Lando Drops ‘Inhale’ Wiz Khalifa Remix

Landon Reichle just dropped his remix of Wiz Khalifa’s “Inhale,” which is the first of many from his revamped solo project, Lando. Through his solo project, Reichle hopes to explore a new, unique sound that will connect with audiences across multiple genres.

Reichle has been working on solo content for a few years, but up until now, his primary focus has been his band, Resonant Frequency. Like the band, Reichle’s solo project contains elements of electronic and funk music. However, Lando allows Reichle to explore a heavier sound with more of a hip-hop influence.

“When your doing your thing on your own, you’re really able to experiment and dig into some areas that you maybe wouldn’t get to if you were working with other people.”

The “Inhale” remix demonstrates Lando’s comprehensive sound well, which is one of the reasons Reichle decided to release it first. Since “Inhale” is a popular song from a mainstream artist, Reichle feels that people will connect with his remix and vibe with his unique take on it. It is also a bit heavier than his work with Resonant Frequency, which showcases the difference between his solo project and the band.

Reichle has plans to release more singles as well as a couple EPs in the near future. One of these EPs will feature revamped versions of some of his older songs. Before meeting each other, the members of Resonant Frequency all worked on solo projects, so Reichle is sitting on a lot of unreleased music.

“We all have side projects, and I think that’s healthy for all of us,” Reichle said. “You can get all of that creative inspiration that you have out even if it doesn’t align with the direction and focus of Resonant Frequency.”

Many of his songs feature other Austin artists, including Andy Leonard, Roof, Zack Morgan and Ryan Viser. In fact, Reichle will release an entire EP with vocalist Kelly Hafner, and a new project with Deniz Baykal of Blunt Force is currently in the works.

“Being here in the Live Music Capitol of the World, I know so many musicians, and it is really inspiring to be surrounded by so much talent all the time,” Reichle said. “Collaborating with other people on the songs is really fun.”

To ensure his live performance is engaging and dynamic, Reichle intends to bring these artists on stage with him. At Lando’s last show, which was the Pretty Lights pre-party, he brought out Vince Seidl, of Resonant Frequency and Mamafesta, to play drums.

“It can be kind of tough standing up there by yourself on a big stage. I like to vibe off other people, so that’s why I will definitely continue to play with other people on stage.”

Reichle will continue to release music with the solo project and with Resonant Frequency in the coming months. Through his unique sound and attention to detail with his live shows, Reichle is sure to become a force within the Austin electronic scene.

“I definitely want Lando to be an established project.” Reichle said. “I have a lot of songs that I like, and there’s such a wide variety of songs that I know that people can find something that they like from me.”

Be sure to follow Lando on JamFeed to stay up to date with his latest releases and upcoming shows! And, catch Reichle with Resonant Frequency at 3TEN on December 16!

Lando Q&A

Why did you choose the name Lando for your solo project?

Everyone has always called me Lando for the longest time. So, I felt like, why make some ridiculous name when I’m making music that represents me pretty well.

What is the craziest show that you have ever played?

Resonant Frequency has a lot of crazy shows! I feel like with our music, because it is funk oriented, people get down really hard and always dance.

What goes through your mind while performing?

We’re always trying to change it up. We’ve acquired a pretty good following, so we’re really trying to make sure everything is running smoothly and sounding good. But, we’re always trying to figure out what we can do to make it different, how we can jam it out more and how can we change it up, but have it still sound good and keep people interested.

Have you had any crazy fan moments?

Being around town and stuff, we’ve definitely been more so getting recognized. I’ve, like, walked into Juiceland and stuff like that, and they’ll be playing my music. Or, I’ll have people that hit me up online from out of town, and they’ll express how much they like our music and say that it’s, like, done something for them, which is really cool. It’s one thing if we can make some music to get the booties shaking, but it’s another thing, I feel, if we’re doing something that’s really impactful.

What was it like opening up for Pretty Lights with Resonant Frequency?

Opening up for Pretty Lights was honestly a dream come true. I just remember when I first got introduced to Pretty Lights, and I just took to it so fast. I was like, “when I make electronic music, this is what I want to make.” It is very humbling. I feel like we’re pretty hard on ourselves because we want to be good and relevant and something worthwhile to talk about and go see. The fact that we’ve opened up for so many of our idols has been a really cool thing.

Day For Night’s Lineup Cements The Festival as a Gem of American Festivals

The third edition of Day For Night festival will be in Houston from December 15th-17th bringing one of the most multidimensional and eclectic lineups to include multi-platinum rock bands, burgeoning hip-hop artists, rivals of the Kremlin, leakers of top secret United States info, and a portion of the whole thing is going to charity.  With headliners including Nine Inch Nails, Thom Yorke, Solange, Justice, St. Vincent, Tyler The Creator, James Blake, Pretty Lights, Jamie XX and Phantogram, there’s something for everyone here.

To prove that there’s more to the business than selling tickets, Day For Night will be hosting a summit on the intersections of art and activism and donating part of its proceeds to the Greater Houston Community Foundation to help aid with hurricane relief efforts and stand in solidarity with those affected by Hurricane Harvey.  The summit will feature guest speakers including  Chelsea Manning, Laurie Anderson, Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova, and more. The festival will also feature “Soul Cleansing,” a performance piece presented by Saint Heron that includes Solange, Earl Sweatshirt, and Kaytranada.

Attendees also will have the chance to attend a summit on the intersections of art and activism, led by Chelsea Manning, Laurie Anderson, Nadya Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot, and Lauren McCarthy. The panel will conclude with a separate special performance from Saint Heron featuring Solange, as well as Earl Sweatshirt and Kaytranada.  Houston will also receive an appearance from veteran ambient musician Gas, who released his first album in 17 years, Narkopop earlier this year. He played Barcelona’s Primavera Sound in the spring.

Check the full lineup artwork and more info about the festival!



Bottoms Up: Imagine Music Festival

Imagine Music Festival always boasts a diverse lineup, and this year is no different. The 2017 lineup features multiple genres of music by artists from around the globe. While some of these artists are the biggest names in music (and on the lineup), others are on the brink of greatness (and just a bit further down). Here are five up-and-coming artists that you cannot miss, or maybe you did until we looked at the lineup from the bottom, up!


Nugz Bunny

Atlanta-based Nugz Bunny acquired a following through his original productions and remixes. His popularity increased after placing runner up in the Pretty Lights remix contest a few years ago. Since then, Pretty Lights has dropped Nugz Bunny’s remix in Atlanta and cities around the world. Nugz Bunny has been voted Atlanta’’s best DJ for over two years, so this is a show you for sure should not miss!


With elements of live guitar and drums, Lyftd produces electro-funk that is sure to get your grooving. The Denver-based duo has played many notable festivals, including Electric Forest in Michigan and Summer Camp Music Festival in Illinois.

Stranger Candy

As one of Atlanta’s forerunners in dance music, Stranger Candy has stayed true to an Electro and Progressive House. Despite coming onto the scene when heavier bass genres were popular, Stranger Candy’s dedication to perfecting his sound has allowed him to play some Atlanta’s hottest clubs, which includes a residency at The Iris.

Nora En Pure

Nora En Pure has proven to be a force in the electronic music scene after her club-ready hits like, “Come with Me,” “Saltwater” and “U Got My Body.” By flawlessly combining aspects of indie dance music with deep house, Nora En Pure has earned spots at some of the biggest festivals, including Coachella, Elements Festival and Tomorrowland, where she played the main stage for three hours.

Boogie T

With Boogie T’s infectious dubstep sound, it is impossible to stay still. Recently, Boogie T has a feature on GRiZ’sGood Will Continue,” which is a collection of remixes of tracks on his 2016 album, “Good Will Prevail.” Imagine Music Festival is just a stop on a current tour, which includes stops and festivals all over the United States, so catch him while you can.


The Festival Fistful: Imagine Music Festival

With Imagine Music Festival closing in this weekend, we thought it proper to prep you for the best jamming experience with our 5 artists you have to look out for this weekend at Atlanta Motor Speedway.  After getting a chance to chat with the festival founders about what it is that makes this independently run festival so unique, we’re taking a chance to highlight a handful of our favorite artists from the lineup.  Be sure to download the official Imagine Music Festival 2017 App, available for iOS and Android!  Download and get easy access to the daily schedule, site map, festival updates and more!  They are also helping raise money for Hurricane Irma relief through the American Red Cross if you would like to donate!


Imagine Music Festival: Independent, Adventurous & Genuine

We got the chance to speak with the founders of Imagine Music Festival in Atlanta, Madeleine and Glenn Goodhand, about the festival’s roots, growth & challenges, the future, their favorite IMF moments and even their favorite artists on this year’s lineup.  The electronic/funk camping music & arts festival is one of the few gems of the American festival scene that is still independently owned and operated.  Happening September 22nd-24th, this is guaranteed to be an incredible year for the ATL team and for everyone who will be jamming at Atlanta Motor Speedway!


How did Imagine Festival get started?

Imagine had always been in the back of our heads, as we would see the momentum of our events as Iris Presents start to grow. While Imagine is a unique concept unto itself, the popularity of our club nights and the growth of the scene on the whole is why you have something like Imagine.

Why Atlanta?

Atlanta is home for us. While we have had our hands in events up and down the east coast this is where we maintained our roots over the years. It is a cultural and creative goldmine, intersecting ideas and personalities from all over the country and world. While Imagine is showcasing Atlanta, we are very much using Atlanta to showcase Imagine. Not many cities out there that can rival what is going on here and now.

How has the festival grown in the past few years?

Besides expanding from a two-day, non-camping, city festival to a four-day, camping festival, that takes over an entire speedway? Ha. I guess you could say we’ve grown a touch. Seriously though- the biggest way in which we have grown is in our ability to evolve into a major festival, without losing touch with the fans who have been with us since the beginning. And we’ve done this, by listening and surrounding ourselves with a team that can support and nurture our growth.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced with operating Imagine Festival independently?

As with almost any independent- it is a matter of resources. That being said, we work with some of the best in the industry- from the team booking our monstrous lineup to the VIP crew to our safety team and our product managers. We are not only getting it done and done well, we are able to maintain that creative freedom that continues to attract fans.

Where do you see the future of Imagine Festival?

Imagine will be constantly be evolving. I think what you saw this past year when festivals were canceling was a lack of interest because a lack of diversity. Putting on a festival is hard work and it is easy for it to become formulaic, but it is those festivals who provide an experience and evolve much in the same way as music does that will succeed. We want Imagine to always be a work in progress, so to speak.

What is one of your favorite experiences with this festival?

It is super rare that we get a minute to do this, but we like stepping out into the crowd to try to experience Imagine as a fan does. See their reactions… what they are responding to and how we can make it even better. It is a true honest response to Imagine, when the fans don’t know it is you that put it on.

Who on the lineup are you most excited about?

I think we both have our favorites. Maddy loves Tiësto and Deadmau5, whereas I am pretty amped to see Pretty Lights and Tiësto. I would say as a piece of advice to not just go after the obvious players. Some of our best received sets last year came from artists that were just starting to come up. Go out and discover something you haven’t heard yet.

What inspired the aquatic theme?

Maddy’s love for mermaids, more than anything else. That and no one else was doing it. Music is such a fluid thing, you never know where it is going- whether it will go around you or blow you over. We want fans to immerse themselves in the experience of Imagine.

Can you describe Imagine Festival in five words or less?

Independent, Magical, Adventurous Genuine, Innovative… and Exciting!

Imagine Music Festival 2017 Lineup

Five Local Artists You Need to See at Float Fest

This year’s Float Fest features a multitude of talent from Austin, Texas. While the genres and sounds for each artist may be different, you can expect all of them to bring a lively, engaging performance to Float Fest. Here’s a list of five artists you can’t miss.

A-Town Getdown

What: Groovy Funk and Soul
When: Sunday from 2:30 to 3:15
Where: Water Stage

Why: The group is composed of a handful of talented local artists performing their contemporary taste on funk. According to their website, A-Town Getdown’s primary goal is making people “want to dance.” Their infectious, unique sound has earned them a loyal following in a city where the genres of indie rock and country reign supreme.

Wild Child

What: Acoustic Indie-Pop
When: Sunday from 5:30 to 6:15
Where: Water Stage

Why: The seven-piece band elegantly pairs uncommon instruments, for example a cello and a trumpet, with strong vocals. The result is complex songs with earnest lyrics and hopeful tunes. The honestly of their music has been internationally appreciated, and the band has sold out tours in North America and Europe.


What: Talking Heads Tribute Band
When: Saturday from 3:15 to 4:00
Where: Sun Stage

Why: Some of Austin’s most talented musicians came together to form a tribute for world-renowned band, The Talking Heads. Heartbyrne charms audiences with their high-energy performances of the legendary band’s many hits.

Resonant Frequency

What: Future Funk
When: Saturday from 2:30 to 3:15
Where: Water Stage

Why: Resonant Frequency has been on fire in Austin during the past few weeks. The group consists of three artists — Vince Seidl, Landon Reichle and Ben Slade, who each bring a different musical instrument to make up a cohesive electro-soul. They recently performed on the first-ever JamBarge, and they are set to open for electronic superstar, Pretty Lights.

Blunt Force

What: Funky Electronic
When: Saturday from 4:00 to 4:45
Where: Water Stage

Why: Blunt Force is an electronic due that mixes some funk with heavy bass to produce an unforgettable live show. After successfully headlining JamBarge in June, the duo announced their first headliner show at Empire. The also recently played their first set in front of a big crowd at the legendary Stubb’s Ampitheatre, and they’re set to play a few more festivals this year. May the Blunt Force be with you.

Other notable Austin artists performing at Float Fest include Walter Lukens, Los Coast, Sweet Spirit and UME.

Follow these artists as well as Float Fest on JamFeed for up-to-date information on the festival and updates on the artists. Happy Floating!