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Five Local Artists You Need to See at Float Fest

This year’s Float Fest features a multitude of talent from Austin, Texas. While the genres and sounds for each artist may be different, you can expect all of them to bring a lively, engaging performance to Float Fest. Here’s a list of five artists you can’t miss. A-Town Getdown What: Groovy Funk and Soul When: […]

The Peterson Brothers Bring the Blues to Rattle Inn for SXSW

If you haven’t heard of the Peterson Brothers Band yet, you are missing out.  These young blues brothers from Bastrop, TX have been mastering their craft for years, and their blend of blues, funk, and soul has already grabbed many eyeballs during this year’s SXSW. The Peterson brothers (Alex, 18, on bass and vocals, and Glenn […]

Tameca Jones Steals Stubbs With Her Soul

Fresh off a new EP and a new haircut, Tameca Jones, Austin’s ‘Queen of Soul’ stuns the sold out crowd at Stubbs Indoor in Austin, TX with her infectious voice. I had seen Tameca Jones before, and like most people, my jaw dropped when I heard her belt a few songs. But last night I […]

Flip the Sample: “Walk On By” / “Warning”

Still Flippin’ Samples. Flip yeah. Today we have a great series of songs that utilize a slow moving bassline that created three classics. The songs are overall pretty different — they all fall under separate genres — but the similarities, the sounds sampled, are very evident. These tracks are excellent, really fun jams to listen to. Enjoy!   […]

Bowing Down To The King: 1925-2015

B.B. King died peacefully in his sleep last Thursday, leaving behind Lucille, his widowed guitar from which the blues bled. He was 89-years-old. The King of the Blues also left behind a large throne to fill by whoever is the next prince to claim it. King’s legacy will guide those perpetuating the genre, but the […]

Percy Sledge, 1940-2015

I don’t remember a lot about my childhood except that a lot of time was spent in transit, shuffling around in my parents’ car. The only options for music were the radio or, for longer car rides, cassette tapes and eventually CDs. My parents controlled most of these listening options so by the time I […]

Artist Spotlight: Chris LaBella

People have been good at guitar before. People have been good at rapping before. People have also been good at singing and songwriting before, and producing. But how many people can claim to be good at all of these things? Madison, WI’s Chris LaBella can. After a hectic week in Austin networking for SXSW, I […]

Artist Spotlight: Malia Grace

Malia Grace is a soul singer  and songwriter new to the Austin music scene. Though she’s been singing her entire life and writing music since age 13, she just recently started releasing her music. JamFeed was lucky enough to sit down with her last Wednesday at a Central Market in Austin to talk music and life. Malia […]

Zoogma & Earphunk: Touring for the Phunk of It

It’s widely known that the live concert experience is rapidly becoming the most suitable method for musicians to not only make money, but to connect with existing fans and to make new fans.  Consequently, new, on the rise artists are presented with increasingly better and more diverse opportunities to tour and perform live. The huge rise […]

Flip the Sample: Method Man, Kanye, Nas & More

One of the dopest things about hip-hop is the intricate relationship the genre has with sampling other music in order to compose new songs. Sampling and hip-hop are married. It’s fun because it gives you light into the direct influences of a producer. It gives you clues as to how the composer was thinking when […]

Don’t Sleep on Good Music: The Social Experiment

Jazz, baby. Jazz. It’s probably one of the most generally respected genres in the music world. You don’t often catch music people hating on jazz. If you pop up the idea to go enjoy some live jazz the reaction is overwhelmingly positive. Jazz is quality music, it’s got soul, and the energy it brings connects emotionally […]