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Chali 2na Is Going ‘Against The Current’ With First Art Book

Chali 2na: lyricist, underground stalwart, the ‘Verbal Herman Munster‘… painter and photographer? For nearly 20 years, Jurassic 5’s Charles “Chali 2na” Stewart has wowed fans with his complete package of lyrical acrobatics, subject matter, and one of the most distinguishable voices that hip-hop has ever known. Now “creepin’ on 50,” as he playfully puts it (okay, […]

Eminem-Curated Southpaw Soundtrack Features Rap’s Heavy Hitters

It’s only right that Eminem curated and spit on the soundtrack for Southpaw, which will be released this week under his own Shady Records imprint. Like Jake Gyllenhaal’s character Billy “The Great” Hope in the movie, Eminem too, is a fighter. Which is why I can say that after hearing three singles from it so far, the Southpaw soundtrack sounds raw, […]

GRiZ Spearheads New Age Funk Revolution

This summer you won’t hear suburban hood-rats bumping Wild Cherry, James Brown, or Rick James in daddy’s Jeep, but don’t fret, funk didn’t die with bell-bottoms and black lights. It’s alive and well. The prevalence and popularity of EDM (electronic dance music) has initiated a resurgence of funk. New technologies and innovative artists have exponentially […]

Artist Spotlight: Chali 2na

Interview by Cameron Gibson, words by Yunus Church. Rap is not exclusively a young man’s game anymore (unfortunately, it’s still too much of a man’s game, but that’s a different matter altogether). Many of my favorite MC’s are closer in age to my father than they are to me, and I have no problem with […]

Flip The Sample: Biggie & Method Man’s ‘The What’

Welcome to the fourth edition of Flip the Sample. Let’s get right into the Jam. We’ve got another classic track and its inspirations. It’s pretty amazing how interconnected so much music is. After all, musicians and music production are pretty much like the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon and all the bacon festivals and bacon eating competitions out there, […]

Kid Rock is Rolling Into Trouble with Fans, Corrections Department

Kid Rock is rolling his way into trouble after a week of strange and negative publicity. In the past week, he’s found himself at odds with angry fans insisting that he stop associating with the Confederate Flag after the removal of the flag from the South Carolina state house last Friday. During this same week, Kid Rock and the anonymous […]

The 30 Best Non Jay-Z/Kanye West Roc-A-Fella Songs

If you don’t care to read the longer-than-expected backstory of how I came to write this article, then just scroll down to the list. I ain’t mad atcha. As you all know, Jay-Z recently launched Tidal, a high fidelity music streaming service that aims to put the power of streaming monetization in the hands of artists […]

15 Of My Favorite One-Hit-Wonder Raps

That track comes on the radio with a catchy hook, bangin’ beat, and easy-to-memorize lyrics, quenching my thirst for some mainstream storytelling. It’s one of the many one-hit-wonders that have graced our radios over the years, and I can’t help but sing (or rap) along. One-hit-wonders are seemingly created using a simple formula: overused subject matter, a quirky […]

The Dilemma With Being an Action Bronson Fan as a Woman

Action Bronson’s set was recently pulled from Canada’s upcoming NXNE festival (North By Northeast), thanks to a petition of over 40,000 signatures showing disdain for Bronson’s often sexist and violent subject matter. As an avid Action Bronson fan and a woman, I agree with this decision. His songs often have much more than a bar or […]

‘Surf’ Review: Chance and Friends in The Land of The Free

In college I had an idea for the next great iPhone app: Bandom, a random band name generator. If you were uncreative or indecisive, this app would pick a title for your band, group, or stage-name based on your answers to a random set of questions (i.e., what is your least favorite number?). I abandoned this […]

Jam with Doris: Earl Sweatshirt f. Tyler, The Creator, “Whoa”

Hey music-heads. We want to put some bright, neon highlighter on a jam from a couple of years ago. “Whoa” by Earl Sweatshirt was a track released in 2013 from his first studio EP, Doris. The album was well received when it dropped, and made Earl a ‘household’ name. He displayed a more tailored maturity on Doris, and splattered his complex lyricism […]

JamFeed Review: A$AP Rocky, ‘At. Long. Last. A$AP’

“They ask me why I don’t go to church no more, cause church is the new club, and wine is the new bub, and lies is the new drugs, my sister the next stripper, my brother the next victim.” — Holy Ghost   It seems as if the steadily accumulating fame and all of the […]

Mixin’ the Future: Smoko Ono, “Future Beats Radio Mix”

Let’s get the DeLorean out, because where we’re going… we don’t need roads… The talented Chi-Town producer Smoko Ono just blessed us with an excellent mix to jam out to. He was recently given a huge nod of approval by Kanye West himself when the Yeezy featuring Vic Mensa single, “U Mad,” dropped last month. It was produced […]

Flip the Sample: “Walk On By” / “Warning”

Still Flippin’ Samples. Flip yeah. Today we have a great series of songs that utilize a slow moving bassline that created three classics. The songs are overall pretty different — they all fall under separate genres — but the similarities, the sounds sampled, are very evident. These tracks are excellent, really fun jams to listen to. Enjoy!   […]

Jam on, Mon: Thelonious Martin, “Purp Interlude” ft. Joey Purp

Happy Jamming, friends. We have a dope cypher for your listening pleasure today. The track is called “Purp Interlude,” off of producer Thelonious Martin’s 2014 studio album, Wünderkid. You can check out the full album stream here for free. Martin is a talented producer from Chicago with a wide spectrum of music knowledge. His beats are unique, very hip-hop […]

KT Killin’ Them: Hip Hop’s New (And Needed) Direction

  KT is not satisfied with, nor is he following in the direction the rap game is currently headed. And he wants to help be the change. His style is simple: no cussing, and no nonsense. While some rappers are superficially spitting about gangbanging and selling drugs, KT is killin’ them by keeping it real, […]