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Exclusive Interview: John Baumann

John Baumann is an unassuming yet confident man. He strolled up to our interview at Austin’s Houndstooth Coffee wearing a black Under Armour polo with a subtle line of color running horizontally across the collarbone, matching his black Ray Bans with clear trim around the inside. He’s not flashy, but he understands how little accents of differentiation can […]

Artist Spotlight: Jamestown Revival

Jamestown Revival’s Jonathan Clay is no stranger to the music industry. The Magnolia, TX, born-and-raised singer/songwriter has been active as a solo artist since the release of his debut EP, 2006’s Whole New Me. From there Clay was able to sign a development deal with Atlantic Records and released his second project, Back to Good, in 2007. […]

Ranking the Best Musical Moments on ‘Mad Men’

The series finale of Mad Men is this Sunday at 10pm on AMC. Right now I’m going through the seven stages of grief, landing somewhere in between bargaining and depression. In an effort to keep this show alive, I’ve been re-watching old episodes (my favorite? season 5, episode 5, “Signal 30“), recounting classic scenes, and reading every single thing on the […]

Artist Spotlight: Magic Giant

“People come to shows and for the first song they have their arms crossed… By the third song they’re full on krunk. Mothers of two just slam dancing.” If anyone else would have described their show like this, I would have been skeptical. Magic Giant, however, I believed. I got to sit down with Austin […]