Global Dance Festival AZ Rolls Out Lineup and Early Bird Tickets

Global Dance Festival Arizona, a one day event in Chandler, Arizona on Saturday, September 23, 2017, at Rawhide Event Center has released the first series of artists on the lineup for the fourth annual event.  Keeping up the tradition of hosting top notch talent, the first phase of Global Dance Festival artists include: Flosstradamus, Showtek,, Yellow ClawGareth Emery, Slander,, SNBRN, and Ecotek. Additional artists will be announced in the coming weeks.

Buy Global Dance Festival AZ Tickets

Early Bird tickets for the 18+ event are available Friday, July 14th, 10 a.m. MST, starting at $39, plus fees. VIP passes, with preferred main stage viewing area, private restrooms and separate entrance are available starting at $79, plus fees. Bronze, Silver and Gold level tables will be available this year, starting at $500, plus fees. For full details and to purchase tickets visit

“Global Dance Festival is always one of our strongest single-day events.  It’s reflective in the stacked level of talent we present each year- our fans just always have to be at this one.”

– Relentless Beats founder Thomas Turner.

Presented by Relentless Beats and Global Dance, the festival has moved from it’s normal date in November to September, to make room for the newly announced Goldrush Music Festival.  Leading up to Global Dance Festival will be the return of the ’15 Minutes of Fame’ DJ competition. Returning for a 4th year in a row, the event will take place on August 12th at the Monarch Theater in Downtown Phoenix. Drawing people from all over the Valley and the Southwest, the winner of the competition will be booked on an opening slot at a Global Dance branded festival this Fall

If you’ve never gotten the chance to party inside of a realistic 1880s western-themed town, you’ve NOW GOT YOUR CHANCE!  Rawhide Event Center is situated on the Gila River Indian Community, just 20 minutes from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Chandler, AZ. The grounds have hosted the top events from Relentless Beats, including; CRUSH, Mad Decent Block Party, BOO!, Bassrush Massive, Phoenix Lights and Decadence.

Global Dance Festival Arizona is produced by Relentless Beats and Global Dance. Visit for the most up-to-date information on Global Dance Festival Arizona and all Relentless Beats events. Stay connected on Twitter at and on Facebook at

Gem & Jam Festival Announces 2018 Location and Dates

Gem & Jam Festival has announced it will be returning to Pima County Fairgrounds for a second straight year, January 25 – 28, 2018. Coming off a transitional year, which saw the fan favorite festival move from Downtown Tucson to a venue that offered a desert setting with expanded amenities including camping, the twelfth annual event will expanding its offerings, which of course will include a bigger lineup. Previously editions of Gem & Jam have featured such acts as: Gramatik; Mike Gordon; The Floozies; Lotus; The Trancident; Kyle Hollingsworth; EOTO & Friends; G Jones; The Infamous Stringdusters; Poolside; Com Truise; Steve Kimock & Friends; Opiuo; The Motet., amongst others. The first round of performers for the 2018 lineup will be announced in the coming months. Make sure to follow Gem & Jam on the JamFeed Apps to be the first to know when the lineup drops!

For those who missed Gem & Jam this year or those who are looking to relive the festivities, the festival is also releasing the Official Gem & Jam 2017 After Movie. Clocking in at a dizzying 30 seconds, the video perfectly captures the energy, excitement and love that is Gem & Jam- prepping fans for even more in 2018.

“Last year was such a big step for us, moving from downtown to this beautiful desert setting,” says festival co-producer Toby White. “It is great to the looks on all our fans faces, to help give us the motivation to turn out an even bigger and better Gem & Jam.”

Located on 640 acres and just 20 miles south of downtown Tucson, the Pima County Fairgrounds is surrounded by nature and resides in a desert environment, creating an expansive setting perfect for Gem & Jam. The multi-stage music and arts festival will be offering increased capacity and camping options, including: onsite RV camping with hookups, boutique camping, car camping and walk-in camping. Additionally, Gem & Jam will be expanding on its experience with world-class visuals, unique stage designs, artist galleries, live paintings, experiential installations, daytime workshops, gem and mineral vendors and much more. Early Bird Presale tickets go on sale Friday, July 7th, at 10 a.m. for $179, plus fees. Camping options will be available starting at $55, plus fees. Tickets are available online at Gem & Jam Festival is an all ages event.

Gem & Jam is produced by Infinite Music Productions, Euphonic Conceptions, and Challenger Presents. Visit for the most up-to-date information. Stay connected with Gem & Jam Festival on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Blood, Sweat, and Beats – The Story of Austin’s Hip-Hop Trio ‘The Bishops’

In early April 2017 I stood at Carson Creek Ranch waiting for The Bishops to kick off Euphoria Music Festival on Thursday night. I had listened to their music before but had never seen them live. This family trio consists of 2 brothers and a sister: Luv (Chris) Bishop (24), Troy Bishop (20), Cara Bishop (19).

The young family took the stage and introduced the Euphoria crowd to their unique blend of Hip-hop, R&B, and Electronic production.

The Bishops put on quite a unique show. It’s clear they are siblings, and they have an amazing on stage chemistry with one another. Even though they are young, they are mature and grounded in their music. Their lyrics and personalities blend together perfectly on stage for a great live performance.

I introduced myself after the show and a couple months later I was fortunate enough to sit down with The Bishops before their set at the Mohawk for Solstice Fest 2017.

This local Austin family is young, hungry, and humble. They have already had twp singles take off on Spotify, and they are getting ready to release more new music.

Check out our interview with The Bishops below as well as their live version of ‘Scatterbrained’ performed at Solstice Fest 2017.


How long have y’all been making music together, and independently?

LB: Well I’m 24, and I’ve been making music since I was 16. Me and Troy started as a duo, like a rapper and beats duo. Cara came along and joined us a few years later.

Cara, were you singing much before you joined them in the group?

CB: I would sing around the house and in the shower, but I saw my brothers form a group and I was kind of jealous that they were in a band together, so I made it a thing to learn how to sing.

What do you mean by made it a thing? Did you teach yourself?

CB: Ya, I thought myself in a way. I really just wrote a lot and worked on perfecting my craft. I know I still have a lot to learn, but its much better than it was when I started.

LB: For me it was pretty surprising, because it wasn’t like she grew up doing it her whole life.

Wow, I would not have thought that you picked up singing so late, you sound like you’ve been singing your whole life, and your voice sounds a lot older than a girl who just turned 19.

CB: (Laughs and blushes) Thank you.

So were all of you born and raised in Austin?

CB: I was born here.

CB: Me and Troy were born in Houston. Our families are from Houston, but we moved here when I was 4, so we are Austinites. Been here for a couple decades now.

Has Houston hip-hop been a big influence on your music?

TB: Ya Zero is DOPE!

(everybody laughs and agrees)

LB: Our family kind of knows Zero actually. They housed him for a little bit and have some good stories about him.

That is super awesome. Are your parents musicians, or where did yalls early music influence come from?

TB: Ummmm, Soulja Boy Tell Em!

(everybody laughs again and agrees)

CB: Seriously though…he is the reason.

LB: We were already hip hop fans at that point, but that was it.

TB: the point where we were like, “We can do make this. We can be YouTube stars, haha.”

How old were all of you when that song came out?

TB: I was 11.

LB: I was in early high school

CB: Elementary school

LB: That kind of got us our media influence.

TB: Ya, the way he did everything all on a cell phone. That whole do it yourself thing.

LB: That’s why we ended up forming the group.

TB: The dude is a legend. He’s still going.

(I figured it was necessary to post the ‘Soulja Boy Tell Em’ video for everyone to watch again and reminisce on the good old days. You’re welcome.)

Alright, lets talk about Euphoria Fest this year. That is where I met all of you for the first time, and the first live set I saw you play. The set was a great start to the Euphoric weekend, and I was very impressed with your show, especially for how young yall were. Was Euphoria the first festival yall played?

LB: No, we actually played Solstice Festival here in Austin last year, and we played Oaktopia Festival in Denton, TX too.

Congrats on playing all of those. Getting plugged into the festival circuit is huge for upcoming artists.

Lets talk about some of yall singles out. Lets start with Blood Ring – was this the first song y’all officially wrote together? Chorus is catchy, but its also personal about you and your family, which I love. Was that the goal of the first single, to introduce The Bishops to the music world? Tell us the story about how the first single took off on Spotify, and the making of the video?

TB: It wasn’t the first song we made together, but it was the first one we released. We had a bunch of ‘test trials’ I guess you’d say before this. We had been working on stuff for about 2 years. We didn’t release anything, but just passed around each other and were really honing our sound.

LB: Once we made Blood Ring, we were like yep, thats the introduction right there. Then we made a video for it too.

So how many singles have you officially released as The Bishops?

TB: Only two. But we all have some solo stuff too.

LB: Ya, because we all started solo. The Bishops is kind of like a super group in a way, but more like a family group.

Tell us about the Spotify growth on Blood Ring? Over 500,000 streams as of now.

CB: Literally one night we got a bunch of streams, and that got us on Spotify’s Viral 50. Once that happened we got even more plays and got on a couple other Spotify playlists as well.

TB: We got on an Urban Outfitters playlist or osmething too.

LB: We had a little bit of buzz locally in Austin going on before this, but once we hit that Spotify Viral 50 playlist, our managers were hitting us up about how quickly the number was escalating. One thousand, five thousand, ten thousand, one hundred thousand. It just goes to show that if you put anything on the internet, it might pop up. The right person at the right time can get your sound out quickly.

That’s incredible. Congrats on that success so far. Definitely is a good feeling when you know lots of people are listening to your music you created. So did you only have Blood Ring out at the time. Or was your other single Scatterbrained up there as well?

LB: Scatterbrained was up there as well.

I love this track as well, and really felt like it just validated your sound after Blood Ring. I can’t say I like it more than Blood Ring yet, but it’s creeping up there. The more I listen to it, the more it’s becoming my favorite Bishops song.

(Troy nods his head with a big smile confirming his views)

LB: Troy’s like yaaa, haha.

It’s got more unique production, smooth vocals by both Luv and Cara. I love how y’all switch off on the verses in the song and join each other. Tell me where this song came from and what its about to you?

CB: When I wrote Blood Ring, we were trying to write a song that would speak to everyone and that would be for them to enjoy. When I wrote Scatterbrained, we just did what we felt.

LB: Ya it was more about us.

CB: Ya we experimented with this one a lot more, and tried going back and forth with our voices and stuff. We tried some new things on that one.

Your production style and sound is unique on that track as well too. Troy, where did your production style come from? Who influenced you growing up?

TB: Well, its hard to put it on just anyone, cause I have a lot of different influences. I listened to mostly hip hop growing up. So guys like Kanya, J Dilla, and all of them. The samplers…I just really liked sampling.
But then electronic music started coming out more, and so those DJ’s started influencing me more now. Like Flume and shit.

Very cool. I love the mix of electronic and hip hop and I think that fusion of music is starting to happen more and more. I’ve seen Chali2na of Jurassic 5 doing some awesome stuff with The Funk Hunters, and Big Boi’s ‘Big Grams’ with Phantogram is an awesome show as well.

Lets transition into talking about independent music. You guys are currently still independent right?

LB: Ya we are.

How has someone like Chance the Rapper influenced your approach on wanting to sign with a label vs doing it your own way?

CB: I think he’s incredible.

TB: He did a lot of other stuff too though, like working with a PR firm before. An artist like Chance is kind of hard to compare to, just because its not normal. But what he represents as far as independent is awesome.

LB: Ya, its great for artists.

TB: At the same time, if there was a right label that was a good fit, it could definitely work.

CB: Ya, definitely.

LB: Absolutely.

Totally, there’s nothing wrong with a good deal.

TB: Ya, imagine f Kid Cudi came around…

CB: Ya! Kid Cudi we would definitely jump on that.

LB: Ya Cudi is the man…

Ok, we only have a few minutes left, but can you tell us if there is any new music coming out soon from The Bishops?

LB: Ya, definintely.

Singles? Album? EP?

LB: Singles for sure. And an EP on the way.

Can we get any dates or numbers on these yet?

LB: Na, not yet, haha. (smiles and laughs)


I guess we will have to wait and see what new singles The Bishops with drop soon. Make sure you follow The Bishops on the JamFeed App to get real-time updates with they drop their new music!

Also keep an eye out for their upcoming Studio Session with Austin360 on July 6 at 12pm CST!

JamBarge Event Sells Out Early for Live Music on the Lake

It was one of the first 100 degree days of the summer in Austin, TX. By late July, everyone in the city was ready to get out on the lake. JamBarge was the perfect adventure to kick the summer off!

On Friday June 23, 140 Austin music fans gathered together on Lake Travis to enjoy some amazing beverages from Deep Eddy Vodka and South Austin Brewery, as well as some authentic hand-made tacos from local catering company Mum Foods.

As the sun started to set, the JamBarge began to cruise around as the crowd got to enjoy two incredible sets by Resonant Frequency and Blunt Force. Both bands have been building their way up in the electro funk space, and both are set to play Float Fest in July 2017.

Check out some of the photos from our FB event page, and make sure you follow JamBarge on the JamFeed Apps to make sure you get tickets to the next JamBarge coming soon!

Also, check out Free Austin Concerts for chances to win tickets to JamBarge and other local concerts and festivals in Austin!

JamFeed Launches New #JamBarge Event with Blunt Force and Resonant Frequency

Mark your calendars for June 23 and get ready for some funky music on the lake!

Today JamFeed is launching the first ever #JamBarge event featuring two up and coming local Austin bands, Blunt Force and Resonant Frequency. Both of these acts recently played at Euphoria Fest in Austin, and are also on the set list for Float Fest 2017.

The JamBarge event will take place on Friday June 23 from 6-11pm on Lake Travis. Deep Eddy Vodka will be sponsoring the event with drinks, and we will have fresh authentic tacos with home-made tortillas for everyone to enjoy for free! More details on the event can be found here.

The event is private, and the password for tickets is ‘jambarge‘.

To all our supporters our there, we are also giving away a 10% Promo Code for our JamFans. Type in ‘JAMFEED‘ on the promo code link to get your discounted tickets today!

Stay connected with us at JamFeed for more announcements and giveaways!

The Wild Now Talk New Music, New Tour, and How SXSW Started It All (Interview)

The Wild Now have been making waves in Austin over the last few years, and they are about to embark on some of the most exciting weeks of their musical careers. They are getting ready to follow up their first EP ‘Tides’ with some new music and new tour dates across the country. The Austin duo consists of Taylor Baker and Drew Walker who met at a show here in Austin and the rest is history.

I Met Taylor and Drew at this year’s 2017 SXSW during their Austin 360 Studio Session at the Ticketcity event. I was blown away by their music, and even more so with their approachability and willingness to converse with fans after they were done.

I recently sat down with Taylor to discuss their upcoming EP release followed by a tour across the east coast. We also dive into how they met and became The Wild Now as well as the role that SXSW has played in their lives.

This local Austin band has a very unique sound, and they have great personalities on top of it to match their music. Unfortunately Drew was unable to make it due to work schedule conflicts, but we were able to hear Taylor’s story of how this wild ride began.


When and where did you and Drew meet?

Taylor: We met in 2013 during SXSW. We had some mutual friends, and we were at a Local Natives show at the old original Lustre Pearl (RIP). Loved the original one…I miss the old Rainey St. Oh the good old days….

Anyways we met at the show, and we naturally started talking about music. He offered to buy me a drink, and I introduced him to a Moscow Mule, haha. Later on he ended up filling in for my guitar player at the time, who was going on tour with another band. We playd this show at Cactus Café. KUTX was doing a contest, and we ended up winning. Then we got to play on the radio for KUTX, and so we just decided to keep playing together, and it all snowballed from there.

I love how things happen like that…were you playing as The Wild Now at that point? Or was this a solo project you were doing?

Taylor: No, we were not The Wild Now until Drew came in. At that point, it was just me and my name as a solo show.

How long had you been playing solo gigs for at that point?

Taylor: About a year, maybe two. It’s hard to remember exactly, but it was a lot more singer/songerwriter and folky. I just started playing at coffee shops and open mics in Austin. I met a bunch of great people, and I was just writing a lot of music and playing around town. Austin is great because it is not that hard to go out and build a community here.

Ya, even though Austin is a growing city, it still has that small town vibe here which is great.

Taylor: Ya, I love that about Austin.

So did you start playing solo gigs right after college?

Taylor: Well I actually just graduated from St Eds in Austin a year ago. I started college a lot later because I took a few gap years after high school and traveled around the world. I brought my guitar with me and I just traveled around and was working on my craft. Being in places like the beautiful New Zealand countryside, it’s hard not to be inspired.

Absolutely, I can imagine.

Taylor: Ya, it all started there. Then once Drew came in, our sound became more indie, electronic, with a little bit of rock, which I really liked. It created something really unique. It took my lyrically focused mind and combined it with Drew’s musical inspiration from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It was just a great collaboration. That’s why we decided to change the name and make it our own thing.

Another thing is, after we started playing together, that same year we won another contest with Durango and American Songwriter Magazine. We won $10,000, and they sent us all over the US for a whole year. We were constantly traveling and playing shows. We had all this money, so we kind of jumped the gun, and made an EP. We definitely spent too much money on it.

I can relate to that with my business too. The first go around in any business is usually too much money being spent. But that is how you learn.

Taylor: Absolutely, we have no shame, and we definitely learned from it.

So when did it become more than just you and Drew? When did yall add the rest of the band?

Taylor: It was probably around 2015 that we started having the full band play all of our shows with us. We have 5 members. We really only do duo stuff for corporate events and other things like that, but we always prefer to play with our full band.

Very cool. So how did you guys come up with the name The Wild Now? And what does it mean to you personally?

Taylor: Well in this day and age I feel like its hard to find a band name that isn’t already taken, so that was the tough part. I’m not exactly sure when and where it came about, but it’s all about being in that moment, in the now, and we really wanted it to reflect our music. I know some people associate wild with being crazy, and our music isn’t really loud and crazy, but we really wanted to express that feeling of the present moment. Plus no one else had already taken that name, which is great, haha.

So you mentioned that Drew’s inspiration came from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I can totally relate to that since they are one of my favorite bands, and the book Scar Tissue changed my life. But what music inspired you to want to create and be singer/songwriter?

Taylor: I always listened to a weird mix of hip-hop, Frank Sinatra, Marvin Gaye, and Bon Iver. Bon Iver is my favorite. He’s like a chameleon musically, and his lyrics really hit home with me.

Tell me about you and Drew’s creative process.

Taylor: Our writing process is really us creating the basic tracks and demos at home, with a make shift microphone and Logic. Then we have a couple different producers that we have worked with to help us finalize them.

So lets talk about SXSW 2017. I met you and Drew at the TicketCity party doing the Austin 360 Studio Sessions set, which was great by the way. But you guys also had an official showcase this year right?

Taylor: Yes this was a big year for us. We played 9 shows. The year before we did 12. The official showcase at Continental Club was sold out and it was amazing. That venue is great, and the people and atmosphere was just incredible. It was one of my favorite shows we have ever played. I just love South By.

Me too. It’s one of the most unique music festivals around, and I feel like I have discovered some of my favorite bands at a very early stage in their career at SXSW. Tell me more about your new music coming out soon. I know you guys released Tides in 2016, and it sounds like you have a new EP on the way?

Taylor: We are calling it ‘Afterglow’ which is the name of one of the singles single we released recently. We also just released another single off the EP called ‘Tongue Tied.’

I just recently listened to Tongue Tied and I really like it.

Taylor: Ya me too, that one is my favorite on the new EP I think.

Tongue Tied was the one you guys just announced right after you got accepted onto the 2017 ACL Lineup right? Congrats on that by the way!

Taylor: Yes, and thank you! I’m really excited. I was really surprised honestly. They let us know before the official announcement, but it really wasn’t on my mind. We hadn’t been talking with them or anything, and all of a sudden they reached out and let us know.

Too cool…and this is your first time to play ACL as The Wild Now.

Taylor: Yes! We are very excited.

Congrats again. Lets go back to the EP, how many songs are you guys putting out on Afterglow?

Taylor: We have 5 songs. We’ve released 3 singles so far, and we will probably just let the other two come out with the official EP.

And you guys are having an EP release party soon too?

Taylor: Yes, we are playing at 3TenLive under the ACL Live Moody Theater.

That’s a great place for an event like that.

Taylor: I love it! It’s my favorite venue. Bob Schneider is also playing a separate show there before us at 3Ten. So we like to tell our fans that Bob is opening for us that night, even though it’s a completely different event, haha.

It sounds like The Wild Now is going to hit the road on tour after this EP release party too, is that right?

Taylor: Yep, we are really excited to get outside of Texas since that is mostly where we have played so far. We are going to the east coast and hitting places like New York, Nashville, Chicago. We got the whole band coming and we are renting a van and everything. We also got a great deal to do some private duo shows in Chicago too, which should be a lot of fun.

How many shows are yall playing on the road?

Taylor: We are playing about 20 shows in 3 weeks.

That is very exciting! Just a few more personal questions for you…what has been your favorite live show that you have played?

Taylor: I think it’s probably 1 of 2 shows. The first would be the our first official SXSW Showcase at Continental Club…it was epic. We also played the after show for Young the Giant at Stubbs in Austin. We played the indoor venue, and it was packed as well. We wanted to open for them, but they let us play the after show and it was great.

What do you think is unique about The Wild Now? What do you want people to remember about you?

Taylor: I think the main thing we hear from people is that our sound is really unique and it doesn’t really sound like anyone else? We aren’t trying to imitate anyone else and we are really just trying to pave our own way and make our own sounds.

I always like to ask a question about giving back at the end, so what would be your advice to a new musician who is trying to break into the music industry and create a name for themselves?

Taylor: I would tell them to say ‘Yes’ to everything because exposure is golden. You never know who is in the room. Even if it’s an open mic with 5 people, you never know who is going to hear you and help take you to the next level of your career.

I love that. Taylor, thank you for your time. Please tell Drew hello for me, and I can’t wait to see yall play again at your upcoming EP Release Party!


Make sure you check out The Wild Now’s newest single ‘Tongue Tied.’ It’s been on repeat all day for me today, and I can’t seem to get enough of it. For local Austin fans, make sure you get tickets to their upcoming EP release party at 3Ten ACL Live! For those of you outside, make sure you catch them on their upcoming tour across the east coast.

VA Beach Funk Out – 2017 Official Press Release

Mark your calendars, the VA BEACH FUNK OUT is back for its second year! The festival production behind Camp Barefoot has teamed up with Shaka’s Live to host a funky festival unlike any other the town has seen. Shaka’s Live is located at the corner of 21st Street and Atlantic Avenue at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

Festivities will kick off Friday May 19th with an official Funk Out pre-party inside Shakas Live
featuring sets by Ashville artist The Fritz, Va Beach Rock Stars Roosterfoot, and the New Orleans brassy bravado of Big Sam’s Funky Nation. On Saturday May 20th music will begin on the outdoor stage at Noon with a set from School of Rock and then music alternating between the indoor and outdoor stages till 1030pm. Don’t miss this stellar supporting line up of this year’s event, including sets by The John Kadlecik Band (of Furthur and Dark Star Orchestra) Cris Jacobs, Zach Deputy, and emerging stars Pimps of Joytime and many more artist.

Headliner Keller Williams, a Fredricksburg native and Virginia favorite, will be playing a solo set during the day, followed by a later set to finish the night off with his touring group Keller Williams’ KWAHTRO. After years of touring and the January release of the group’s first studio album, KWAHTRO’s improvisational genius is an especially rare steal for the Virginia Beach Oceanfront!

Keller’s KWAHTRO consists of:
Gibb Droll (of Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers),
Rodney Holmes (of Santana),
Danton Boller (of The Jazz Mandolin Project with John Fishman of Phish)

The VA BEACH FUNK OUT is in partnership with (HOPE) n MUSIC, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping disadvantaged children and adults express themselves through music education. (HOPE) n MUSIC will be hosting a silent auction at the event featuring signed memorabilia, Season Passes to multiple Virginia venues, unique art packages and more!

The festivals presenting sponsor, O’Connor Brewing CO., is a world-class Norfolk, VA based craft brewery with a penchant for supporting local culture and community development. O’Connor is bringing the brew to you at VA BEACH FUNK OUT. Featuring multiple Golden Tap award-winning craft beers on tap, guests will have plenty to peruse and choose from.

Exclusive amenities will be included in the FUNK OUT VIP Packages! (less than 100 remaining!) VIP ticketholders will have access to the pre-party and after-party, a personal meet and greet with Keller Williams, Pimps of Joytime and John Kadlecik, 3 O’Connor Drink Tickets, an exclusive entrance, viewing area and much more!

For more event information head over to and grab your tickets now!

JMBLYA Announces Set Times for 2017

JMBLYA Announced their Dallas and Austin Set Times today on Instagram.

Pell is leading off both days, and Gucci and Chance will close out both nights. Score More Shows continues to put on impressive lineups and events. You can still buy tickets to both cities here!

‪SET TIMES FOR #JMBLYA2017‬ . ‪gates open at 12pm in Dallas & 1pm in Austin. see y'all soon 👋‬

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Family, Music, & Love – The Life of the Peterson Brothers (Interview)

As many Austinites do, I grew up on some amazing blues music. Stevie Ray Vaughn was one of the first artists I remember listening to. Unfortunately he passed away shortly after I was born in August 1990. The one thing he left was an imprint of blues in the city of Austin. His statue at Auditorium Shores and Austin’s famous Antones Blues Bar downtown are just a few examples of how Stevie made Austin known as a place that fosters blues music.

Many people today know of Austin’s Gary Clark Jr. He has emerged from his 10-year grind in Austin to become one of the most famous blues musicians in the world. Gary currently bounces back and forth between headlining his own shows and opening for legendary acts like Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.

Now there is another generation of blues coming in behind Gary. In fact, they have opened for Gary and he has joined them on stage at Antones. Their name is the Peterson Brothers Band, and they are some of the most talented musicians I have seen come out of Austin.

Brothers Alex (18) and Glenn (20) Peterson have been playing music together for almost a decade. They have the stage presence of seasoned veterans and a unique chemistry that is hard to describe unless you see them live.

I was fortunate enough to meet their parents during SXSW at their Rattle Inn show this year to get this interview set up. Immediately you could tell how involved and supportive their parents were of their music.

I am glad we met because this ended up being one of my favorite interviews in a long time. These kids may be young but they are incredibly focused and passionate about the music they are making. I could’ve talked to them both for another hour if they didn’t have a set to play. Getting to know them made me appreciate their music and their story even more.

We hope after reading this you will be able to see the incredible connection these brothers have with each other. Make sure you come see one of their free shows every Monday at Continental Club. They are also hitting the East Coast soon with tour stops in Maryland, D.C. & New York as some of the stops. You can check out their full tour here.


I know you guys are from Bastrop, but were you born in this area too?

Glenn: Ya, born in Austin, raised in Bastrop.

Alex: We still live in Bastrop.

How old were you both when you started playing guitar (Alex) bass (Glenn)?

Alex: I picked up violin when I was 9, and started playing bass when I was 10.

Glenn: I started playing guitar around 11 or 12.

Where did your musical influence come from? Were yalls parents musicians?

Glenn: We’re the only ones in the family that are musicians. It’s something we always wanted to do when we are young. We have an older brother too, and our whole family was always supportive of everything e did. We did the whole youth basketball, baseball, and soccer thing. Once we started playing music, that’s what really stuck. Everyone I saw playing sports had something on their hand, figure, wrist. They had all sorts of injuries. So we decided to focus on music.

Do either of you produce at all?

Alex: A little bit, we are learning every day.

Glenn: Ya, still learning. We have been working on this live album that we are getting ready to release in a few weeks.

Have yall always played music together? Did yall learn together?

Glenn: Ya, we were always playing together since the beginning. We’ve always gotten along well too so its worked out well.

I met your mom at Rattle Inn during SXSW. It appears you guys have a family band business going on over here? Who all is involved with The Peterson Brothers Band?

Glenn: Mom and Dad. They do everything.

Alex: Everything.

Glenn: Dad is driving us to shows, marketing at the shows. Mom’s helping out with social media and booking shows. They do a lot. All the support means everything to us.

Why the blues? Who influenced you musically at a young age?

Glenn: Ya, its everything…blues, its soul, its funk, it’s everything. We grew up listening to BB King, The Isley Brothers, Earth Wind & Fire, Brothers Johnson, and more.

Did you discover this music from your parents playing it or on your own?

Glenn: We discovered it on our own. We started playing it around the house really liked making a lot of noise, and then after a while our parents started being like “what do yall know about this music?”

What was the first live show you remember seeing that made you want to be on stage?

Alex: That’s tough, because by the time we were old enough to go to shows, we were already playing shows.

Glenn: Ya we started playing shows at about 8 years ago. The one show that really stuck out to me wasn’t live, but I saw it online. It was a video of Jimi Hendrix Live at Woodstock set.

How old were each of you when you played your first gig?

Glenn: Not to long after we started playing really.

Alex: Ya, right when I started playing bass, that’s when the band really kicked in.

Glenn: Ya, I was 12 or 13.

Alex: I was 10.

So how long have yall been playing shows?

Alex: About 8, maybe 8 and a half years.

You can tell because you guys look incredibly comfortable on stage for how young you are. You are younger than your crowd almost every show.

Glenn: I think the reason we are so comfortable is because we are able to do whatever we want to do on stage. We don’t have anyone telling us how to do it, even our parents. We have the creative freedom to go at our own pace and do our own thing, which is great.

Are you guys currently in school? Or are you playing music full-time?

Alex: I’m a senior at Bastrop High School.

Glenn: I’m in school at ACC, Northridge campus, where they have the whole music business and audio engineering courses.

What’s coming up next for the Peterson Brothers?

Glenn: We’ve been writing a whole lot. Learning a lot about production side with this live album. Working on some original content. Then it’s really about getting outside of Austin and getting on the road. We got some shows in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio. Outside of Texas too, we just want to build our audience.

Alex: We’ll be playing in New Orleans for Shortyfest at the House of Blues in May for Trombone Shorty’s Foundation. We’ve played a bunch of festivals like ACL 3 years ago, Texas State Fair, and Minnesota State Fair.

You guys have an amazing connection on stage…you can tell its more than just music. Do you guys always get along well?

Alex: Haha we’ve always gotten along.

Glenn: Ya, all 3 of us. We have an older brother that’s 28 too. Sounds kind of crazy, but its true. We just always got along.

What was the craziest experience you have had playing a live show together?

Glenn: For me personally, this year we started off with a great show at Sam’s in San Antonio. It was our first gig of 2017, and we really weren’t expecting a big crowd because we hadn’t played there in so long.

Alex: We hadn’t done a show in San Antonio, like our own show, since back when we started. So it had been a long time.

Glenn: For us to go back, and just have that kind of reaction from the crowd was amazing.

New Music Startup Helps Independent Artists Make Music Their Day Job — Without Management or a Label.

A few days after Euphoria Fest 2017, I sat down with Kevin Woods and Clay Young to talk about their new music industry startup. These two young marketing minds have been working Euphoria Fest and other events for the last few years, and now they are using their experience to fill a major hole in the music industry.

They have joined forces with their 3rd tech co-founder Tony Stewart to launch Wysidio – a services company that provides technology based solutions to music industry professionals. Their focus is with artists, event organizers, and venues, and they are on a mission to change the way music professionals get help to grow their businesses.

Tony was unable to join us for this interview, but you can see his great work on their new website.


When was Wysidio formed and how did you guys meet?

Kevin: I’ve been doing my own club and festival events for 4 years, and then I got partnered with Clay. We started doing our own events together, mainly in Austin.

Clay: We just met on the scene you know, just saw each other at shows more and more. I was also working some food events, so we ended up just being around each other.

Kevin: Ya, we just had a good working relationship together. We were bringing in artists that we really liked, but Austin is a very competitive space to be doing your own events. Putting on your own events can be very risky too. Fast forward a year later, we were barely breaking even on most shows, even losing money on some events, and its tough when you don’t truly own your own bar / venue. So I knew there had to be something better than this that was still in music.

I had been doing events and was getting contracted out pretty often to do on-site consulting at events or marketing. After a while I started realizing that was where all my money was coming from, so that was kind of the inception of Wysidio.

After we talked about it and developed the idea more, we realized there is no company that offers all inclusive end-to-end services for an artist that isn’t their management team or label. Most artists are giving up 10% of everything they make for 3 years for these management deals, and even more so with labels.

The other option right now is fighting it all on your own, which is a lot to handle for an artist. For example, if an artist is going on tour, they need a graphic designer for each show, print source for posters, stream team to put up the posters, digital marketing on social media, photography/video, etc.

There is no middle ground, its either go at it alone or give up a large chunk to management and labels to do these things. We are trying to be the middle ground.

So you guys allow artists to work with you where they can pay you month-by-month for all of these services, or they can pick and choose them individually and select which services they need help with? And they don’t have to give up any percentage of their income like the other models?

Clay: Yes, exactly. And it all depends on their budget size too. If you are a bigger artist and have more money to work with, then we can help work with you across all your marketing channels and across multiple cities touring. Or if you are a smaller artist with a few hundred dollars to work with, we can help guide you on what the best way to spend that would be, and ideally help create something scalable that they can use going forward.

Tell us about Tony, the 3rd member of the Wysidio team since he isn’t here today. How did yall get connected with him?

Clay: Tony is our CTO. I actually went to college with Tony, and he is a hyper-intelligent individual. He was a guy I was always bouncing ideas of from business ideas, to tech, etc. He was just a person that consistently blew our mind, and we had him do some early web development stuff for Wysidio. He just kept doing some other small projects until we brought some of these bigger concepts to him, and he helped develop them. He also just provided another level of expertise to our team, and could help in areas that Kevin and I weren’t as familiar with, and it was a good fit. He’s helped us a ton on the tech front.

Wysidio for artists – what does a typical engagement look like with an artist / event? Are they paying a monthly retainer for Wysidio? Are they paying a la carte for whatever things they need?

Kevin: Like I mentioned, I’ve been working events for a long time, so events are kind of our bread and butter right now. We just have a lot of experience doing that, and we know a lot of people in that world. What we offer with marketing and on-site consulting, including everything from camping and box office logistics to sustainability direction, is unique. There’s not really anyone doing it like we are.

Same goes for artists. We know the services we are providing are unique, and we definitely have some artists that immediately get it. But there are also the ones who are a little hesitant because its new to them, and they aren’t used to seeing companies that can offer these services in a different way. So for those artists, it takes more time to educate them and teach them that there is another way, and that they don’t have to choose between giving a big cut away or going at it alone. We are working on creating more sales content pieces right now, like white papers and case studies to highlight real pieces we’ve completed for past clients. That way we can show what we are doing is working and get more artists to jump on board.

Clay: Ya we really focus on 3 groups that we market to and have specific services for. Those groups are artists (management / booking), venues, and events.

What is the long-term vision / goal for Wysidio?

Kevin: I think one of the cool things about Wysidio is that an up and coming artist in Austin would be just as interested in these services as an established band in the UK, or China. There is a ton of opportunity there.

The events are great too, and we love doing doing on-site stuff, so we want to expand that further out in the US and work more deeply with the festivals at a higher level.

Clay: Long term, we are also focusing on relationship management – helping artists grow from the closet DJ to working music as your full-time job. We want to go on that journey with them, and help them grow.

There are not a lot of companies offering creative rights retention, allowing artists to make the music however they want to. There’s also not enough people treating music as a business and doing business development for bands. If you look at any other industry, there are a group of companies that specifically cater to getting them to the next step. We looked around and were like “Where is this in the music industry?” Some companies offer bits and pieces of what an artist needs, but a lot of these more niche services companies are regional or are in specific cities. We decided to change the business model, and we think we are really onto something.

We offer a mutually beneficial relationship and it scales beyond just local regions. We can scale internationally.


If you work in the music industry, or are a passionate music fan, make sure you check out Wysidio and all the amazing services they provide!

Behind the Stage with Magna Carda at Euphoria Fest 2017 (Interview)

Magna Carda has steadily become one of Austin’s hottest hip-hop acts. They proved it again at their first Euphoria Fest set on Day 1. They started at 5pm on a beautiful Friday afternoon at the Dragonfly Amphitheater Stage and left fans feeling grateful that Euphoria had expanded its lineup into more hip-hop.

Megz and Dougie Do, the founders of Magna Carda, have brought together an amazing band to create a hip-hop group that rings similar to The Roots. Megz humble yet confident swag speaks through her lyrics, and syncs up beautifully with Dougie’s unique production style.

We were fortunate to catch up with Megz and Dougie after their Euphoria Set to talk about their new album, their first show at Euphoria, and how Magna Carda became the band they are today.

After meeting them my passion for the band grew even more. They were genuine, humble, and extremely passionate about making their own music. This young duo is paving their way through the music industry and they are doing it their own way.

Check out some of their show at Euphoria, and take a few minutes to learn more about this unique duo making waves in Austin hip-hop. Also, make sure you follow Magna Carda on JamFeed to stay up to date with everything they are doing in music!


For those new Euphoria Fans who just discovered Magna Carda, how did you guys form the group and begin making music together?

Megz: We met at St. Edwards University in Austin.

Dougie Do: Ya, we met at school and started making music after.

Are yall from Austin originally?

Megz: I’m from New Orleans

Dougie Do: I’m actually from Houston

What made you want to come to Austin?

Dougie Do: Well I was living abroad, but from Houston, and I wanted to come back to Texas. Then I got to Houston and realized that I don’t really want to be in Houston anymore, so Austin seemed like a dope spot.

Megz: Ya, it just seemed like a great place to live.

Do yall plan to stay in Austin as your homebase?

Dougie Do: We’ll see…we kind of have done everything here already. We’ve done almost all of the festivals, and Euphoria is the last one on our list to hit in Austin.

Megz: Austin is a dope city to be in, but we are exploring options.

When did Magna Carda become a full band beyond just the two of you?

Dougie Do: Pretty much in 2013 it all came together.

Megz: Ya, we were making music just us two for the first year, then we added in the rest. But it started with us. After that first year, we slowly added in people, one instrument at a time.

We noticed yall put out an “Epic Playlist” just before Euphoria Fest w artists ranging from Kendrick Lamar to A Tribe Called Quest. What artists have influenced you the most?

Dougie Do: It’s Tribe Called Quest for me. It was the first hip-hop album I fully picked up and understood was Tribe…I love that group.

Megz: Mine is not really a rapper…but ‘Baduizm’ by Erykah Badu. I was exposed to that album at a very early age. It almost felt like it was my first experience with a real songwriter…it made me want to write songs, ya know? You could just kind of feel the authenticity. She was just doing her thing, and nobody was doing it at the time. And even as a young kid, I could recognize that, and it’s always been a big influence on me to do my own thing.

Let’s talk about your blues/soul sound surrounding the hip hop. Is this influenced by the two of you, or did your other band mates bring that vibe in?

Megz: From my experience, it’s kind of everybody bringing their own little style in, which is kind of how we work in general. We don’t like to tell people what to do or create. I mean, if I’m playing music with you, obviously it means I already respect you as a musician, so I am going to respect your opinion and your way of working. I’m always into the whole feed off you, feed off me thing.

Dougie Do: I definitely agree.

Is Magna Carda currently signed with a label or independent?

Megz: We are currently independent.

Dougie Do: Right now we are really just trying to build our own brand. If the right partnership comes along, then we will definitely look into it.

What is the next step / goal for Magna Carda to get to the next level?

Dougie Do: We have our 2nd album (Sophomore Album) about to drop, so we are getting that ready right now. We are hoping to drop it early summer.

Megz: Ya, the way things are going now probably late spring or early summer.

Dougie Do: We also want to try to get on the festival circuit too, especially outside of Austin.

Can you tell us more about this new album you have coming out?

Dougie Do: Ya, it will definitely be an album. Our sophomore album. With our first album, we just kind of threw whatever we had on there and put it together. This time though, we are being more picky about which songs are going to make it or not. It will probably end up being around 8 or so tracks.

Any upcoming shows that yall are excited about?

Megz: Yes, we are headed up to the east coast to go play in NYC soon.

Megz, when did you start writing music and deciding on pursuing your career as an MC?

Megz: It was always like second nature for me. It’s just something that I have always done, just writing in general. I’ve always loved writing and story telling.

How old were you when you first starting rapping over beats and wanting to make music?

Megz: Really young. I was probably like 7 or 8 years old. But it wasn’t until later when I decided I wanted to rap. You hit those spurts when your like damn, I really wanna be a rapper…but then you come down to earth a bit. I think once you get the real momentum going after making something and putting it out, and can back yourself up with it, then you can really start looking at it as a career. And that didn’t really happen until I met Dougie, but I have always been writing.

Ya it helps to have someone on the grind with you doesn’t it?

Megz: Ya for somebody like me, I am more motivated when I have people around me working with me. Not saying I always want to be around people, but feeding off their energy and having someone to hold you accountable definitely helps.

What about you Dougie? When do you start producing / playing music?

Dougie Do: I started doing music in 5th grade in school, playing in the school band. But I was playing Saxophone and it was classical music, so not producing yet. That came later and picked up even more when I met Megz.

Let’s talk about your blues/soul sound surrounding the hip hop. Is this influenced by the two of you, or did your other band mates bring that vibe in?

Megz: From my experience, it’s kind of everybody bringing their own little style in, which is kind of how we work in general. We don’t like to tell people what to do or create. I mean, if I’m playing music with you, obviously it means I already respect you as a musician, so I am going to respect your opinion and your way of working. I’m always into the whole feed off you, feed off me thing.

Dougie Do: I definitely agree

If you could get on tour with any artist, who would you like travel and play with? Who puts you in front of the right audience / fans that you think would dig your show?

Dougie Do: Man…I’d probably have to go with two. I think it would be The Roots and The Internet

Megz: Haha I don’t want to say the same thing, but The Internet and The Roots would definitely be good. I’d also say something like Oddisee.

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians who might’ve been in your shoes 3-5 years ago? What have you learned?

Dougie Do: Um….You can ask for anything. I’ll say that.

Megz: Ya, always ask for anything. And it sounds cliché, but always keep trying to get better each day. Never be content with where you are. I’m not saying don’t be satisfied or grateful, but there’s always something else you could be doing to get better.

Oliver Heldens at Euphoria Fest 2017 (Interview)

I first saw Oliver Heldens at Lollapalooza this summer in Chicago, IL. A good friend of mine had turned me onto his music a few months before and mentioned that I needed to see him live.

Oliver’s live show is as good as it gets for dance music. The Dutch DJ always has a smile on his face, and keeps you in a constant state of Euphoria through his set. His build ups, old pop remixes and massive bass drops makes Oliver a perfect fit for Austin’s best electronic festival.

We caught up with Oliver about his visits to Austin, his early hit ‘Gecko’ that got him on the radar, and other interesting questions about his musical career. Check out some videos of his Euphoria set, and learn more about this unique DJ who is taking the dance culture by storm!

Make sure you follow Oliver Heldens on JamFeed to stay up to date with everything he is doing in music!

Interview with Oliver Heldens:

What other artists have influenced your musical sound?

When I was 16 I was mostly listening to UK deep house, which inspired so much. Stuff like Julio Bashmore, Disclosure, Shadow Child Influenced my sound a lot.

How much did growing up in Holland influence your musical career?

It definitely influenced my musical career. Dance music has always been around in Holland, so I got in touch with it really early in my life.

Did you grow up on house music? Or did it evolve with you as you grew older?

When I was 15 I really got into progressive house and electro. I was even really inspired by hardstyle for about a year. Besides that, my father was really into music when I was little and he would play a lot of different stuff. He was really into techno, funk, disco and drum and bass.

Did you think your single ‘Gecko’ would be the song that really launched your career?

No, I totally didn’t expect it to blow up like it did. ‘Gecko’ was basically the combination of all my musical influences like UK deep house and the 2006-2009 club sounds. The success it had resulted in people seeing me as a pioneer of this whole new house wave, which is really crazy to me.

Have you ever been to Austin, TX before this year’s SXSW / Euphoria Fest?

Yeah, I’ve been to Austin loads of times. I’ve played Life in Color there in 2015 and had my own show last year during my US bus tour.

Are there any other places you want to live in the near future?

I actually just bought an amazing house in Amsterdam! Although, I also really like Los Angeles. When I’m there I’m always really productive because of all the crazy studio sessions with the insanely creative people that live there. So maybe in the future I will move to LA.

How old were you when you got into producing music?

I’ve been making music since I was 12, but it wasn’t until I was about 15-16 before I started to get really dedicated to it. When I heard dance music at my high school parties, I knew I wanted to make music like that for people to dance to.

Is it tough to find balance between touring / playing shows and also creating new music? How do you balance the two?

For me it is no problem. I try to produce a lot on tour, because I get a lot of inspiration when I’m on the road. Besides that, I plan in studio blocks at home, like one or two weeks. Although I’m not day and night in the studio on those days. I just make music when I feel like it.

How did you get connected with Tiesto / Musical Freedom?

When I made ‘Gecko’ Spinnin’ Records told me it was too hard to be considered deep house and too soft for big room. So, when I noticed that Tiesto was playing more deep house in his podcast I sent the song in as a demo and he responded within 15 minutes that he wanted to meet because he thought the song was something special. That was big ‘wow’ moment for me.

What made you want to sign with Tiesto / Musical Freedom? vs a major label / being independent?

Because Tiesto immediately wanted to sign ‘Gecko’, I thought that it would be a really noticeable track in between all the big room house he usually signs to Musical Freedom. That’s what made me decide to do it.

Where do you see the future of House music / EDM in the next 5 years?

There are so many new sounds and genres being discovered and explored, which is a good thing. So I definitely think EDM will still be going strong in 5 years.

What do you want to accomplish (as an artist) in the next 5 years?

My goal is just to make music that excites my fans and myself, that makes us happy.

What other artists do you listen to for inspiration / creative ideas?

I listen to almost everything for inspiration. For example, I love how Sander van Doorn keeps his sound fresh, but lately I’ve also been listening to some old school hip-hop. Stuff that’s really different.

If you could bring anyone on stage to play live with you, who would it be, and why?

It would be Throttle. Actually we did this a couple of times in the past already. Where Robbie joins me on stage with his guitar. We did a track together, Waiting, and he just plays along with the melody on his guitar. Really cool!

What is the coolest / wildest crowd you’ve ever played in front of?

The coolest crowd was in Scotland in December 2016. I did my own show and with 10.000 tickets sold it was sold out, and everybody went crazy. This was a very special night. I still have fans texting me about this night, how they wish to experience this again, and when I will be back.

What software do you produce your music on? Have you always used it?

I started out with FL Studio and still use it to this day.

What advice would you give to an aspiring musician on the grind to make it big?

Find your own sound that feels personal and don’t blindly follow trends.

How do you want to change the music industry for the better? What do you want to be remembered as by your fans?

I hope to keep on inspiring other producers and I hope to be remembered as that always laughing bearded Dutch guy, haha.

The Top Shows We Saw at Euphoria Fest 2017

There was no better place to be this past weekend than Carson Creek Ranch. This was the 6th annual Euphoria Music Festival, and it was definitely one to remember. Each year they continue to grow and expand their diverse lineup, improve the overall festival experience, and bring thousands of people together to share a state of Euphoria.

I spoke with many first time festival goers, as well as many Euphoria Fest Vets, all of whom had nothing but good things to say about this year’s festival.. The weather was perfect, the lineup was uniquely diverse, and the festival activations and art installations kept fans in awe throughout the entire weekend.

There was so much good music over the weekend that it can be tough to pick the “top shows” without leaving a few out. For those few, we apologize. I can honestly say I didn’t see a bad set at this year’s festival.

The names below are a combination of shows that blew us away, left us wanting more, and had us talking with friends and co-workers about their sets. At the end of the day, that is the goal of any performer…to leave you completely feeling satisfied, but also wanting more. These artists did exactly that.

Enjoy the list, and make sure you follow Euphoria Music Festival on JamFeed to have a chance to win free tickets to next year’s Euphoria Fest 2018!

(These artists / bands are listed in order as they played in the festival)


Resonant Frequency

Austin’s native electro funk and soul band Resonant Frequency was the first to really kick off the festival Thursday night. Their set included guests MC’s Chris Bishop (The Bishops) and Roofie to add a live hip-hop element to their show. They also brought out Zach Morgan (A Live One) to bring out the live saxophone and take the funk to a whole new level.

Their set played as the sun went down, and their funk eventually brought all of Euphoria’s campers over to the Art Outside stage. The crowd seemed to grow song by song, and by the end of the show hundreds of people were dancing. It was quite to Euphoric start to 2017.

Congrats to this hard-working local Austin band for such a huge set on their first Euphoria lineup! Luckily, for those of you who missed them at Euphoria, you can catch them again this summer at Float Fest in San Marcos.

Manic Focus

There is a reason J-Mac was the first one to sign to All Good Records as Manic Focus. This Chicago-born DJ knows how to put on a show, and he didn’t let anyone down while headlining this Thursday night pre-party at Euphoria. He has a unique ability to blend multiple sounds and genres seamlessly; including hip-hop, funk, dub, blues, and soul.

He played some of his biggest hits and also sampled some new material for all his fans. J-Macs energy is infectious, and his ability to connect and engage with his fans while putting on a funky dance party makes his live show one to remember. I was fortunate enough to meet J-Mac briefly the next day in the VIP tent, and he was very friendly and grateful for us supporting his show. We hope to see him and the All Good Records crew in Austin more often!


Magna Carda

One of the biggest lineup changes this year was Euphoria’s push on hip-hop. They had dabbled in it before, but they booked a number of different hip-hop acts this year, both large and small. As good as some of the headliners were, the best hip-hop act of the festival was Magna Carda at the amphitheater on Friday afternoon. Led by musicians Megz and Dougie Do, this band reminds me of The Roots, but with a lead female MC. Megz has an amazing energy on that comes off very smooth but confident, and the rest of the band create a unique bluesy sound for her voice to flow over. On top of that, her lyrical ability is as good as any MC in Austin, TX.

I was fortunate enough to sit down with Megz and Dougie Do for a quick interview after the festival, and they are as genuine and real as their music. They have both the hustle that comes with hip–hop and the humility to match which many artist lack. We will be releasing the full interview with Magna Carda soon, so stay tuned to hear more about Austin’s hottest hip-hop act.

Pretty Lights (Live)

Pretty Lights was a special show for me for many reasons. First and foremost, I met my girlfriend at a Pretty Lights show almost 2 years ago, and we had not seen him together since. Second, I had never seen him play with a live band before. I had only seen solo Derek and his amazing light shows. I was a bit skeptical after seeing some short teaser videos about Pretty Lights Live, but all skepticism was gone within about 10 minutes of that show. The live band created a fuller, deeper sound that you could feel and hear. It was also incredible to watch a live band play some of his hits. The light show he had topped off one of the best sets of Euphoria 2017.

Derek created an incredible team of people to help carry out this mission of his and it was nothing but spectacular. I have had a number of different people text and talk to me about this show. If you missed it, try and find a way to see them again at The Gorge Amphitheater on August 4-5.


Blunt Force

This was Euphoria Fest #4 for the local Austin duo Blunt Force. Each year they continue to improve their live set and add in something special for Euphoria Fans. This year, they pushed themselves to new boundaries with their jam-packed set on Saturday at the Dragonfly Amphitheater. They brought out Jay Fresh for a live performance of their hit single ‘Dreamer’ and also brought out Cara Bishop (The Bishops) for the Euphoria 2017 Theme Song. Both of these guest features crushed it and brought a whole new dynamic to Brian and Deniz’s show that the crowd seemed to love.

Blunt Force stepped up to the plate and delivered on their 4th Euphoria Set, and I am sure you are likely to see them get booked again next year. Brian and Deniz are about to hit the road for over a month as Blunt Force will be touring around the country opening for Bass Physics. Check out our recent interview with Blunt Force before Euphoria to hear about their upcoming tour and some new music!

Oliver Heldens

I saw Oliver Heldens this summer for the first time at Lollapalooza after a co-worker highly recommended him. I didn’t know much of his music at the time, but it didn’t matter. I was blown away by the energy of his live show, and this time around at Euphoria was even better.

Oliver bounces from track to track so smoothly and never lets you rest. Just as you begin to take a breath, he builds you up and drops a new house beat with old school pop samples like Michael’s Jacksons ‘Billie Jean’ or Macklemore’s ‘Can’t Hold Us’ which gets the crowd singing along with him. His happiness radiates off his dutch smile into every crowd that he plays for. It’s nearly impossible to leave one of his shows without a matching smile on your face.

Make sure you follow Oliver Heldens on JamFeed to read our exclusive Euphoria Fest interview with him!

The Floozies

I was feeling pretty tired by the time I got to The Floozies. Saturday was full of amazing music, and I had already been on my feet for 8+ hours by the time the funk brothers Matt and Mark Hill (The Floozies) came out for their Euphoria Set. Within a few minutes they had all my energy back as they put on one of the best performances I’ve ever seen them play. This was probably my 3rd or 4th set to see them play, but their set in front of the water at Euphoria topped them all.

Matt & Mark have an incredibly unique vibe on stage, being brothers from the same mother. They share the light with one another, and improvise seamlessly as if are thinking the exact same thing. Matt’s funky guitar loops mixed with some heavy bass and drums had Euphoria Fans going crazy until they were cut off at 2pm. The crowd seemed pretty upset when they had to stop. Everyone there seemed eager for more music. The weather was perfect, and you could tell Matt and Mark were having just as much fun as everyone in the crowd. This show on the water at night was one word: Euphoric.

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Euphoria Fest 2017: Day 4 Top Picks

Today is the final day of Euphoria 2017, and its going to be a special Sunday out at Carson Creek Ranch. On top of another day of amazing music, Euphoria Founder Mitch Morales and his fiancé Tyler will be getting married inside the festival grounds at 2pm today. This is the 6th Euphoria Fest, but the first where they have opened up the possibility of getting married in their euphoric environment.

Check out some of today’s top music picks to follow up Mitch and Tyler’s wedding ceremony!


If you want to see some true New Orleans funk, this is a must see at the Euphoria Stage today at 4:30pm. Their gritty groove is bound to keep you moving all day long, and it will be the perfect way to start off your afternoon.

The Funk Hunters

The Funk Hunters have become one of the top acts out of Canada. The duo consisting of Nick Middleton and Duncan Smith have made a name for themselves with their unique blend of funk, hip hop, soul, and disco.

They also have teamed up with Jurassic 5 legend Chali2na for many songs and even some shows to spice up their live show and bring a whole new element of old school hip-hop to their sound. I’m not sure if we will see Tuna Fish today or not, but the Funk Hunters are sure to put on one hell of a show. Make sure to check them out at 6:30 at the Elements Stage.

Petit Biscuit

Mehdi Benjelloun, better known by his stage name Petit Biscuit, is a French DJ and music producer. This young musical sensation is still not even 20 years, and is going to prove that age doesn’t matter when it comes to live music performances. He edits and mixes all the sounds of his tracks himself, and he excels in creating unmistakable chopped and twisted vocal leads.

He will be bringing his talents to the Dragonfly Amphitheater at 8:30pm.

Wiz Khalifa or Zeds Dead?

Honestly, this one just comes down to a personal preference. Do you prefer hip-hop over electronic music? Both of these shows will be a great finale to the show, and you really can’t go wrong. I’m leaning towards Wiz Khalifa right now, but you never know what will happen at Euphoria Day 4. I’m gonna leave you with my favorite Wiz mixtape ‘Kush & Orange Juice.’ Enjoy.

Enjoy the last day of Euphoria…maybe some kush and orange juice.

Euphoria Fest 2017: Day 3 Top Picks

Get ready for a beautiful day at Euphoria’s Dragonfly Amphitheater. Saturday is looking like another beautiful day in Austin with another Euphoric Saturday Lineup.

Today brings more local Austin talent with some amazingly talented headliners to close out the night. Here are some of our top recommendations for Saturday at Euphoria Fest 2017.

Blunt Force:

This is a big year for the Austin local duo Blunt Force (Brian Gustafuson and Deniz Baykal). Not only do they have a primetime spot at 5:30pm at Euphoria’s coolest stage, but this is their 4th Euphoria Fest to play. They have been putting in a lot of hard work for this set before they hit the road for the rest of the month on tour with Bass Physics.

They will be showcasing some new music, bringing on a few guests, and will likely make this their best Euphoria set yet. Make sure you check out our recent JamFeed interview with Blunt Force to hear more about what’s in store for this young talented duo from Austin. And make sure you are there at early to get a good spot for this epic show.

Henry + The Invisibles

Henry is a local Austin legend. If you are not from Austin, I highly recommend letting this friendly funky man rock your world for an hour at the Art Outside Tent at 7. Supported by his invisible band (he is THE band), Henry will take you on a wild ride of groovy funky beats that will leave you feeling Euphoric.

Oliver Heldens

Oliver Heldens has been taking the electronic music industry by storm lately, and he is sure to bring it tonight at Euphoria Fest on the main stage. The Dutch DJ has a unique sound of future house with his own this, and he always rocks a smile on his face. I saw him last summer at Lollapalooza in Chicago, and I’ve been excited to see him again ever since. Whether its your 1st or your 5th time to see Oliver, it will be worth taking an hour at the Euphoria Main Stage tonight at 11pm.

The Floozies

The Floozies at the Dragonfly Amphitheater is the show to close the night with tonight. Sorry Young Thug fans…but its true. Brothers Matt and Mark Hill have a unique brotherly bond that you can see and hear in their live set.

They bring a unique sound, born in funk, but with live-eletronica and endless looping and production builds that will keep you moving and grooving all night long at Euphoria’s most beautiful stage.

Day 2 Recap: Euphoria Fest 2017

Friday at Euphoria Fest was another perfect combination of great music and beautiful weather. They brought a uniquely diverse lineup of some talented artists including Sip Sip and Flamingos. Every show I saw was good, but three shows in particular stuck out to me.

Magna Carda:

Magna Carda has been making waves in Austin for a while now, and their set at the Euphoria Amphitheater proved that they are here to represent Austin hip-hop and change the game with their unique blues/soul infused style.

I was fortunate to get a chance to do an interview with Megz and Dougie Do after their set at the Dragonfly Amphitheater, and I can tell you that the two of them are both as real and down to earth as their music. Keep an eye out for the full interview coming soon after Euphoria Fest!

The Disco Biscuits (2 sets)

I’m sure there were a number of people at Euphoria who were disappointed when they found out The Knocks show had been cancelled due to flight troubles in Atlanta. However, I think this turned out to be a blessing for some lucky Disco Biscuit fans who ended up getting to see back to back sets.

There are not many bands that can pull off unscheduled back-to-back shows and do it effortlessly. The Disco Biscuits did it with ease, playing 2 completely different style sets, and all 3-4 hours of it was Euphoric to say the least.

Pretty Lights (Live):

In all honesty, I wasn’t sure what to expect here with Derek and his Pretty Lights Live show. I had seen some videos, and heard a number of different opinions about this show, but at the end of the day, I was blown away.

The production and light show were as good as I have ever seen at a Pretty Lights Show. Also, having a full live band with him created a whole new sound that you can’t get with just Derek alone. You could hear and feel the difference it made. Pretty Lights brought a whole new element to his live show by bringing in other amazingly talented musicians like Borahm Lee from Break Science and letting them shine and have their moments as well.

I heard some new tracks, some classic hits, and I got to enjoy the show with my lovely lady who I met 2 years ago at a Pretty Lights set. It was Euphoric to say the least.

Make sure to check out our Day 3 Top Picks for Saturday at Euphoria, and make sure you follow Euphoria Music Festival on JamFeed for all the best festival content and updates!

Day 1 Recap: Euphoria Fest 2017

It was a beautiful Thursday afternoon and evening out at Carson Creek Ranch for the Euphoria Fest Pre Party. This event was reserved for campers only, and they were rewarded with some amazing music for coming early and committing themselves to being in a state of Euphoria all weekend. Make sure to check out Euphoria’s Official Day 1 Recap Video and more exclusive content from yesterday’s top shows.

The day started off with local hip-hop family trio The Bishops, and the young siblings showed their artistic talents and ability to connect with the crowd both during and after the show.

Check out their live performance of their new hit single “Blood Ring” from yesterday’s Euphoria Set.

Following The Bishops came Resonant Frequency, and just as the sun came down, the funk came up. This trio consisting of versatile musicians Landon Reichle (Lando), Vince Siedl (Diamond Cuts) , and Ben Slade (Local Color) put on one of their biggest performances yet. They brought multiple MC’s including Luv Bishop of The Bishops as well as Zack Morgan on the saxophone to give fans a special euphoria performance.

Every time Resonant Frequency plays, the crowd gets bigger, the funk gets louder, and more and more people are grooving. Make sure to catch these guys again this summer at Float Fest!

Manic Focus came on after Autobody and closed the night in style with his unique mix of funk, dub, dance, and hip-hop. There’s a reason J-Mac was the first to sign with GRiZ and All Good Records…he knows how to put on a show, and he knows to leave all his fans wanting more, which is exactly what he did when headlining the Euphoria Pre-Party last night.

Friday is shaping up to be another amazing day at Euphoria. Make sure to check out our top picks for Friday, and make sure to follow Euphoria on JamFeed for all festival content and updates!