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The Top Ten Albums of 2015 (So Far)

As the second quarter of 2015 comes to a close, it’s fitting that music streaming is back in the news. Apple Music is trying to assume pole position ahead of Spotify and Tidal in the ears and minds of listeners across the world. Will it work? Eh… probably not (at least not soon). Spotify has been tried […]

The 30 Best Non Jay-Z/Kanye West Roc-A-Fella Songs

If you don’t care to read the longer-than-expected backstory of how I came to write this article, then just scroll down to the list. I ain’t mad atcha. As you all know, Jay-Z recently launched Tidal, a high fidelity music streaming service that aims to put the power of streaming monetization in the hands of artists […]

Mixin’ the Future: Smoko Ono, “Future Beats Radio Mix”

Let’s get the DeLorean out, because where we’re going… we don’t need roads… The talented Chi-Town producer Smoko Ono just blessed us with an excellent mix to jam out to. He was recently given a huge nod of approval by Kanye West himself when the Yeezy featuring Vic Mensa single, “U Mad,” dropped last month. It was produced […]

Jam O’ the Day (Or Night): Vic Mensa, “Feel That”

You’ve undoubtedly heard about the newest Roc Nation signee. If you haven’t, here’s a welcoming intro for Vic Mensa into the R.O.C. family. Vic has been letting his shit bubble, and now it’s about to BLOW. Soon after getting the nod from Kanye by collaborating with him on “U Mad,” Jay-Z dropped the news that […]

Ballin: 20 NBA Players & Their Rap Equivalents

Yeahhhhh doggies! Sing it with me now: It’s the most wonderful tiiiiiiime of the yeaaaaarrrrrrr!!! Oh, what’s that you say? Andy Williams wrote that song about Christmas? Could’ve fooled me. Christmas is not wonderful. Christmas is about flexing on your family and letting everybody know that you’re still the most worthy successor to your grandfather’s […]

Is Father John Misty Rock and Roll’s New Savior?

When Beck won Album of the Year for Morning Phases at this year’s Grammy Awards, Kanye West, and I suspect much of America, was not thrilled. As you may recall, West began to walk onstage, as Beck was about to address the audience, before returning to his seat. At the time this seemed self-aware and […]

Flip the Sample: Method Man, Kanye, Nas & More

One of the dopest things about hip-hop is the intricate relationship the genre has with sampling other music in order to compose new songs. Sampling and hip-hop are married. It’s fun because it gives you light into the direct influences of a producer. It gives you clues as to how the composer was thinking when […]

Who Should Headline Super Bowl 50?

Katy Perry took the field on an animatronic lion last Sunday night for halftime of Super Bowl 49 (or Super Bowl XLIX for all of you who still think we need to honor Roman Numerals for some reason). If you like Katy Perry dancing with cartoon Nazi sharks, you were most likely pleased. If you like Lenny Kravitz […]

Hip-Hop’s Best Kept Secret: My 15 Favorite Bink! Beats

Happy New Years, y’all. I hope everybody had a great holiday season reigniting old feuds with family members and high school slam-pieces and whatnot. However, as fun as I imagine that was, 2015 is now here and waiting for no man, woman, or child, which means that the good folks at JamFeed are back under […]