozies

The Floozies at the Dragonfly Amphitheater is the show to close the night with tonight. Sorry Young Thug fans…but its true. Brothers Matt and Mark Hill have a unique brotherly bond that you can see and hear in their live set.

They bring a unique sound, born in funk, but with live-eletronica and endless looping and production builds that will keep you moving and grooving all night long at Euphoria’s most beautiful stage.

Day 2 Recap: Euphoria Fest 2017

Friday at Euphoria Fest was another perfect combination of great music and beautiful weather. They brought a uniquely diverse lineup of some talented artists including Sip Sip and Flamingos. Every show I saw was good, but three shows in particular stuck out to me.

Magna Carda:

Magna Carda has been making waves in Austin for a while now, and their set at the Euphoria Amphitheater proved that they are here to represent Austin hip-hop and change the game with their unique blues/soul infused style.

I was fortunate to get a chance to do an interview with Megz and Dougie Do after their set at the Dragonfly Amphitheater, and I can tell you that the two of them are both as real and down to earth as their music. Keep an eye out for the full interview coming soon after Euphoria Fest!

The Disco Biscuits (2 sets)

I’m sure there were a number of people at Euphoria who were disappointed when they found out The Knocks show had been cancelled due to flight troubles in Atlanta. However, I think this turned out to be a blessing for some lucky Disco Biscuit fans who ended up getting to see back to back sets.

There are not many bands that can pull off unscheduled back-to-back shows and do it effortlessly. The Disco Biscuits did it with ease, playing 2 completely different style sets, and all 3-4 hours of it was Euphoric to say the least.

Pretty Lights (Live):

In all honesty, I wasn’t sure what to expect here with Derek and his Pretty Lights Live show. I had seen some videos, and heard a number of different opinions about this show, but at the end of the day, I was blown away.

The production and light show were as good as I have ever seen at a Pretty Lights Show. Also, having a full live band with him created a whole new sound that you can’t get with just Derek alone. You could hear and feel the difference it made. Pretty Lights brought a whole new element to his live show by bringing in other amazingly talented musicians like Borahm Lee from Break Science and letting them shine and have their moments as well.

I heard some new tracks, some classic hits, and I got to enjoy the show with my lovely lady who I met 2 years ago at a Pretty Lights set. It was Euphoric to say the least.

Make sure to check out our Day 3 Top Picks for Saturday at Euphoria, and make sure you follow Euphoria Music Festival on JamFeed for all the best festival content and updates!

Day 1 Recap: Euphoria Fest 2017

It was a beautiful Thursday afternoon and evening out at Carson Creek Ranch for the Euphoria Fest Pre Party. This event was reserved for campers only, and they were rewarded with some amazing music for coming early and committing themselves to being in a state of Euphoria all weekend. Make sure to check out Euphoria’s Official Day 1 Recap Video and more exclusive content from yesterday’s top shows.

The day started off with local hip-hop family trio The Bishops, and the young siblings showed their artistic talents and ability to connect with the crowd both during and after the show.

Check out their live performance of their new hit single “Blood Ring” from yesterday’s Euphoria Set.

Following The Bishops came Resonant Frequency, and just as the sun came down, the funk came up. This trio consisting of versatile musicians Landon Reichle (Lando), Vince Siedl (Diamond Cuts) , and Ben Slade (Local Color) put on one of their biggest performances yet. They brought multiple MC’s including Luv Bishop of The Bishops as well as Zack Morgan on the saxophone to give fans a special euphoria performance.

Every time Resonant Frequency plays, the crowd gets bigger, the funk gets louder, and more and more people are grooving. Make sure to catch these guys again this summer at Float Fest!

Manic Focus came on after Autobody and closed the night in style with his unique mix of funk, dub, dance, and hip-hop. There’s a reason J-Mac was the first to sign with GRiZ and All Good Records…he knows how to put on a show, and he knows to leave all his fans wanting more, which is exactly what he did when headlining the Euphoria Pre-Party last night.

Friday is shaping up to be another amazing day at Euphoria. Make sure to check out our top picks for Friday, and make sure to follow Euphoria on JamFeed for all festival content and updates!

Euphoria Fest 2017: Friday Top Picks

Euphoria Fest started off Thursday night with their best Thursday Night Pre-Party yet. Reserved only for campers, local acts Resonant Frequency, The Bishops, and Autobody all put on incredible shows and got the crowd grooving to some funky beats. They set the crowd up perfectly for Manic Focus to close the night out with his non-stop bangers that left everyone thirsty to come back tomorrow for more great music.

Check out our Day 1 Recap, as well as Euphoria’s Day 1 Recap Video.

Today marks the first full day of Euphoria Fest, and there are some amazing acts to check out today. Here are a few of them that we think will put on some ‘Euphoric’ shows today:

Sip Sip:

Sip Sip formed in summer 2009 when individuals from Austin bands Mother Falcon, Corduroi, and PowerNap collaborated to create an original summer lineup under the moniker ‘The Summertime Band’. Since then Sip Sip has accumulated 18 performers from varying musical backgrounds.

Sip Sip’s sound can be described as a blend of electronicgroove, jazz horns, rock, group vocals and crowd participation. All of this culminates in intense performances that regularly shake the foundations of the venues they frequent.

Their live performances command crowd participation and audience engagement, featuring several members in costume, party favors, and repeated chants. Don’t miss unique show at Euphoria. “When I sip, you sip, we sip.”


Flamingosis (the name comes from a free-style Frisbee moved that his father invented) is an electronic producer, beat-boxer, and entertainer from New Jersey. His real name is Aaron Velasquez and his music has been influenced by Flying Lotus, J Dilla, Madlib, and many others that have helped him craft his own unique sound of vintage funk with soulful disco music.

Flamingosis will bringing these beautiful vibes to the Euphoria Stage from 4-5pm today. Make sure you catch his infectiously energetic live show!

Magna Carda:

Magna Carda has quickly established itself as one of Austin’s top hip-hop acts. In a city that is not as well known for hip-hop, this group is changing the game and proving that there is an audience here to support their music.

Magna Carda is led by the city’s most dynamic MC-producer duo — Megz Kelli and Dougie Do — “whose work pairs like a fine wine with the meat-and-potatoes backbone of the group’s signature live instrumentation.” With their genre-defying blend of rap-meets-jazz-meets-R&B-meets-electronic, the band has quickly captured the imagination of listeners and the attention of critics alike in Austin and beyond.

They play today on Euphoria’s Dragonfly Amphitheater on the water from 4:50-5:50pm. This is a must for any hip-hop fan at Euphoria this year.

Also, make sure you check back in soon for an upcoming JamFeed interview with Magna Carda!

Pretty Lights (Live):

Derek Vincent Smith AKA Pretty Lights, is one of the most influential electronic music producers in the electronic music scene today. Pretty Lights has become an extremely influential and his sound has shaped many of the artists following in his footsteps.

Smith dropped out of school in Boulder after his freshmen year and hasn’t looked back. He continues to push the boundaries in electronic music, and this year at Euphoria he is bringing a live band to play with him on stage. This show is sure to make things even more Euphoric than his normal sets.

Even if you’ve seen Pretty Ligths beofre, this show is guranteed to be full of some amazing surprises. Derek is not one to let fans down, especially with an entire live band behind him.

Make sure you follow all these artists and Euphoria Music Festival on JamFeed to stay up to date with all things music!

Euphoria Fest 2017: Thursday Top Picks

Today is the start of the 6th annual Euphoria Music Festival at Carson Creek Ranch in Austin, TX. It is shaping up to be a beautiful opening day, with potentially the best Thursday Night pre-party lineup so far from Euphoria. We have some amazing local Austin talent leading off the weekend, followed by one of the top acts from All Good Records.

Local Austin hip-hop trio The Bishops will be kicking off the festival this year. The Bishops are a rare super group in the music industry. They are made up of three people who are real-life family members, and each of them have their own career outside of this new collaboration. They teamed up to release their first synth-ed up single ‘Blood Ring,’ which caught fire on some Spotify playlists and captured almost 500,000 streams for the young family trio.

They clearly will not be stopping here. As Cara Bishop says herself in their hit single, “Not one, not two, but three,” The Bishops are ready to show Austin fans what they are all about with a full hour set tonight. This will do be the biggest festival yet for the band. The Bishops kick off Euphoria Fest tonight at 6:30pm CST – don’t miss it!

Following The Bishops at 7:45pm is another amazing local Austin trio Resonant Frequency. They have started off 2017 with a huge bang, playing late night STS9 afterparty shows, opening for RJD2, and also playing 2 sets at Head for the Hills Festival 2 weeks ago.

They have truly started to developer their own sound and vibe, which is a mix of future funk, soul, and a little southern texas hip hop swag. They are guaranteed to keep you on you dancing throughout the entire set, and all three musicians are incredibly talented and know how to put on a great live set.

This is their first Euphoria Fest set, so you can bet on them spicing it up with some surprise guests, and bringing their funkiest beats to kick off Euphoria Fest the right way. Make sure you are there to see what it’s like to get everyone to vibe on the same Resonant Frequency.

Last, the headline for tonight’s lineup, Manic Focus. Manic Focus is the electronic music project of John “JmaC” McCarten, a Chicago-based producer originally hailing from the Twin Cities. He’s become well known for his multi-dimensional sound, including elements of soul, dubstep, hip-hop, blues, and funk. It’s an amazing complitation of heavy and smooth sounds that make for an incredible live performance.

JmaC teamed up with GRiZ and All Good Records in 2014 for his fourth album ‘Cerebral Eclipse’ and he hasn’t looked back since. He is at the forefront of this new age funk revolution and he is the perfect fit to bring home the night and end night one of Euphoria with a bang.

As you can see, this is one of the best Thursday Euphoria has booked yet. Their mix of strong local talent to kick things off, and following it with Manic Focus as the headliner is guaranteed to put music fans in a state of Euphoria tonight.

Make sure you follow Euphoria Music Festival on JamFeed to stay connected to all the amazing content created during this festival. We will also be making some exciting announcements over the next week, so stay tuned!

– JamFeed Team

Euphoria’s Founder Writes Heartfelt Message To Fans One Week Before Festival

It’s only one week away for music fans to enter a state of Euphoria. Austin’s top electronic festival is back at it again with one of their strongest lineups to date. There are lots of excited music fans ready for Pretty Lights, Disco Biscuits, and many more amazing artists to take the stage. There is one person who is more excited than most, and that is one of Euphoria Fest’s founders Mitch Morales.

Today, Mitch sent a heartfelt email out to Euphoria fans to share his personal excitement for this years festival. He lists his favorite artists, new additions to the festival grounds, but most importantly, that he is marrying his fiancé Tyler at this year’s festival.

Euphoria started marketing the idea of having fans getting married at the festival a few months back, and now it all makes sense. Who better than Euphoria’s founder to lead the way by celebrating himself after building Austin’s best electronic music festival.

If you don’t have tickets yet, make sure you check out JamFeed’s ticket giveaway to Euphoria to win a pair of free weekend passes with camping for you and a friend! You can also buy regular and VIP passes here.

Make sure you read Mitch’s email below to his fans. It will make you wish Euphoria started today instead of April 6!

“Dear Euphoria Family,

Mitch here from Euphoria. I’m writing to you because we need your great vibe and curious spirit back at Euphoria this year. We need you to ensure the culture and community of our great festival remains strong!

I’m most excited for Moby, Bob Moses, Papadosio & Petit Biscuit, and to see what you think of the way we’ve broadened the lineup a bit with acts like Post Malone, Dumpstaphunk & FKJ. Not to mention the new Art Outside Village (curated by one of my favorite festivals) that will be featuring more intentional experiences than ever before. And don’t forget the late-night Silent Disco for our campers!

I can’t wait to reveal what we’ve been working hard on all year, and here’s a little teaser of the Dragonfly amphitheater to get you prepared for the unbelievable set design and installations in store. If you haven’t seen it yet – be sure to watch the 2017 trailer for a glimpse of what is to come.

It’s a very special year for me personally as I’ll be getting married in one of our inaugural festival wedding ceremonies. You may or may not know that I proposed to my longtime girlfriend, Tyler, at Above & Beyond last year, and there isn’t a place we would rather celebrate our commitment to each other than at home with our Euphoria family.

It’s 2pm on Sunday – we hope to see you there!

Mitch Morales
Euphoria Founder, Festival Fan”

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JamFeed Catches Up With The Motet at Euphoria Festival About Delving Deeper Into the Funk, Changes in the Music Industry & More

The Motet L-R: Joey Porter (keys), Ryan Jalbert (guitar), Gabe Mervine (trumpet), Dave Watts (drums), Drew Sayers (saxophone), Garrett Sayers (bass), Lyle Divinsky (vocals)

The Motet are no strangers to change.

The next-level funk outfit has gone through countless lineup changes and sonic evolutions since drummer and bandleader Dave Watts founded the group in 1998. Most recently, they parted ways with longtime lead vocalist Jans Ingber this past December, and have added two new members: Lyle Divinsky on lead vocals and Drew Sayers on tenor sax.

A soulful, curly-haired fan favorite, a friend of mine once described Ingber as “the funkiest God damn white boy you ever seen.” While that sentiment may not be far from the truth, anybody who knows The Funk knows that The Funk cannot be contained, and it surely cannot be stopped. Ingber left The Motet on good terms, a move that was motivated not by any sort of ill feelings, but by his desire to be more present in the lives of his family (you can read his farewell note here). And while Ingber will always be “Motet 4 Life,” I can personally attest to the chemistry that the band has already found with Divinsky on lead vocals.

I was lucky enough to interview The Motet a few short hours before their set at Austin’s fifth annual Euphoria Festival. They were thoughtful and sharp during the interview, and of course they tore it down during the show. Divinsky was relaxed and charismatic on-stage, keeping the audience in good spirits with light-hearted banter and an evident connection with the rest of the guys. The performance made it clear why he is the latest member of the Motet fam.

As for Sayers? Well, he actually is part of the Motet fam — his brother Garrett has been The Motet’s bassist since 2002. The younger Sayers, Drew has been earning his stripes as a part of John Brown’s Body since 2009, even producing the band’s 2015 release Kings and Queens in Dub. He also wrote and played horn arrangements on Beyonce’s last two albums. His production and writing expertise adds invaluable experience to The Motet.

I must confess, it was a bit odd watching the funk belt out of Lyle’s grizzly brown beard — instead of out of Jans’ clean-shaven face — but one thing soon became clear: this is the same Motet that we all know and love. Onward and upward!

There has been a great rise in the number and popularity of music festivals in the past decade or so. Have you seen a noticeable difference in the amount of shows that you play now as opposed to at the beginning of your careers?

Dave Watts: We do way more festivals now.

Gabe Mervine: In the late 90’s there wasn’t a whole lot going on as far as festivals go, only some of the bigger ones were around. But I think through social media and grassroots efforts, [festivals] have been able to grow a lot more. These mid-size festivals have been able to pop up and promote themselves, and everything has gotten easier.

Do you think that it’s easier to book gigs now in general?

Mervine: No, I don’t think it’s easier to book gigs. I think it’s easier to tour, and to get fan outreach without having a lot of money behind you because you can reach people through social media. You don’t have to put stamps on a bunch of postcards and send ’em out to people to give out at your shows. You can actually get a lot of free advertising and publicity now… plus the music is able to get out quicker, too.

Have you seen a noticeable increase in your exposure as social media has gained popularity?

Mervine: Oh yeah, guaranteed. We’ll show up to a place we’ve never been before and it’s a packed house. You don’t need to get your music on the radio anymore for people to hear it. They can access it through Facebook, SoundCloud, whatever else they use…

You just mentioned SoundCloud, which is probably the most popular music streaming service next to Spotify. Some artists have negative feelings about streaming when it comes to things like low artist payouts or fans not buying their music anymore. However, there are also huge benefits to streaming. What is The Motet’s stance on streaming, and the future of the industry as far as streaming is concerned?

Watts: I feel like we’re at an intermediary time where the music industry hasn’t kept up with the way technology has evolved. What’s happening right now won’t last because there’s no room for any longevity. That being said, you’re right, you spend a lot of your career trying to be heard, and then once you get heard a lot of artists pull their shit [off streaming services] because they don’t want to give [music] away for free anymore. But that’s just where we’re at right now. It’s how people hear music.

Drew Sayers: I think we’re waiting for the next bandwidth revolution. Right now the technology that we’re using doesn’t allow for streaming to be high quality. If you have a premium Spotify account you can get up to 320 kbps (kilobits per second) mp3 files, but that’s as high as it goes. That’s why I still buy CD’s, because it’s still the best medium to hear what the artist intended you to hear in their music. With that said, the great thing about streaming is that a lot of people hear your music, and so it turns into a promotional tool rather than a selling tool. But I still buy vinyl and CD’s because that’s what the artist wants you to experience.

Very interesting. But of course, with you being an artist, you hear music with a more fine-tuned ear than the average fan would.

Sayers: Well, my ears are kinda fucked up from playing a lot of shows over the years, but I just want to get what the artist intended. It’s not so much what you can hear, it’s what you can feel. That’s the importance of the quality. They’ve found that super compressed files don’t have as much of an emotional impact on the listener. So there will be a bandwidth revolution in the next five to ten years.

Let’s switch focus to the changing of lead singers. A lot of fans were upset with the departure of Jans Ingber, but it doesn’t seem like there were any hard feelings between him and the rest of the band (ed. note: everybody nodded in approval to this sentiment). How did The Motet find Lyle Divinsky?

Watts: Initially when we were looking for a singer, we figured it would take us months to find the right guy.

It was a very quick turnaround.

Watts: It’s crazy how fast it happened. We have friends in a group called Turkuaz, who are buds with Lyle from the Brooklyn days. Joey called them up and asked them who to get, and instantly without a second thought they were like, “Lyle Divinsky is your man.” Because they know us, they know Lyle, and they knew it would gel instantly – which it has.

Ryan Jalbert: The Lettuce guys recommended him too. They were like, “you need to check this dude out.”

Lyle Divinsky: “Who’s this dude from Portland, Maine, that the Lettuce and Turkuaz guys are talking about?! I don’t know, he’s pretty hairy, man!” (laughs)

Jalbert: He was the first guy we checked out, and we were just like, “okay, we’re done.”

One for one.

Jalbert: Yup. Auditions are over. (laughs)

Lyle, how has this transition been from your perspective?

Divinsky: It’s been absolutely amazing. I mean, I just kinda laugh at the fact that it was so easy in a lot of senses. They’re right in the same vein that I’ve been trying to craft myself in, so to be able to come in with such a good group of dudes who are so open and welcoming, it’s just the immediate family vibe. It felt like brotherhood right away.

What were you doing pre-Motet?

Divinsky: I was focusing on my solo project around the northeast. I had just put the record out and was getting ready to tour for that when they called, and it was like, “yeah, that sounds fun, I’ll do that.”

The self-titled album from 2014 was recorded on analog equipment to better capture the live sound of the record. After seeing such terrific results are you going to be continuing in that direction for your next record?

Jalbert: Yeah, we went down to New Orleans for this record and recorded at Parlor Studios, and they definitely have a lot of analog gear. We didn’t go to tape for the tracking, but that’s always an option. We always want to try to capture as much of a warm, non-digital sound as we can because we love that funk music of the 70’s, and the quality of the instruments. We’re always thinking about that.

‘The Motet’ album was also co-written by the entire band, from what I understand. Were there any difficulties that arose from such a highly collaborative process?

Watts: Of course there were difficulties. It’s everyone’s creative input coming together, and we all have things that we want to hold our ground on, and kinda say, “I want this in here.” But there are also times when you have to acquiesce and meet halfway. It’s interesting that way because we all have different input musically; we all listened to different stuff growing up. It makes for a unique finished product, even though it might take a little bit longer. We’re still honing that process, but we’re getting better at it.

The Motet is a very versatile band. You can really cover the entire spectrum of genres and influences. What direction are you headed in 2016? Is there any particular genre that you haven’t delved into that you would like to delve into?

Watts: Classical. (laughs)

Mervine: Actual motets!

Watts: We’re really influenced by music of the 70’s and 80’s, especially funk. Every Halloween for the past 15 years we’ve covered a different artist from that time period, and recently we’ve done entire years. Over the past five or six years that’s been the biggest influence for us stylistically. We’re just trying to make every album funkier and more danceable, but at the same time not just a dance party. Music with a message. Music that’s got some real musicality. Horn lines, chord changes. Bands like Parliament, Stevie Wonder, Jamiroquai. If anything, we’re just going deeper into that world.

So is it safe to say the new album will be even funkier than the last one?

Watts: Oh yeah.

Divinsky: It’s going for hips and hearts alike! (laughs)

Mervine: He was just waiting to say that.

Lastly, what does The Motet think of Austin, TX? Do you guys have a favorite venue or most memorable performance?

Jalbert: They’re all just so memorable and epic, every single time.

Watts: It’s always a good hang here, also. There’s so much to see artistically, culturally.

Jalbert: It’s kinda like the Colorado of Texas.

Watts: We had a great time at the Scoot Inn… Art Outside Festival last year… we came to The Parish four or five years ago and sold it out. We didn’t know what our scene was in Austin at the time, but that worked out great!

You mentioned Austin being like the “Colorado of Texas,” something that Big Gigantic alluded to when I interviewed them at Euphoria Festival last year. Does playing in Austin remind you of hometown crowds in Denver?

Watts: Oh yeah. The enthusiasm level definitely does. It’s the response that we feed off when we play.

Joey Porter: The weed’s not as good, though. (laughs)

Top 10 Things To Know About Faster Horses Festival 2015

The third annual Faster Horses Festival is coming to Brooklyn, Michigan July 17-19. Faster Horses is new to the music festival scene, so don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of it alongside Electric Forest, Bonnaroo or Lollapalooza.

Faster Horses is a three-day country music and camping festival at the Michigan International Speedway. The 2015 line-up boasts Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, and Florida Georgia Line as headliners, and performances from Dustin Lynch, Lee Brice, Michigan’s own Frankie Ballard and many more.

I can tell you first hand that it’s a blast — from the artists and the mouthwatering food, to the foam pit and Ferris wheel. But if you don’t know your way around, navigating the vast grounds with two stages, carnival rides, and Porta-Potty villages can be rough.

Luckily, I know my way around the town and the Festival, so allow me to be your guide. Here are the top 10 things to know about Faster Horses Festival:


1. There are two stages, and they’re both worth a visit.

Faster Horses has a small stage and a main stage, one for up-and-coming artists, one for the big-timers. Sam Hunt was on the small stage just last summer, and his first studio album, Montevallo, just went gold in April. The newcomers are always worth checking out, at least for a song or two. Conveniently, the festival is timed so the small stage has performances scheduled while the main stage is in between acts. So really, there’s no excuse not to check it out, you might hear something you love that you would’ve never heard of otherwise.

2. It’s country.

Expect to see a lot of cowboy hats, daisy dukes, and boots. Also, an unfortunate amount of Confederate Flag attire. This is not the place to wear neon tutus and body paint — keep it simple.

3. Wear a bathing suit.

July in Michigan is hot; temperatures are usually in the 80s. Most people wear bathing suits, at least under their clothes. Aside from the hot weather, there’s a foam pit and water slide you’ll want to hit to cool off.

4. Seating.

Seating is first come, first serve. There is simply a large grass area in front of both stages — walk up as far as you can, or sit back in the grass in your own lawn chair — either way it’s a blast. The grounds at the Michigan International Speedway are huge, so you’ll want to note where you left your chairs or group if you venture toward the stage or around the grounds. Note where you park as well, and take a parking lot shuttle to the entrance gate.

5. Don’t necessarily go all day, every day.

The best thing about Faster Horses Festival is it’s affordable — $185 for a 3-day general admission festival pass. That breaks down to only $62 a day to see over 10 artists per day. Even if you don’t go all day every day, your festival pass will be worth it. If there’s a few opening acts you don’t care to see, you could still go for just the headliners each night and it would still be worth $62 to see some of the biggest names in country music.

6. The food really is delicious (and water is free)…

The vendors at the festival go way beyond typical carnival food stands. From a Michigan favorite, Cottage Inn Pizza and elephant ears, to authentic barbecue and free water, the festival will not send you home hungry. The festival allows you to bring CamelBaks and empty water bottles to fill up at the watering holes. Stay hydrated — the sun (and alcohol) can be devastating.

7. …But bringing your own food is a great idea too.

The food sold at Faster Horses is on point, but expensive. Luckily, they let you bring a small (gallon) clear bag of snacks and one full, factory sealed, one liter plastic water bottle per person. However, you cannot bring a cooler, so pack your gallon bag wisely. Last year I was able to stuff Twizzlers (yes, they were necessary), chips, a few granola bars and an apple into a gallon bag, so it’s doable.

8. Brooklyn, Michigan is a small town.

Don’t expect a big, tourist town in Brooklyn, Michigan. Brooklyn is a quaint, country, small town with a few restaurants, a couple bars and a Country Market. If you want to check it out, I recommend JR’s Hometown Grill & Pub and Shady’s Tap Room for food and spirits, and Knutson’s Recreational Sales for the outdoorsy types.

9. Plan/pace drinking.

I mean it. You have to pace that shit. Take it from me — the hot sun and carnival rides combined with greasy grilled food and beers sold by the 24 oz. are recipes for a day hangover (the worst kind). The gates open daily at noon, so if you plan to go for the full day (ending around midnight), pace your alcohol consumption — maybe don’t start drinking until dinner, when the sun goes down, and the biggest artists are about to take the stage. That way you avoid the day-drinking dehydration that leaves you hungover by the time Brad Paisley comes out.

10. You don’t have to camp.

Camping not your thing? Me neither. While camp sites are in walking distance of the festival grounds and allow for awesome tailgating, Brooklyn, while small, offers other options for those wanting a shower after 12 or more hours of drinking, dancing, and petting farm animals. Less than 10 minutes from the festival grounds there’s a Super 8 Brooklyn, and other accommodations are located less than 15 miles away from MIS. My advice though, is to check out motel/rental property options on the surrounding lakes, such as Lake Columbia, Devil’s Lake, Clark Lake and Wamplers Lake.